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Author:  whishfhi159 [ Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:37 am ]
Post subject:  Minjun not eaten too hard


since Minjun sick, her husband has been to accompany with me. Looked at the back of her husband busy, she had secretly tears, feeling that he is the spoiled child by her husband. In this life, pampered, loved, and the same as the treasures of his holding in the palm heart. She really want to own for her husband to do something to let him live it well and happy. But his own will, and things do not have their own physical exertion can do is to enjoy his love. Minjun when thinking of her husband, smile like dust, like a little bit full of her face, the face of ravines as if blooming daisies a long time do not mention it, so moving.

sun went down, but the sky is still bright, light blue, as if the air is full of little saturated color. Zi Xuan into the room, propped up lying on the bed Minjun, the couple snuggling with him standing in the window, the Wind overlooking.

Minjun said, painfully scratched her husband's arm. the

old, time is getting it,supra! You see we have half a head of silver hair. Zi Xuan sigh of.

Zi Xuan, Recently, I lay in bed, and have been thinking about a problem.

Problem? Zi Xuan looked at his wife curiously.
Minjun looked at to gradually dim the night calmly said: husband,air jordan, my wife, I would also like your life to hurt like me, good to love you ... tightly clutch her husband's waist, leaving a passionate kiss on his forehead. Night

, two over fifty elderly tightly hugged a long time. Dark out the window, not far from the neon lights flashing to uphold a city of lonely cold night ... from 99 read network

enjoy the sweetness of her husband's Minjun feel the happiest woman in the world, only the dead of night to wake up, looking around sleep husband, her heart filled with a trace of bitterness unspeakable, in any case, just replace my sister married. His heart loved ones may only sister,burberry pas cher! If he knows, I am not the sister of his phase, what happens? This scam has been two decades.

One night, after a lingering Minjun lying in the arms of Thomas Price, let him hold. Zi Xuan hand dial stitch Minjun hair, feelingly. Minjun the night looking at the dark as twilight, Youde with a sigh.

Why sigh? Zi Xuan asked.

Zi Xuan, I - I want to say one thing, but, you promised me,franklin marshall, after listening to must must not be angry?

Well! Listen. Zi Xuan make fun of one, breaking the dull atmosphere.

Minjun hesitated a moment and finally said: ; finished speaking, Minjun also long called on the out breath, pressure in the heart of the burden finally unloaded down. 99 read network read network

You both look like, but completely different in the eyes when you watch others. Corner to pick up your sister Man, a kind of condescending feeling. Is different when you watch others is Dimeishunyan face dash shy and hesitant, eyes flutter shining clear Mouguang to.

Bad for you? Not only beautiful, but gentle and considerate, and kind of cute, maybe you God deliberately given me.

You are nice to me! Sometimes I also think that perhaps our fate is in heaven. How also can not escape. Minjun soulful, nestling in the arms of her husband, and my heart filled with a flaming passion.

At the moment I opened your red lid, I know, I told myself, this life I must hello, can not live up to you. I want you to have happiness and joy of life! This is not a fit of anger, just because of your kindness and your sister! Zi Xuan night arm around his wife that night, then, and have a deep affection. the

couple for many years living together, both used each other's existence. The habit is sometimes a way of life. Year Minjun go to the eldest son, who lives in two weeks, every night,louboutin pas cher, she would suddenly turn to wake up a long time and could not sleep. Looking at the dark night sky outside the window, she Leng Leng sat up, looking at the direction of home,burberry, his face kind of Duanning expression, she miss to stay at home husband. Zi Xuan, too, since Minjun go to son's home, the whole people as if even the soul is taken away. If it is not home, chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs dignitaries, he must have refused to stay at home alone. Time every day to a phone, an old couple holding a microphone, Tao Tao Xu Xu,burberry soldes, a talk is a half-day. Told to explain to go, as if this do not have a long, long time, in fact, two weeks, however. However, this is long after their own marriage leave.

Minjun, intensive care bed, looking at the pale wall, looking at the lofty sky outside the window, his thoughts are ups and downs. She knew that the disease survive how long, although the doctor and her husband to conceal himself, but look at the eyes of her husband, she would understand.

in order not to brush her husband's mind, in order to prevent this strong man suffering tears, her efforts to cooperate with medical treatment, optimistic and positive, although she already knew all of this to no avail. Husband's hair boil white to her illness, day and night, accompanied by side, side water delivery Tang tea meal delivery. say

, young couples and old partners, four years of loving each other, Minjun has long been aware of the man and the conduct of the husband Zi Xuan. She delighted, she still did not wrong him. I think back, my sister too Zi Xuan short head, fleeing forced marriages in a red-letter day. The face of the team come to the Bridal, parents anxious bruised and battered, helpless, the meter from the heart to let Minjun replace sister married the past. Minjun regardless of the head still looks and my sister is quite similar to the outsiders do not carefully distinguish between not tell the sisters. Year, who just turned 18-year-old Minjun parents begging, tears and wear a bright red wedding dress, get on the sedan chair, married in a bustling Suona Sheng Zi Xuan home.

Minjun in through the window of sister blind date had seen once Zi Xuan, Tsz Hin head is not high, but clearly stable, and speak quite a bit manly. Only she had never thought about his own life actually and this man together. Sister fleeing forced marriages,jordan shoes, the parents begged her, she did hesitate, she did not know this man really nice ring. Past the edge? Why would I marry him? Give way and the parents sad eyes and tears had tears Minjun tearfully nodded. Zi Xuan,

Minjun good, being, tender and tempting. The beginning, Minjun careful everywhere to cover up, can not he found that he was just an imposter Bride. Tsz Hin for their own good, kind-hearted nature Minjun cherish and touched has gone, she also learn to care for and take care of him. After all, is young and, although married women, Minjun everywhere still have to Tsz Hin to take care of themselves.

Minjun how could I forget the pregnant eldest son, because of the strong reaction of the pregnancy, what to eat spit what. Zi Xuan see in the eyes and anxious hearts. That year no fruit, Zi Xuan on the back of the bag, with enough dry food, a full walk on Barry road mountain to pick plum, wild grape, cranberry, edible berries, all packed in sacks. From the back of the mountains, he Xianbao like wild fruit packed a bag placed in front of her. Looked to be thorns draw enlightenment Road wounds Zi Xuan, Minjun could not help but tearful. Do not cry! Crying is not good on the eye. I am useless, earn less than more money, or you want to eat what you can buy anything. Zi Xuan gently comforting hand gently stroking Minjun smooth face, his eyes,abercrombie, slowly around on a circle of pink. In the era of poverty, hard-working and pet Zi Xuan, Minjun not eaten too hard, even leaving her a bowl of rice, he will try everything to make her eat it, while he could not bear to touch, even if hungry.She. From 99 read

Zi Xuan pain is very special, even a little overbearing. I remember when in the yard, a small because Minjun taste mouth, no appetite. He will end the Zhang stool sitting in bed, guarding her,franklin marshall, watching her eat all the bowl of rice and chicken. If Minjun really can not eat, he will take the trouble once again hot, give up until the rice and vegetables to eat clean. We do not understand him, think he is a difficult one. Her taste the mouth is too small, if you do not force her to eat that body how? Zi Xuan plausibly. Minjun understand her husband's mind, but every swallow a like Juela, but was glad to be able to meet such a man who cherished his own in this life there want anything else? In order to not let him hurt, she was hard to eat a little something.

live a long time, Minjun fathom through her husband's temperament. As long as he feels, he thinks is good for you, he will insist, then do not cast aside his kindness, or else he will be this sad sad. Zi Xuan Minjun able to accept her, his care, he will be very happy. You hold it in your palm as a cherished treasure, let him holding him as a treasure, if you degrades himself, he will be sad and feel sorry for you. 99 read network

on the road



yourself or your surrounding is also experienced such a thing? If you not see yourself,franklin marshall, then try to look at the surrounding people and things, you will find that people live the life of their lips said.

Author:  zugnnmzxr [ Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  there is no disappointment sad

Finally understand that the original too love a person, is always injured. I just want to ask you: I can get into your heart, I will cry, because there are does not matter. hurt me are you not painful?
if I leave forever vanished forever in your world
you will in a sober afternoon I thought of heartache
One day my hand tightly holding
you will not impulsively tell me you still love me
if one day I want to die
dying just want to see on the streets see you a
you will not desperate
the return to my side
if one day I forgot you do not love you
you will not accustomed to
one day, cups owner said: Thus, the master water poured into the cup. Hot water, cups feel that you are going to melt, the cup would like, which is the power of love. Then, the water temperature, and the cups feel very comfortable, cup think, this is a feeling of life. Later, the water cools, the cups are afraid,christian louboutin, afraid of what he does not know,abercroombie, would like a cup, this is lost flavor. Slowly, the water cool, the cup of despair cup would like,hogan, this is the fate of Cup said: Cup to feel that you are going to suppress dead, hateful water, cool, in my heart,burberry, I feel sorry for her. Cup is it flash, the water finally out of the heart of the cup, the cup is a good time, and suddenly, the cup fell to the ground. Cup broken, dying to see every place in my heart it has traces of water,jordan shoes, it knows it love the water, it is so in love with water, but it can no longer water completely on the the heart again. Mug to cry, tears and with water-soluble, it is wishful thinking can last the power of love water once again.
Finally understand: do not love when the state is best ...
whenever there is a rich emotional experience, the deepest experience is that when the state does not love the best. when the
love someone, your mind on him, thinking him, expecting him to worry about him, worry about his expectation is that he, his disappointment, a heart in others not own. Your emotions are due to external reasons. All pay and expectations tend to get disappointed. Expect the greater the disappointment.
not love your mind retracts himself, for their own health to reasonably basic necessities of life, want to dress up for their own beauty, think of what to what, want to do what people on what to do do not have to consider other people's vision. Then you can feel thoroughly spiritual freedom and liberation, to live entirely for their own preferences. when
not love, and I feel the most calm, the most stable state of mind, temperament is the most indifferent to best get along with others. Excess enthusiasm, there is no suspicion suspicious injuries sensitive, there is no metamorphosis angry, there is no expectation of anxiety, there is no disappointment sad, there is no far-fetched fantasy.
not love when you have more time to enrich their minds, have more energy to be used to improve their own lives, with more enthusiasm spread to friends, have more leisure use to do the things you really like, have more confidence and certainty to create a real.
feelings, especially feelings between men and women, is the world's most complex and most difficult equation. Bogged down in one of the people, without exception, the trouble and confusion wrapped around the complex and changing people's minds, the numerous and impermanence of things, all add to the emotional difficulty of solving the problem forever, with its deep which shall not be able to bounce back better than some care to their own ......相关的主题文章:




but frequent in cottage activities. Police assault trial of the robbery gang members for the arrest of several April, and finally learned, Wang Yuyang's girlfriend also cottage living, Wang Yuyang very likely hiding at his girlfriend.

Author:  57ptasm3t4 [ Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Chinese Language and Literature University

In the eyes of colleagues, Yingjun very intellectual, refined beautiful appearance, but it can also be told that The speech reveals her seriously, the stronger tribute to the work. In her own words, engage in scientific research will not be able to when women can not ask others to take care of you. Had the time, laboratory work until the early morning, a teacher asked: ah!
1993, Yingjun public sent Japan's visit to study the return, formally took over the school of biological materials laboratory. She took out the 2000 equipment laboratory. The laboratory situation is slowly getting better, but chose to leave her only partner. In fact, this time on Yingjun there are too many temptations. Foshan ceramics enterprise to come up with heavily dug her, but also other institutions offered an olive branch to her, but Yingjun choose a stick,mercurial, a stick is 34 years.

(reporter Xu Jing correspondent Heights photo coverage) Yesterday morning, the South China University of Technology held a school teacher cadres of the General Assembly. Party members of the Ministry of Education,abercrombie france, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Ministry of Education, discipline inspection team leader Wang Liying read at the meeting the decision of the Party Group of the Ministry of Education, South China University of principal positions appointed appointed Yingjun South China University of Technology President Li Yuan no longer serve as president of South China University of Technology duties. Yingjun is the only headmistress of the 39 985 colleges and universities, Guangdong public colleges only headmistress, key colleges in Guangdong since reform and opening first schoolmistress.
engage in research will not be able to when the women
span> 2011-12-10 8:46 Source: Guangzhou Daily User Comments (0) 2011-12-10 08:46:25.0 Xu Jing Wang Yingjun any laborers principals 985 colleges and universities only headmistress principals, universities,burberry, and to greet military work in South China,mercurial vapor, Chinese laborers 173 437 Guangzhou channel null/enpproperty--
next year is the 60th anniversary of the Chinese laborers school. Yingjun said, what kind of Chinese laborers into a new six decades, is a major concern of the new leadership and all the Chinese workers. The school management should allow teachers to be more happy to work faster and more convenient to do things, not too many shackles.
South China University of Technology School Leadership to adjust the party secretary of Du Xiaoming Ren

founding colleges and universities leading to the appointment of
Yingjun as laborers principals, but also created appointed by the college community leadership The reporter was informed that the laborers the new president of Yingjun 39 985 colleges and universities,casque beats, the only headmistress,abercrombie, Guangdong public colleges only headmistress. Reporter access to information, she also became the first headmistress of the Guangdong focus of undergraduate colleges and universities since the reform and opening up with the representation of Yingjun The famous composer, Miss Liu Chunrong presided over the work of Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 1996 to 2002, but her identity was the Acting Dean.
In fact, colleges and universities in China, the party secretary of the principal transferred to the more common. Sui Guang Jun, such as the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the former president became the party secretary of the school, Guangzhou Medical College, former president of Ran Pi-xin became party secretary of the school, but turn the party secretary of president of university in the country are rare. SYNTHESIS is also more a more specific clue of the Vice-Chancellor, she will be in accordance understand the politics of educators and politicians understand education requirements, adhere to correct political orientation and educational ideas. School teacher, Yingjun four years as party secretary of the party have been more familiar, and had also served as laborers Vice-Chancellor, party and school are more familiar with, I believe that would be her future work of a great help.
(Edit: fengwy)
Yingjun any the laborers principal to 985 colleges and universities only headmistress
cadres of the General Assembly yesterday, the announced Du Xiaoming Du Xiaoming,louboutin pas cher, after any of the laborers,franklin marshall, deputy secretary of the South China University of party secretary of the Discipline Committee; Peng new Ren Huanan University of Technology,louboutin, executive vice president of (department level). Yingjun principal jobs, facing the work of thinking, orientation conversion work will be more specific, a heavy responsibility to accept the appointment. She said that will continue to work as laborers into a high-level research university, remain committed to the institutional innovation, and improve the level of school management,
Du Xiaoming,michael kors outlet, male, born in July 1955 to join the party in January 1973, to work in August 1974, graduated from Qinghai Normal University, Chinese Language and Literature University, an associate professor. Since November 2007 as the South China University of Technology deputy party secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission (department level).

Yingjun was born in July 1954 in Hebei Province Tang county, enjoy special benefits, the Ministry of Education recommended the National Science and Technology Invention, Sixth International Invention Exhibition Gold Award. She studied the biological activity of biomimetic artificial, controllable degradation of bone repair alternative materials, and biological activity of the joints and dental materials with excellent clinical results, to solve a long-standing clinical biocompatibility. 2007, the International Day for Biological Materials Science and Academy of Engineering Fellow lifelong honorary title. In 2009, as Guangdong first innovation Shidanvjie of.
president of no pressure is false
, female, born in July 1954 and December 1995 to join the party, to work in October 1969, South China University of inorganic non-metallic materials doctoral graduate professor. November 2007 has served as party secretary of the South China University of Technology.
China workers, Yingjun familiar with the familiar. 1978, in the South China University of Technology Bachelor of inorganic non-metallic materials, Yingjun graduated in 1981, by the South China University of inorganic non-metallic materials master's degree in 1997, received a Ph.D. in inorganic nonmetal materials. That he is the learning laborers work a full 34 years old Chinese workers in her words, she also witnessed the growth of the time more than half of the laborers 59-year-old.
I want


the fastest will be published.

we rent the house finished

well known in the high-end market, Shao send the concept of rice wine, culture, history, technology, each with advantage of a predatory market brand endorsement.

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