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 Post subject: in several unrelated but similar studies
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:57 pm 

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(NaturalNews) A recent study from Pennsylvania State University utilized hidden ingredients in recipes,casque dr dre, aimed at lowering calorie content,michael kors, and evaluated participants' responses to the hidden ingredients. Researchers used hidden pureed vegetables to decrease calorie content in meals in order to determine if participants would feel satisfied with the lower calorie intake. Vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber and nutrients leading to satiation and weight loss. Although weight loss was not a factor in this study,burberry soldes, other studies have found positive association with increased vegetable intake and subsequent weight loss.
In the study conducted at Pennsylvania State University participants were assigned to three different groups. Food intake was controlled by weight so all groups consumed the same volume of food. In the groups receiving pureed vegetables,louboutin pas cher, one was designed with about 200 less calories and the other group had 357 fewer calories. Even though weight loss was not a factor in this study,casque beats, a reduction of nearly 360 calories per day could lead to a loss of about one pound every 10 days. The important aspect of the study was the satiation of the subjects and whether or not they enjoyed the food with pureed vegetables.
In the survey all participants reported that they enjoyed the taste of the food regardless of whether or not they could taste the pureed vegetables. Despite the lowered calorie intake,supra, all participants reported that they felt satisfied by the meals they were served. The researchers concluded that adding a significant amount of vegetables in the diet can lead to lower overall calorie intake. Decreasing calorie density of meals by adding nutrient rich vegetables is a healthy way to approach weight management without compromising satiety.
A study published in the International Journal of Obesity looked at over 74,jordan shoes,000 women and found those with the largest increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables had a 24% lower risk of obesity. Another 10 year follow up study from Spain found that increased fruit and vegetable consumption was significantly associated with a lower risk of medium weight gain. The researchers in this study concluded that increased fruit and vegetable intake should be vigorously promoted to prevent obesity.
The biggest obstacle to increasing fruit and vegetable intake is not the knowledge of their efficacy in improved health and weight loss; it is the fact that Americans simply refuse to do so. Richard Mattes Professor of Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University observed: in several unrelated but similar studies,michael kors outlet, even though participants lost weight they claimed they would not continue the diet at home. The reasons they stated were that they would not spend the money on the vegetables nor would they spend the time to prepare them.
Utilizing the calorie reducing power of vegetable purees is simple. Pureed steamed cauliflower can be used in cream sauces; pureed carrots can be used in tomato based sauces; and green leafy vegetables can be pureed in soups,burberry, stews,doudoune moncler, and smoothies. The key to successful weight loss is to decrease calorie density by adding more fruits and vegetables in the diet while decreasing consumption of processed calorie laden foods. The studies available offer excellent insight into the dietary changes necessary to combat obesity; it is merely the choice of the individual whether or not this knowledge will create change.
About the authorT.M. Hartle has a Bachelors degree in Natural Health Science with a concentration in Clinical Nutrition as well as a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. She is a student midwife who teaches pregnancy nutrition courses to midwives and childbirth educators throughout the country. She has a certificate in the Essentials of raw culinary arts from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and is the Owner and Chef of The Peaceful Kitchen.


the Atlanta Journal and Constitution

send that person to Dr. Lundell's website

The Invaluable Benefits Meditate and Open the Heart

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 Post subject: shiny silver coins fell out. surprised
PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:39 am 

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Columns: Classic Network article's author: time :2008-11-28 Click: a famine in the city, a well-off family and good-hearted baker dozens of the city's poorest children gathered into one,burberry, and then come up with a Sheng The bread basket, and said to them: Before God bring the good times, every day you can come and collect a loaf of bread. When they each get bread, not even one person to the kindly baker say thank you to the left. the

but there is a little girl called Eva,jordan shoes, but exceptions,burberry soldes, neither with all noisy,michael kors, there is no competition with others. She just stood humility to step outside,casque beats, the other children get, and only then left to take up in a bread basket. She did not rush to leave,louboutin pas cher, she thanked the baker, and kissed the hand of the baker went to the home. next day

,doudoune moncler, baker again Sheng bread basket placed in front of the children, other children are still the same as yesterday berserk with shyness,supra, poor Eva only a day than the first half bread. When she returned home, my mother cut the bread,louboutin, and many new, shiny silver coins fell out. surprised

mother cried: I put the coins into small loaves,michael kors outlet, I want to reward you. May you always keep this a safe, a grateful heart. Go home and tell your mother that the money is yours. On one: an under story of a grateful heart: stories about Thanksgiving
recommended articles ... thatched cottages, there is always an article or story you touched ~ ~ a grateful heart - School Composition writing: a to the lonely and the lost essay topic · Arbor Day essay in painful topic of the essay, the classic love poem to overcome the frustration of writing believe in fate article related to moving article相关的主题文章:

do I have what is done well offend her

更多推荐文章… 草屋


What you need to know - Conventional View• Bird flu, or H5N1, is a variety of the influenza virus that primarily infects domestic and wild birds. While unusually lethal, it is currently not very contagious and usually spreads to humans only through close contact with infected birds.

 Post subject: reduce intermediate links
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:35 am 

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as early as in 2008 during the international financial crisis, Shandong hope that spawned the The Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Vice Governor Junmin meeting of the province's pharmaceutical industry, Shandong will promote the medical and commercial enterprise consolidation and restructuring, the development of large pharmaceutical retail chain,supra shoes, logistics and pharmaceutical exhibition business,, Pharmaceutical Group, Shandong Province, Neptune Milky Way and other key medical logistics enterprise based, focusing on cultivating the retail stores of more than 800 large pharmaceutical retail chain Limited, fostered 1-2 to enter the top 10 pharmaceutical retail enterprise for use in 3-5 years.
Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued the first national drug distribution industry Development Plan (2011 - 2015) (referred to as the
It is understood that the introduction of the national pharmaceutical distribution industry in the 5th Development Plan (2011-2015) proposed in 2015, the formation of the 1-3 home large national pharmaceutical business group sales of over a thousand billion,burberry, 20 with annual sales of over one hundred billion regional pharmaceutical distribution enterprises. Top 100 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises with annual sales accounted for more than 85% of the total pharmaceutical wholesale drug retail chain top 100 enterprises with annual sales account for more than 60% of the drug total retail sales; chain pharmacies accounted for the proportion of all retail outlets to more than 2/3 .
in 2009 April, Lu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. joint 36 pharmaceutical production and distribution companies set up a December 16 that year,louboutin, the nation's largest pharmaceutical distribution companies Sinopharm formally established in Shandong Branch, integrated marketing resources. On April 28 last year, the second largest pharmaceutical distribution companies, Shanghai Pharmaceutical announced Holdings Qingdao MAK medicine. November 16 the same year, with the northeast of drug CITIC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. officially inaugurated as the SASAC established central enterprises Pharmaceutical platform Resources medicine entered the Shandong Medical circulation.

hegemony Shandong
Commerce Department on the 5th, the introduction of planning, to encourage the pharmaceutical distribution industry mergers and acquisitions, which will promote to bring new vitality to drive the development of the pharmaceutical distribution industry in Shandong. On the 6th, Shandong Province Commission by letter of the consumer goods industry at the researcher Ping Qijiang Economic Herald reporter said. The
synchronization and stronger

Editor: Chen Xu Lan share: Tencent microblogging Sohu Sina microblogging microblogging 163 microblogging everyone net QQ space

Shandong, China (Reuters) At present,burberry soldes, more than 40 pharmaceutical distribution companies in Shandong Province, but is still in the initial stage of the competition in the market, enterprise efficiency, and backward management, large-scale modern logistics enterprises. Medical role in boosting the circulation of the province's industrial development support is not enough.
analysts pointed out that the move will change the long-term existence in the Chinese pharmaceutical distribution industry concentration is low, the level of development is not high, the low efficiency of logistics chronic illness,jordan shoes, drug distribution industry will usher in a major reshuffle .

data for
In fact, the last three years, Shandong Medical circulation has spring tide surging, in addition to local enterprises active mergers and acquisitions, foreign companies have also joined the Shandong market, compete grab the medicine to the circulation

news Paralanguage
At present, China's pharmaceutical wholesale top three accounted for only about 20% of the total sales, while the United States before the three large pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises accounted for the domestic market share of more than 90%; the top three Chinese drug retail market share is very little, only 5.6% of the total sales of drug retail market.
be seen, both from international competition, or from the development of medicines uniform distribution, reduce intermediate links, look at lower drug prices, the need to strengthen the industry, management, and improve industry concentration.

logistics enterprises. Medicine circulation enough role in boosting the support of industrial development in our province.
Shandong Province Pharmaceutical Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Wang Wei-kai, said.

to Sinopharm Jinan Limited general manager Hean Guo, the Sinopharm Shandong late last year in the province's 17 prefecture-level cities to establish a holding subsidiary. Sinopharm will take advantage of its strengths in the field of pharmaceutical distribution,louboutin pas cher, integrated marketing resources,polo ralph lauren, reduce circulation, driving down drug prices. Sinopharm planning this year,supra, sales revenue in the Shandong region is expected to reach 5 billion yuan in 2014 will reach 10 billion yuan.

China's introduction of the first pharmaceutical distribution planning

the same call for In May last year, the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, a subsidiary of the Shandong Commercial Union Biochemical Pharmaceutical common form of the drug on the Shandong Commercial Union Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Vice President Ge Jianqiu say, they will integrate its other resources in Shandong, three-year period, and strive to enter the forefront of Shandong pharmaceutical distribution market.

from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce data show that more than 13 000 as of the end of 2009,ralph lauren, there were drug wholesalers, retail pharmacies and stores more than 388,000 of the total. A variety of reasons, the current Chinese pharmaceutical distribution industry management infrastructure is relatively weak, the pharmaceutical distribution enterprises are small, scattered, chaotic serious problem. 相关的主题文章:

13 o'clock, Pingping's body began to cool, the mood of Xiemou gradually calm the panic. He decided to cut into pieces, destroy all evidence. The body is divided into three bags and random abandon.

 Post subject: 2011 Spring Festival with to shoot
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:16 pm 

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belongs album

: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photo: the gate

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with their respective albums to shoot

: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photo description the: beautiful stewardess

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: waiting for take-off aircraft

belongs album : 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photos Description: Overlooking the the Changsha the terminal

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: overlooking the Changsha terminal

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photo description: air the clouds

belongs to the album: Description: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photos the air the clouds

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photo description: air the clouds

belongs to the album: Description: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photos the air the clouds

belongs to the album: 2011 Spring Festival with film
Photo Description: The free lunch is nice but not good

belongs Album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photo: aircraft over sea,casque dr dre, air can see the beautiful island at your doorstep.

belongs Album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: The beautiful island at the foot of.

belongs Album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: The beautiful island at the foot of.

belongs Album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: The beautiful island at the foot of.

belongs Album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: The beautiful island at the foot of.

belongs Album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: The beautiful island at the foot of.

belongs Album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: The beautiful island at the foot of. The belongs Album of

: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photo: Chinese New Year can not give up Internet access,jordan shoes, temporary structures in the nest. the

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: Mac OS X 10.6 really bad,hogan, but Priscilla has always been my favorite. their respective albums of

: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photos: the mess Internet device

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: New Year can not give up Internet access,abercroombie, temporary structures nest. the

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photo: exit flow of the minor groove

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with shot
photos description: the wishful bought a small golden

belongs to the album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: wishful to buy a small golden

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
Photo Description: a small bridge, the loss of people,casque beats, but did not find the bridge. . The belongs Album of

: 2011 Spring Festival with the film
photos Description: 50 days of the Golden Retriever may not learn to housekeeping? belongs album of

: 2011 Spring Festival with the film

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with to shoot

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film

belongs Album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with to shoot

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film

belongs to the album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with to shoot

belongs album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film

belongs to the album: 2011 Spring Festival with the film


to deny my inherent bad temper .

love need a reason

to kill his sister . Bodies thrown into wells .

but frequent in cottage activities. Police assault trial of the robbery gang members for the arrest of several April, and finally learned, Wang Yuyang's girlfriend also cottage living, Wang Yuyang very likely hiding at his girlfriend.

 Post subject: telephones and other office supplies or a wallet
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:20 pm 

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U.S. researchers found that the desk of the Office of bacterial contamination of the hardest hit ,christian louboutin, while the desk of female staff than male staff members desk filth .
Associated Press reported that on the 15th ,jordan shoes, University of Arizona environmental science expert Charles Geer Ba after the detection of more than 100 offices in several major cities of the United States ,casque beats, the office is a paradise for bacteria . Whether it is computers,supra, telephones and other office supplies or a wallet,abercrombie and fitch, snacks and other personal items will become the comfort zone of bacteria . Experiments show that the average office desktop bacterial density even 400 times higher than the public bathroom toilet gasket .
Geer Ba also found that female staff member 's desk often looks more tidy,, but in fact more than men to use the desk to facilitate the breeding of germs . In addition,ralph lauren, the hotbed of makeup and storage of food for bacterial growth . Geer Ba surveys indicate that 75% of women in the workplace are stored in the office snack habits .
Bing ,louboutin, not all findings are unfavorable to women . Studies have shown that male purse is the largest source of office of bacteria .
Geer Ba suggested that the best is a multi- use disinfection of hand sanitizer ,polo ralph lauren, and may every day items surface spraying once a disinfectant . 相关的主题文章:




U.S. President's Award is the highest honor the U.S. government to grant high school graduates, the main awards had an outstanding performance in academic, artistic, organizational capacity and social activities each year, graduating high school students.

 Post subject: lightly smashed into the spoon
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g, seven cure.
Governance numbness of the limbs:
ginger, garlic, 20 g, 100 g chopped mixed with vinegar, water bowl
Yin Yang anal itch:
vinegar 500 grams, salt 5 gram hot wash three times a day. the
treatment of epistaxis:
(1) left nasal bleeding blowing from the right ear, right nasal bleeding blowing from the left ear
treatment of gallstones:
Gallus gallus 10 g, drying into powder, blunt boiled water three times a day
Fumigation eye half cured.
governance eye tears. keratitis:
, fish gall bladder, eye, three times a day, half cured.
a seven days effects.
. the governance
sunflower plate (seeded) 3, cut half of the broken decoction taken orally other half
half effective.
(3) Ginkgo biloba 15 g per day, with open water to drink, half bear fruit
(seven days for a course). Reference (2) hawthorn, Ginkgo biloba. Gynostemma 15 grams, make some tea. Even
the patient to drink three decades of hurt. governance stomatitis
dried watermelon rind the Feng Chaojiao, a little ice pieces into powder, honey
, special effects.
cure tinnitus and deafness: Wuji a
male, sweet four pounds, cooked hot food, ate five
half cured
governance bronchitis:
fried peach, white pepper, and the branches, ether and 25 g of crushed broken surface,
take a week when the tea brewing. lipid thick
(1) The medlar 10 grams, polygonum multiflorum, Cassia, hawthorn, 15 g
the jingle of the old Chinese, too apply!

lungs and phlegm pears, apple diarrhea and nutritious.
cucumber effective weight loss, inhibit cancer kiwi. the
tomato blood to help face the lotus root Chufan wonderful hangover.
qi orange phlegm, kidney warm leek knee waist.
radish addition to flatulence digestion, celery can cure high blood pressure. the
diuretic row toxin cabbage, cauliflower eat less cancer.
melon swelling diuretic, green beans detoxification high efficacy. the
fungus to engage in cancer casual blood stasis and kidney swelling yam consumption.
kelp iodine loose silt Results mushrooms contain cancer cells.
pepper to fend off the cold and dampness, onion spicy ginger for colds.
fish Pig complement milk, liver goat liver good eyesight.
kidney waist eating walnuts, dates Jianshen Spleen eat.
fried open Washing the affected area
5 cure. governance
Angelica half a catty,casque beats, boils water bowl, wipe the affected area with this water, a half effective
governance shoulder week inflammation: one or two of the
ginger, taro two pound peeled rotten drunk, loaded with bags
toothache Department, clench. 5 minutes hurt, Qi Qing insects fire cold. radical toothache
ant nest. brown sugar, two against two bowls of water, the remaining half a bowl of fried
governance sweat. odor:
white radish boiled Washing the feet every night for 30 minutes, even wash half cured

, special effects.
reconcile, Nanzuonvyou, attached to the soles of the feet at eating eggs. Daily

kelp washed, blanched to remove and eat with sugar and marinate for two future, daily
hypertension: Reference (1) 30 grams of banana peel, dried decoction to drink 3 times a day, a month
. governance
hypotension: 20 g
licorice, cassia twig, cinnamon 40 g mixture of the above drugs
mix. Decoction once a day, half cured.
the toothache:
white wine 2, rosin and 15 g, soak 2 hours after the cotton touched alcohol on
Black Star (freckles) of
minutes, three days, dig up the roots.
, Shuijianbi. One a day,burberry soldes, half cured. governance
bloating stomach full:
black and white ugly drying into powder, blunt boiled water three times a day, every 10
, seven days with faces as white as snow. acne
dandelion 2 two boil water to drink, one day a pair, half cured
Governance hand,christian louboutin, foot and cleft:
appropriate amount of gall into powder coated bovine bone marrow or alum Shihlin tone seam in
two and a half root.
treatment of rheumatoid arthritis:
pepper 2 two bubble white wine 2 pounds bubble wash the affected area after seven days, three times a day
serving four courses (half a course)
pound of kelp, a pound of sugar). otitis media
leek root one or two smashed out of water, add a little borneol,louboutin pas cher, ear drops
sugar a couple of hot clothes twice a day, one day cure.
governance migraine:
raw amount of carrot juice, usage: supine into the nose, pain in the left note right,
Tianyi agent, a month to cure. cure stomach ailments
blood WULINGZHI 25 g Yan Hu Su, Xiang Fu bergamot each 20 grams, 15 grams nard
two and a half root. the
rule gastroenteritis:
papaya 100 grams, 100 grams of lentils, watered down to eat cooked bean soup a day
and applied to the lesion effects.
governance rotten mouth:
the concentrated tea water, add a little salt, and then used to gargle three times a day
governance pharyngitis

per coriander (aka cilantro), decoction, wash three times a day, a course
with the parent fat) can be eradicated.
governance rhinitis the:
Xanthium 30 grams, lightly smashed into the spoon, add sesame oil 50 g fire
right pain Note the left, the magic of, such as the ice sheet some even better.
Angelica 4 grams, 2 grams of borneol, 2 grams Asarum research into a powder is involved in the paper tube to put

month cure. governance
kidney stones. urethral stones:
walnut, crystal sugar 20 grams, 50 grams of sesame oil, warm water, each
three times a month to cure. the
rule gastroenteritis:
papaya 100 grams, 100 grams of lentils, watered down to eat cooked bean soup a day
30 grams of corn, dandelion, capillaris 15 grams. Shuijianbi day

burning, with smoke inhalation (nerve headache, dizziness and headache)
Astragalus Gastrodia the one or two, stewed yellow hen eaten, ate three
cured. Cure hemorrhoids:
skin one or two nitrate, bud half a catty. Boil water Washing twice a day, seven days
. beriberi
pound leeks, boils water very bell feet, once daily every 20 minutes
three times per 30 grams a pair. Light, two pairs, three pay to dig up the roots (

effective. (2) Apocynum with traditional Chinese medicine, the open water to drink,louboutin, 15 grams per day
fried Xanthium slag remove oil droplets nose 3-5 times one day
can immediately stop the bleeding.
(2) with the head fever ash blown into the nostrils stand only (male female hair, female
the page
colds Click on the picture:
coriander and a light blue even have five, ginger 10, decoction, add red
three eggs, wine foam, sealed 4-7 days, daily egg white painted face
, red sage root 20 g water, twice daily, four cycles of healing,
to five times, three-day cure.
paste the affected area twice a day, four cycles of healing (seven days for a treatment
floating wheat 50 grams, 24 grams of hay, jujube 20 grams, 30 grams of Semen

To the skin, and put red dates porridge.
To insomnia, Tim White Lotus porridge.
waist acid kidney deficiency, porridge release chestnut.
timid air, porridge and longan meat.
dizziness, hyperhidrosis porridge Riga Adlay.
lungs cough, porridge Riga Lily.
cool in summer and drugs, consumption of a variety of green bean soup.
UFA kidney, porridge plus walnut.
To lower blood pressure, the porridge loading leaves.
Ziyin lungs, porridge and white fungus.
spring anti-meningitis, shepherd's purse porridge.
spleen to aid digestion, porridge Tim hawthorn.
more than a dream and forgetful, porridge Riga yolk.
swelling diuretic cure athlete wins and tonic, red bean porridge.
Athermalisation fluid porridge to fill the stomach and stomach, sugar cane. the colds abdominal pain in
ginger play do porridge. The ney Bugan eyesight, in
wolfberry plus porridge incense.



Very few people know the big secret function of the mobile phone


but frequent in cottage activities. Police assault trial of the robbery gang members for the arrest of several April, and finally learned, Wang Yuyang's girlfriend also cottage living, Wang Yuyang very likely hiding at his girlfriend.

 Post subject: 一条比一条更加精细
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据介绍,由于该立交结构复杂,outlet hogan,因此被施工人员形象地比喻成“中国结”。之所以叫做中国结,首先是因为该立交不但包括高架桥桥体路面、匝道路面和地面路面以及下穿车道4层结构,而且在其匝道与匝道之间还存在相互“穿越”,由此来看共计5层结构高达14米的立交桥,的确如同“中国结”一般形象生动。



安装万家热线手机客户端 看新闻 查店铺 核心提示:春寒乍暖,就连钢筋混凝土包围的徽州大道高架桥工地也洋溢着惊喜:高架桥主体已连接成空中巨龙;被誉为“中国结”的南二环立交桥节点开始了地下一层的下挖;不久后,这座高架还将首次上跨人行天桥,而且在未来桥下路面还会设有BRT公交专用的快速通道……

“由于徽州大道南二环以南的原有道路在建设过程中,早就以绿化形式预留了路面空间,所以高架桥体就直接一体式建设;然而,在南二环以北的老徽州大道却没有这样的预留,所以桥体建设必须要对BRT车道进行避让,因此也就形成了‘二合一’的形状。” 白建军解释说。






as early as the eve of the tenth anniversary of the events of September 11, almost all major media around the world have started to intervene in the discussion of this incident, by definition, also shows that this event will Drastic Change, or even two World War as deeply etched in mind.

 Post subject: 如汽车制造
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  节后第一个交易日,大盘并没有出现高歌猛进,而是在震荡拉锯中盘升,这是一个好现象。在大盘仍然受众多中长期均线反压,加上众多品种累计反弹幅度接近50%的背景下,christian louboutin,惟有犹豫反复的运行状态才能让行情向纵深发展。中短期重要的不是涨得有多快,而是在于每一轮遇阻回落都能再度顽强回升并创新高。   ⊙张德良   突破重重阻力需要耐心   随着成交量的放大,dolce gabbana,股价持续大幅反弹,市场再次出现分歧是正常的。进入4月份以来,我们对市场发展一直给予乐观判断,但乐观的背后,我们还是要客观面对目前所面临的层层阻力,louboutin。   一是技术层面的阻力。显而易见,自去年10月份以来的跌势,在均线系统上已完全转向大空头排列,louboutin,目前的回暖行情在没有改变这一种空头格局之前,中长期均线位置将依次成为每一轮反弹的重要阻力位。   从指数技术形态上看,4月以来上证指数可以看成是一个非标准型的头肩底形态,形态量度目标为4200点附近。但结合均线系统,这个形态目标并不易实现。上周上证指数已攻克30日均线,距离72日均线位置4040点仍有一定空间,此时,大盘最理想的是能够反复站稳于30日均线之上并展开小幅震荡盘升,而不是急速拉升。笔者认为,本轮行情的特点是,上涨速度越慢,后市向上拓展的高度就会越高;反之,上涨速度越快,高度则越有限。当然,更为重要的阻力位置来自于半年线(120日,目前4495点)与年线(250日,目前4581点)位置,特别是后者,如果未来上证指数能够重新有效突破并站稳于年线之上,行情性质则将转变为反转。   二是个股回吐压力。在任何一轮反弹级别的上升行情中,个股上涨幅度50%以上将面临明显的回吐压力。自4月初以来,个股反弹基本上分成两类,一类是见底于4月初的3271点,随后并没有跟随指数再创新低而是率先上攻,它们属于强势领导型品种,air jordan,代表品种如证券类的国金证券、太平洋,农业类(大米概念)的隆平高科、北大荒,还有焦炭类煤炭股,股价最大涨幅普遍超过100%,当股价实现翻倍后,hogan,出现必要的震荡巩固是必须的。第二类是与指数同步,这类品种为数众多,如房地产、银行,以及金属与非金属类,反弹幅度超过50%的个股也是不断增多,虽然行业特征不明显,但局部性的联动性上扬明显。此外,奥运、天津滨海开发概念的两大主题投资品种也是持续保持强势,而且成为相对独立的两个群体,累计涨幅也已超过50%。   值得注意的是,与大盘同步而涨幅相对较小的则是石油石化(中国石油、中国石化)以及银行板块,它们正是机构投资者对其估值定位分歧最大的领域,换言之,supra,它们直接影响着A股整体估值定位的确定。因此,短期市场需要对近期上涨的回吐消化与巩固,更重要的是对市场整体估值定位还需要一个重新认识过程,市场需要有足够的耐心。   短期看补涨 中期观蓝筹   毫无疑问,大市值指标股决定着行情未来。在目前股价结构下,对市场构成真正影响力的指标股并不多,主要集中于三大群体:一是石油石化,中国石化是998点以来持续影响着市场的一个重要指标股,中国石油上市后跟随一起大幅调整。除4月24日涨停外,上周三(4月30日)的坚定涨停,也是惟一指标股的涨停,重新显现过去两年的领导者角色。从基本面看,众多负面因素已集中体现,jordan shoes,在其股价最大跌幅达68%后,市场如认同“最恶劣时期已经过去”,则表明新一轮的行情将启动。   二是银行股。此前该板块一直被基金所看好,outlet hogan,然而,随着行情持续弱势,机构投资者的看法似乎发生了较大分歧。据Topview统计数据显示,3月31日至4月28日期间,银行板块位居基金席位净卖出102.6亿元,其中卖出量最大的是招商银行,这是近期少数几个能够维持在年线位置附近震荡的大市值品种之一,在站稳于年线上方的时候,遭遇基金大量减持,显然对市场整体信心构成压力。   因此,在大盘蓝筹股未真正转强之前,加上普遍个股出现上涨50%幅度后,短期市场主要看补涨,一是强势行业如农业、证券与保险、奥运等概念板块中涨幅相对较小品种的补涨,如中信国安、歌华有线;二是次新股的补涨,louboutin pas cher,如与IPO发行价相近的中国太保、中海集运等;三是小市值股的补涨,在机构主导下,小市值常常启动慢,会有明显补涨,如中小板;四是成本上升冲击较大的制造业,如汽车制造;四是相对涨幅较小的“强势平台”型品种,如新和成、浙江医药、保定天鹅、古越龙山、天威保变等。相关的主题文章:

130 broadcast moving average resistance still nee

the volume up slightly shrinking


Three Gorges ship lock has enabled the temporary navigation equipment to be gates , thus shortening the distance and time of the ship into the gate . New equipment into operation will enhance the efficiency of the Three Gorges ship lock ship gate holes .

 Post subject: 要牢牢把握两岸关系和平发展的主题
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凌学文/执业分析师   深沪大盘经过前一阶段的持续大幅跳水之后,短期的这种恐慌性下跌并不具备持续性,反而将进一步夯实阶段性的底部区域。从周三午盘炒底资金积极进场的现象来看,深沪市场经过反复震荡筑底之后,市场内在的反弹要求已经相当强烈。底部区域的蓄势整理将为中级反弹行情的展开积蓄充分的上攻能量。在底部反复震荡蓄势的过程中,局部热点的反复表现将有效维系市场人气。从近期的市场表现来看,创投板块成为市场的一大亮点,对于能够真正分享创业板投资收益的上市公司仍可重点锁定,louboutin。随着股指期货推出日期的临近,参股期货公司的上市公司有望逐渐成为短线资金追逐的热点。   [今日市况]   在钢铁板块大幅跳水的拖累下,周三深沪大盘继续震荡探底,总体呈现探底回稳的态势,两市股指均以带长下影线的小阴线报收,成交约1736.91亿。从全天股指运行的态势来看,早盘上证综合指数以4316.25点低开,在钢铁、有色金属等大幅跳水的拖累,louboutin pas cher,盘中最低跌至4210.96点,午后大盘在期货、创投以及节能环保等热点带动下震荡回升,最终使得全天跌幅明显收窄。深成指相应呈现探底回稳的走势,hogan,长下影的阴十字星显示股指低位获得较为有力的支撑。   从盘面情况看,个股走势出现明显分化,其中深圳市场涨跌家数比例为327:388,上海市场涨跌家数比例为438:418。涨幅榜方面,、、、、等27只个股涨停。注意到,期货概念股受到市场的积极追捧,如、、等;另外创投题材继续走强,如、等。此外,受到国家产业政策扶持的节能环保、新能源与新材料类个股也有良好表现,如、、等。   周三,上证综合指数以4316.25点开盘,最低4210.96点,最高4352.82点,报收4292.65点,下跌42.80点,跌幅-0.99%,成交1145.97亿,louboutin;深成指开盘15642.27点,最高15760.60点,最低15092.47点,收盘15601.21点,下跌145.02点,跌幅-0.92%,成交590.94亿。   [今日消息面]   周三主要有以下信息值得投资者关注:   1、 中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席胡锦涛4日下午看望了参加全国政协十一届一次会议民革、台盟、台联委员,并参加联组会,听取委员们的意见和建议。他强调,要牢牢把握两岸关系和平发展的主题,真诚为两岸同胞谋福祉、为台海地区谋和平,维护国家主权和领土完整,维护中华民族根本利益。   2、 4日下午,中共中央政治局常委、国务院总理温家宝参加了经济、农业界委员联组会。   温家宝说,目前,国际国内经济形势出现了一些新的变化,不确定因素增多,这给我们正确判断经济发展趋势、进行科学决策带来很大困难。在经济决策中,既要保持政策的连续性和稳定性,又要注重了解新情况、研究新问题,作出全面正确的判断,及时灵活地采取相应的对策措施,outlet hogan,把握宏观调控的节奏、重点和力度,促进经济又好又快发展。   3、 财政部网站昨日发布的“2007年财政收入增长结构分析”显示,2007年财政总收入累计完成51304.03亿元,比上年增收12543.83亿元,增长32.4%。   2007年证券交易印花税完成2005亿元,比上年增长1017.4%,增收1826亿元,是2006年的11倍,证券交易印花税对税收总收入增收额的贡献率为15.9%。   4、 权威人士表示,上市公司应在年报中披露未来一年内公司的融资需求和规划,从而稳定投资者的预期,避免股价受突发的再融资消息或传闻影响,发生不必要的波动。   5、 国务院总理温家宝5日在十一届全国人大一次会议上作政府工作报告时,提出了2008年工作的基本思路、主要任务和预期目标及需要把握的原则。今年国民经济和社会发展的预期目标是:在优化结构、提高效益、降低消耗、保护环境的基础上,国内生产总值增长8%左右;居民消费价格总水平涨幅控制在4.8%左右,burberry soldes;城镇新增就业1000万人,supra,城镇登记失业率控制在4.5%左右;国际收支状况有所改善。   [后市简评]   继上日金融地产板块大幅调整之后,christian louboutin,钢铁、有色等蓝筹板块的大幅跳水再度促使周三市场展开深幅调整的行情,air jordan,盘中一度出现恐慌性的杀跌。笔者认为,深沪大盘经过前一阶段的持续大幅跳水之后,短期的这种恐慌性下跌并不具备持续性,反而将进一步夯实阶段性的底部区域。从周三午盘炒底资金积极进场的现象来看,深沪市场经过反复震荡筑底之后,市场内在的反弹要求已经相当强烈。   笔者在上日的文章中已经提到,虽然市场对再融资等资金压力仍然存在担忧,但如果没有进一步的利空出台,预计短期的这种调整并不会改变大盘震荡筑底反弹的格局。而且,底部区域的蓄势整理将为中级反弹行情的展开积蓄充分的上攻能量。在底部反复震荡蓄势的过程中,局部热点的反复表现将有效维系市场人气。   从近期的市场表现来看,创投板块成为市场的一大亮点。注意到,burberry,创业板将成为今年“两会”期间资本市场方面关注的焦点之一,并有望在今年两会后陆续推出相关细节的意见稿,为正式推出创业板做充分的准备。创业板一旦成功推出,那么随着创业投资公司大量投资项目在创业板的上市,持有创投公司股权的上市公司必将获得丰厚的回报。这也正是近阶段创投概念反复走强的重要原因。根据不完全统计,目前上市公司主要参股了国内五大创投公司,分别为深圳创投、紫光创投、清华创投、上海联创和浙江天堂,涉及上市公司有数十家,但拥有创投公司股权且出资额超过1亿的并不多,对于能够真正分享创业板投资收益的上市公司仍可重点锁定。   而从周三的盘面表现可以看到,部分期货概念股受到市场的积极追捧。从管理层透露的消息来看,目前股指期货各项工作已经准备就绪,在中国证监会对中金所各项准备工作作进一步检验完善后,中金所将择机推出股指期货交易。而股指期货的推出将使得期货类公司带来全新的发展机遇,同时也给参股期货的上市公司带来价值重估的机会。因此,随着股指期货推出日期的临近,参股期货公司的上市公司有望逐渐成为短线资金追逐的热点。相关的主题文章:

considerable stocks began to counter

but this is basic in the market expected

201.27 points

Three Gorges ship lock has enabled the temporary navigation equipment to be gates , thus shortening the distance and time of the ship into the gate . New equipment into operation will enhance the efficiency of the Three Gorges ship lock ship gate holes .

 Post subject: back to retain ---- Vivian
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23. Yesterday was good, but tomorrow is their own ---- Stefanie began to understand

1. Unfortunately, not you accompany me to the end ---- Fish Leong If he always umbrella,franklin marshall, for others you why bother wait for him in the rain ---- Fish Leong That period we have heart close to heart, I think I have more right to care about you, but you have walked into the scenery of others - Fish Leong If we can not so stubborn, is not so sorry ---- Rene Liu, Only later we are still alone, you changed a few stops, I have been wandering the beginning of that sentence --- Rene I think I should let go of your hand gently,burberry, but I have no strength to do so ---- Fish Leong Miss does not result,jordan shoes, back to retain ---- Vivian, When we can have, do not know how to grasp, know to lose, they would understand that love is so precious - Vivian That the farthest right of the people are still waiting, it is worthwhile to give up all the contours ---- Vivian May always have to wait until after the lost can be moved in order to find out that they also have so much ---- Vivian See you again, I must allow yourself to firm. See you again, I have to pretend to be determined --- Vivian In fact, I was really happy, you had been waiting until you come to the end to hold your hand - Vivian Since it can not be together, would you please stop near the
14 ------ Vivian Hsu I know all know that we love to concentrate on a few seconds is good ----- Fish Leong Love taught me you are not fit ---- twins As long as I get older,air jordan, you can love you,burberry pas cher, you taught me to recognize that love can not touch it until I grow up before they can love you heart I can not control it, you accept --- -twins Not to say that efforts to the firm can get, why is the reality gap ---- twins Hear your name,louboutin pas cher, as well as the feeling of the heartbeat. After many years, the scars will not see the friend of a friend --- Chiang, Mei Chi
19. Friend of a friend and our final association ---- Chiang, Mei Chi Always make a similar back in the street, kicking up clouds could not help but sad ---- Chiang, Mei Chi, So we go,abercrombie, had less to you, you have elsewhere ---- Chiang, Mei Chi I believe you are just afraid of hurting me, not lie to me,burberry soldes, and love who would be willing to ---- Stefanie understand

Beautiful and cruel Lyrics Posted by: admin

24. That was long after, one day you suddenly asked me,burberry, at that time,louboutin, whether in love with him ---- Stefanie . I also want him, we are the same, had to find the wings on him. Just when he is because he began to fly ----- Stefanie Turned and came to realize that the happiness to come back ---- I believe you people are good, but love &相关的主题文章:

huh. . . Feeling told me that you do not do

You are my snow charcoal

I do his bride

do not want you to see my tears, for fear you will be soft-hearted, but you will not be happy. Not with tears, love you, stay strong, so let you go . Your heart has gone, Why should I leave you people? Although

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