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 Post subject: karen millen outlet
PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:34 pm 

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 Post subject: and weapons against rival gangs and civilians.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:16 pm 

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Source: Youth
new report shows, have a military background members of the gang of 50.
In fact, this is not the U.S. authorities for the first time through the writing assessment gang infiltration of military impact. In recent years, directly under the Department of the Army Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) many times to research and publish information, however,casque beats, often to NGIC of, diametrically opposed, confusing. For example, the CID has claimed that: In 2005, the Army's gang-related violent crime peaked (nine), and in subsequent years continued to decline only three from the previous year. In addition, it is that the majority of gang led by an associate of the enlisted not long new recruits, and then concluded: The recent popularity of access control systems and other security measures to make it more secure. (Qin)

The report shows that in the past three years, law enforcement officers encounter in the 100 administrative districts, detention or arrest the gang members had served in the military. The investigation found that many young gang members are not detained trying to mix the armed forces, conscription examination they will try to erase may be exposed once the identity of the sign, including surgery to remove tattoos.

U.S. The agency said in a report, some of the gang to
infiltration of the army of gang members committing crimes arrested a few. The report cited a bad example occurred in 2010, the two effects: 3 former member of the Marine Corps, because the largest African-American gangs in Los Angeles to Florence 13 gang (Los Angeles area) sale of illegal attacks types of weapons in prison; a The gang members are equipped with sophisticated weapons, in addition to benefit from the help obtained from law enforcement or military positions, will cause a growing threat in the country. They will use these strategies to resist law enforcement officials, and weapons against rival gangs and civilians.
for of
a make gang gestures U.S. soldiers.
significant number of gang members in the armed forces, their activities with a large force migration, and even across the oceans to the military bases in Japan, Germany, Afghanistan and Iraq, the NGCI even in military vehicles found over the graffiti of the gang members.

gang members who have received military training in the law enforcement process are posing a grave threat, they have received weapons and combat training, while also teach these skills to other members of the same gang. There are indications that the gang members have infiltrated every branch of the armed forces, mostly lurking in the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard.

Recently, a survey initiated by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) show that the U.S. military is facing a serious threat from civil gang (including prison gangs, . Gang members have infiltrated the musicians between the extreme danger of military training during service by law enforcement officers, some gang background of the soldiers also allegedly engaged in arms smuggling.
is the NGIC released since 2005, three similar reports, the information it contains as much as an unprecedented breadth of the scope of the study. 2005 report on gang members to penetrate the armed forces did not mention the 2009 report of two paragraphs to discuss this issue, and cited believed to be members received military training of the 19 gang. The latest report, with a full four-page statement gang penetration of the regular army, members of the military background of the gang also increased to 50.
Editor: Xiaolin share: Tencent QQ space of microblogging Sina Bo Sohu microblogging Netease microblogging everyone net
there are signs that gang members have infiltrated every branch of the U.S. armed forces, mostly lurking in the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard.


Prior to March 8 on the 2nd line to open the pink train , the will be where the train today on the 11th along the line the train driver will be happy after each hop off the train starts broadcasting wish passengers a single section .

 Post subject: 这使得德国一个向来对圣诞消费主义不满的组织很高兴
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:57 pm 

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经济危机使全球圣诞节日销售萧条,这使得德国一个向来对圣诞消费主义不满的组织很高兴。德国”无圣诞老人区“运动近年来矢志要恢复圣诞老人的”原貌“,恢复圣诞真谛,但成效甚微,未曾想今年却因为一场经济危机而有所发展,michael kors outlet。这个在2002年由德国的一位神父组织的运动,louboutin,一直提倡摈弃圣诞商业化。他们指出现在的圣诞老人代表的只是贪得无厌、物欲和商业化,有别于其”真身“圣尼古拉斯所宣扬的救世、爱人和分享。

Launched by a German Catholic priest in 2002,burberry, the campaign aims to knock Santa off his pedestal and replace what they see as a cheap, American import with the real thing: Saint Nicholas.
Schommer said the downturn in the global economy had already muted the shop-till-you-drop mood of Christmas, and reported rampant interest in the Santa-Free Zone stickers and Nicholas chocolates in Germany, Europe and North America. "Investing in stocks can make your money disappear in a flash but the values that Saint Nicholas stood for - that giving to others makes you richer and not poorer - is something that endures," he said.

But Saint Nicholas has long been upstaged during the holiday season by the ho-ho-ho-ing Santa Claus,supra, or Father Christmas, and activists would like the saint to reclaim the Yuletide throne.

"We of course are doing the whole thing with a twinkle in our eyes - we are not trying to take away Santa from anyone but we want to make clear who the original Father Christmas is,louboutin," Schommer said.
Santa's red fur-lined suit,lunettes ray ban, chubby mid-section and white beard are all thought to be inventions of ad-men at Coca-Cola,louboutin pas cher, which came up with the figure for a campaign in the 1930s.

The movement is rivaling traditional Santa candies with chocolate figurines wrapped in foil bearing the image of Nicholas the bishop.

shop-till-you-drop: 购物到腿软,casque beats,购物到筋疲力尽

The "Santa-Free Zone" movement says it is gathering steam this year against what it calls the hollow commercialization of Christmas.


Opponents say Santa has cheapened Christmas by reducing a celebration of Christian values to a decadent and deeply dissatisfying display of greed.


gain ground: obtain advantage, 推进,占优势

Saint Nicholas, an actual historical figure, was in the fourth century Bishop of Myra in today's Turkey whose legendary modesty and generosity led him to give gifts in secret.
(英语点津 Helen 编辑)

"The movement is intended to raise awareness that the consumption-oriented Santa launched by the Christmas gift industry has little to do with the holy bishop Saint Nicholas,jordan shoes," said Christoph Schommer of the Catholic aid group Bonifatiuswerk, which is rallying the Santa opposition.
The group launched a new website in time for the season that lays out the stark differences between Santa and the real Saint Nick, and is drawing 12,000 registers per month from around the world.
The Santa-Free Zone people have in six years passed out 100,000 stickers emblazoned with a jolly Kris Kringle in a circle crossed through with a slash, like a no-parking sign, on high streets and at Germany's ubiquitous outdoor Christmas markets.

Santa beware! Activists in Germany are waging an international campaign to do away with old Father Christmas and say they are gaining ground thanks to the global economic meltdown.

Launched by a German Catholic priest in 2002, the campaign aims to knock Santa off his pedestal and replace what they see as a cheap, American import with the real thing: Saint Nicholas.

"Nicholas promoted values such as solidarity, loving thy neighbor, sharing what you have, and the bushy-bearded Santa does just the opposite - he's a pack horse of consumer society, nothing more."

As the story goes, his greatest miracle was saving three girls whose impoverished father wanted to sell them into prostitution. Nicholas,burberry soldes, who had inherited a fortune from his father, left three lumps of gold over three nights in their room while they were sleeping.

Taiwan tourism1158963Society2@webnews/enpproperty-->

Zhongguang Wang

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then just go to college, 17 years of age, With how mischievous and assertive naive Love is full of imagination, like a man around, such as thin and tall English teacher, such as student council, per week, Wednesday to check the attendance Korea put.

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