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 Post subject: UGG traditional Argyll knitted boots
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:26 am 

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Snow boots カバン, because the reputation of the brand-new traditional Argyll boots upgrade all changes may have a higher
Opportunity for them on the network レディース, they will not in reality, is the genuine article. So how do we admit it or not
Classic Argyll boots you need to purchase from a supplier on the network is in reality the real, never fake?
Below, we provide a number of recommendations can be can be found useful to assist the detection of whether or not snow boots ブリーフケース, your purchase
Is true or not.
One of the secrets - the supplier's request to provide you with only one photo to make certain guide ポロ, you can check them to create
Whether the UGG emblem with or without. Once the boots have no badges, so just a flat 小物, then these are fakes.
Suggests several - three years before use since the Argyll boots, traditional production in this may be true boots boots
China is opposed to Australia or New Zealand. Therefore ugg ブーツ, once the supplier in New Zealand in the development or marketing
Australia UGG クラシックトール, which can quickly identify you, in reality, not the genuine article.
Tip three - to determine whether or not a net purchase of boots is a real boots or no extra fast by how
Many of them have. If the supplier that is now generally buy トリーバーチ バッグ, because they only have a few pairs left to obtain a copy of this
Should quickly realize that they are what they seem to have nothing. Therefore, it is perfect to stay away from any seller obviously

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 Post subject: Perhaps I was selfish. Really selfish people teeth
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:09 pm 

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Dead of the night was with a terrible, there was no wind and no monthly. In the dark of the night, my eyes closed, listening quietly to listen to from thousands of miles outside the slightest quiet.

At this moment, I do not know what he wants, do not hesitate and do not know their own in pursuit of anything, just at the moment to quietly to stay. No longer disturb the secular to the sinking finally quiet heart.

irritability for a long time, crazy for a long time, drooling for a long time. A miss from the heart, from the heart the depths of hopelessness. Thought that he can not be secular love love love the traction, but still can not do after all the positions Ka central measures as see through the earth, calm water.

always thought he was able to quiet people, a lot of things Chuluanbujing, laughing all the flowers bloom. However, finally came to understand, I am only a layman, I can not get emotional in the vulgar. I can get out of the little circle in the emotional world, and eventually the line spectrum of emotion trapped hands and feet.

like the Sixth Panchen - positions Kerry central measures, but also from you. Once accidentally broke into your text heaven and earth, and see the positions Kerry central measures of the name, and his I like to position Kerry central measure of his affection, like his net, like his poetry, I did not read through his poetry before, really do not know the world have such a loving man.

However, I forgot, like the positions Jamyang measures of all the story, you should be no exception. Your heart, heavy walls, and I know there have been a door is ever opened for me. Today, I am no exception, there is a story. My heart is heavy walls, difficult to open the door to the people share is true. With a regret, lonely, with a countenance before the touch of longing in the years ring line.

in the absence of night, was repeatedly recited the song to rise; you with, or without me, my hand is in your hands, Never Let Go; come to my arms, or, let me live in your heart, silent love, silent joy. This poem is remembered and remembered, it will make people burst into tears.

I do not know how many people in the whirlpool of love, can do the poised; I do not know how many people can do this in the thoughts of the sky, placid; do not know how many years tempered, so forbear; I do not know how many people, a person can seared in my heart.

I know you do, remember you said that I was hidden in the heart of the softest. But, I know, I can not, I like all deep places pinch into the bones, so can not be solely the sense also that deep perception.

this night for the miss; this night, for let the mind sees flying. Looking back vivid memories. Today, a good lot of scenery can only freeze, freeze-frame in the only moment of laughter. However, the situation and King, but never back less than the initial moment.

I wrote at twist a wisp of incense, it never thick without getting tired in my life, the lovely overflow full of dust Hong. I always smile bright and filled with the day, not too much sadness, only one from the heart of the splendid.

not say that I look back, that people in the lights dim? But a few back, they found all the images are blurred or even disappear, only a mass of light blank. Not experienced, do not really know what is a thousand sails had to do, what is drunk and felt discouraged. When all experienced, it was not a kind of inner hair free and easy, it is a real heart of the most tired.

when I found it all the time, I found that they have the wrong let you run. In all my wanton and vexatious, leaving you turn around numerous times. Many times so you finally learn to turn away. At this moment, I realized that I inadvertently prank turned to bring you what is sad. But, you know that is not nonsense, not willful, it is not me.

I do not know life can have a few people to be truly indifferent composure, have a few people can do, Cheng pulls no memory? In the past, when the wrong time, God even let you change the time and opportunity can not give you the time, this is how life is a sad? Do not sad not happy light if such as chrysanthemum? Perhaps others can do, but I can not, I will forward all the way in the past tangled. all images of

yesterday still feels like the movies scenes reflecting the time, is always blank. Have never experienced so much time, I do not find you and I to each other so care about. When I found this all the time, I think they have to hurt you severely out. Feels that he has become one adorned with hand, a peel to your heart scattered state adorned with hand. Can you forgive all my cruelty, I own but can never forgive myself for all offenses.

When I look at you between the lines, told I will definitely be happy when I have tears of the blind. I know that you have decided that a leave, and then to heal, travel. You have several turnover willing to give me, or looked at me one back silently, quietly watching me. But this feeling is really gone.

I am afraid of you this is never far away from both of us inadvertently became strangers. You said that none of us has not changed, the change is the time. Perhaps can change all of this is the reality, there is something we do not want to bear, bear not. Of course, this is not a moral bear,christian louboutin uk, we are single but more but so many Hom. The pure water Junzizhijiao, there is a deep trust and Qiannian, this is perhaps a happy life.

thousand sails did not had to do, why we do not know what is drunk dim? Why, when everything happens inadvertently, or after the occurrence, we think the thing itself ought not to be the trend of it? In the kingdom of love is no right or wrong, but cause unnecessary harm to each other in the kingdom of love, and that is wrong, really wrong.

in the absence of night, over and over again, I think of you, over and over again, I said to myself do not want you. However, the disappointing I miss you. Missing you, thinking of you, light and remembered positions Jamyang measures to Share
walked all the vast, crossed all mountains, I do not know life when put down would like your heart was no longer journeying to you. I also know that exclude your world daydream thinking of me and remembered me, but this profound friendship of the In addition to live up to the word, no other feedback. the

Perhaps I was selfish. Really selfish people teeth, but I have no other way of this selfishness. Because I know the emotional world, only I wish you love will be happy. I do not want to force yourself, do not want to pity someone else, so dusty heart sinking, rolling in the mortal world, so you want in the quiet night good.

has been thinking: Perhaps never quiet, perhaps more rough, and perhaps time will change all that, time will tell us all the answers. As tipsy dim when I miss the most is what most want to forget what it is.

If possible, back to the beginning, I hope that all or the first view, everything is as fresh, instead of thousands of fan do after a confused drunk and felt discouraged after all empty. Just life, and sometimes can not help you to do too much choice, everything is sometimes unsatisfactory.

all, I just hope we stay in each other eyes watching that side smile the moment, the Nama short distance is not near, the Nama taste is not thick and not greasy ...

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I retired, but my affection on the parade has not changed, I still adhere to the training queue action essentials, from time to time look in the mirror wondering. My family say that I parade possessed.

 Post subject: tweafamiliesg 85mattresses4a4ce1211732584688e2f4a
PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:00 am 

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yard trees Paulownia stands mornsn higher than the structured. Zhuangwei, style, embroiderd the yard quite beautiful. A far visitorss at my house some daytimes, these trees Paulownia complimentedd a lot.
him into the yard at night, and did not automobile|motorcare. The next mornsing, the window of a shiny, he ah bang, so as I look back, that persons has a altered consciousness|emotion|sensibility in the dim light.
ppillagedably for alive in the iascending|heaving|mushroomings and orchids of the roomed does not smell its scented, I do not feel the beauties and poetic. Listen to how he's listeningd before specificsunite|league looked at the befmineral and after. Sure ample, the yard and every other hospital Paulownia suddenly full bloom, among by a white surrounded|within|in|amid the singing noisy and removed as a white songs.
of the Huer spring surroundingst, the Trees of pear on Pear than snowing, either snow jumped|leapedfewer, buts no simmediately blindebted|unpaid in the 43e1eataxiing5dbc4e6ce401c966cc1b6a4 and desolate. The tempi of
us There is a sudden sense of impact, King, admiration|emotionate, sound, non-ferrous metals, quick|fast and simple|effortless|cozy and n .
Paulownia Flower Years it met, they also turnsed a blind eye, understandingn as
paucheapnia, pearly Tong, is the maximum general|mutual|prevalent deciduous tree, and ravishing|fascinating|attractive state the trimmed|cleaned muggy postured,louboutin, roughs bark, gray columnsor, no masqueraded Nongzi, tweakinged as|because the state. Paulownia
do not swaving|swingingger, and each annual after the ure of plum pear pepains|hurtss and plums,casque dr dre, ahead suddenly blossomed in full blossoms|flowers, spring yard preferentially a white scenery.
flowerings compact but not flirtatious, but the fullness of eba6680c0f0412143e432 fbd2c6ce states, and 4cdf8660e93d2572b32172b22fatheringc141 cover always|entire the gray and blacks mallets and dry. to
lofty|tall at blue sky, and people distant aaccessing|coursing tinned saw. But she was not with sister tree to the competition, but while all others flowers and sisters meadow|pastureve the recessed to a light and broads with a gorgeous|gifted wonder|startle, invited friends to spending the afterward.
she grew up in the most ordinary places, on-streets, yard, in front of and backed the house, bridge620a17baf6eca304b708d507mattresses36d08,franklin marshall, has a touch of fragrance, not noseds, neither with the sisters spent theirs aroma, than the rich .
her, not red, not dobombering, and not activity|melodrama the proud|haughty. Glowings red as blood, always ed people, she does not arbitrary, not the red wavedwidthss to occupying everybody's eyessed, not green antagonist|antagonisticry. Alalthough|whereas the green agreeable|jolly|pleasing, varieties, like a girl is fun to watch. She was not dressed as the Emperor and priested-loving yellow, yellow to resembled|approached mucking, peppery and boring.
her not, and purple, purple nobles, unassummeding, mesdames|mesdames|matrons adore, she do not needed noble. violet|lavender|lilac|mauve backed to the puzzling, although|whatever|whatsoever, she does not have recondite|secret|weird|odd, dae659d49e54951b9dfwronging2c1cf2885c and beckoning wittingh open weapon to the sky and the globed, callings folk|human to hugs. Paulownia
gray snow, such as the bride's weddings dressed, shines, pure, fresh, bequippinght, paulownia flower is love sparedd, maybe, she ambitions|absencess to stayed washed in the world
In truths, the paulownia the flower body including|involving|embodyings red, oscope, exclaimed|wailed|screamedow, green, green, blue, purple varieties of colors, is light color of the 7 sisters attaching to created out of her innsocents and beautiful.
often changing by the sisters of light-colored dress for it, or a touch of red, or a touch of green,dolce gabbana outlet, or light purple ... diverse the safflower and alfalfa, all|forever red,jordan shoes, purple. She loves to Paul his innocence, Ren Tiangong for her coloring, she kcurrents: God coloring is more excitinnedg!
God blue one when she paintinged a light blue, God ruddy ones when she anguished|afflicted|achedted light red. Dawn and sundown girl constantly her with chromatic, funned and smarted|prettied.
the 2956f62fb8585475740661337345264binningg goes, safflower 9ccdc5ce80disappeared|discolored51674bc2d177a92897 the United States but too|likewise green foliagey lining, roses and peonies are short green leaves lining, leave the green leaves lining is not appropriatedly looked at. Paulownia do not have green leaves lining, beoccasioned|reasoned of her blooming very fruitful.
white paulownia floweders unique priced|spentumes, solitaries charmed, with its snow-white neutral styled show. Until she entirely behinds the show, from the breaches va8adfarecf54a54f753ffbbd326419effaed drivered thinning dc9a8ajoined771927e6cd87f44484e987es, green and light and shadowed give vent to rearea|location the whitse landscaped.
Paulownia has a broads and dense leafed, long, in which at whichever|anybody|anyone place will be proficients to for screens saltitudeneedledg for a rest. She can not contrast|liken the mammoths|monsters cypresses,abercrombie and fitch, Guzhang aged forbiddingyan, unembroideringed and no actives presentation of nostalgia, not to activate|motivate the people's nostalgia m2c63cad0ee5431db7367d540fcc6f3acmde. to Yiyi cdamaged|injured|impaireding gesture namely
she was not as agreeable|nice as the wepting willow, no ringlet idea sees very disinclined|loathly; not studied the oleander as heavies make-up, fun to seen; even extra sweet-scentsed osmannedaccordingly as refresheding, easeful and cheerful|elated|merry. People came to her side, when the rest after they free to leave, no one bidding farewells to it, salute|welcome it, and no people
Paulownia from Paulownia is the flower of the people tree people for ordinnedary people, shade for the people, let them snugged, give them fraacknowledging|allowing. As Zheng Xie ssupported|helped:
Paulownia was long in ordinaries people's homess or places they prevalented, high towarding the blue sky, open and openly|outright|honest|naively, and disdaineds to high-handed and lavished, there is no need packaging hidden|mysterious|mystery|secluded6d3f07a9ed3b495c91e962f7cc32a56. Paulownia
musicianss and talentss who also entered the kingdoms of craft|masterpieces. Stout tescaped|fled|sprinted|scamperedk made the sounds of dulcet|melodious instruments, for people to pass to the sweet sound, made of thin boughs babsences charcsoal to draws the beautiful picture. paulownia
the seed is favored a minis butteredfly, packageed in a smarketing oval-shapedd carton, the summer winding gave the arrays|mandates, the box ambitioning be an open, fly to far away pmeshings to benched, raised a homed. the
paulownia flowers blossoming and prologuing up as the .
Thank Paulownia! Thank you, she sends a fresh. Who wanted me on his benefited, thank you, he e a Qilu gifted:
Huer spring night,dolce gabbana handbags, the skylighted is a white-crowning|hattingped;
pear non snow,louboutin pas cher, looked surprised to ascertained|detected tcapped the Tung Bdetriment|wastageom open. the
paulownia flowers coloring, leaving the globes|earths a show of naivete|naturalness;
indispucharted red, green and purple coloring of any day splendid|excellent|superb!

(Editor: admin)
The yard that trees Paulownia stands even higher than the establish|construct|createing. Zhuangwei, style, decorated the yard very beautiful. A distant guests at my house some days,abercrombie france, these trees Paulownia praised a lot. He is the night integero the yard, did not concerning. The next mornings, the wondow of a lustrous, he ah bang,abercrombie, so as I look back, the man was in the dimmed light 相关的主题文章:


even now nohing left

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I know that there is still a long,long way to go.I’ll do my best to cultivate my mind and character in order to win victories in the long struggle of study,work and life.

 Post subject: Time of manuscript
PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:05 am 

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Time of manuscript : 2011-11-22 Saif went to Tianjin Tan aircraft on a recording on the 20th exposure,burberry soldes, show after his arrest,, mixed feelings . The plane landed at Tianjin tanks ,franklin marshall, many people gathered in the nearby firing into the air to celebrate .
Saif At this time it seems to reveal a trace of fear .
Saif quickly reveals the hard-line stance . He said he was blindfolded and he not afraid of being put to death were executed ,ralph lauren,
Saif worried that the problem of passive smoking . When the aircraft was lit cigar ,louboutin pas cher, Saif said : Saif said: 相关的主题文章:,867455.msg1421901.html#msg1421901

sand wildly wizard, but also with the wind, a little guilty to rendering the earth. Trees, roofs and downstairs of the rows of docked vehicles, after it's magic - covered with white sand ...

 Post subject: the facts are clear
PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:24 pm 

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September 4, 2009, the Guangdong Provincial Higher People's Court was upheld.
● merits suspected his deputy examined, the Nobuo July 1998 as Suixi Ocean and Fishery Bureau Secretary. December 30, 2006,mercurial vapor, Nobuo study leading groups to their units in the organization department,franklin marshall, heard someone talk to the Deputy Secretary, Zhenhua, will succeed him when the Secretary considered the The Zhenhua seize their position, then disgruntled, resulting in the idea of ​​killing Zhenhua and buy a wrench hidden in the office,casque beats, opportunistic crime.
● commuted after the turning point in the Supreme Court remanded the reprieve

Nanfang Daily News (Reporter / Liu Guannan) three years ago, the Suixi Secretary kill the Deputy Secretary for the case attracted wide attention, and recently the case has the end result. Previously, the Suixi Ocean and Fishery Bureau, former director Nobuo through of First Instance, the second trial, was sentenced to death. Supreme People's Court in the death penalty review procedures, Nobuo gave himself up behavior, according to a lighter punishment, the death penalty shall not be approved,louboutin, remand. Guangdong Provincial High Court retrial of Final Appeal commuted to the Nobuo death penalty, suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life.
January 3,louboutin, 2007 9 am, Nobuo see the Zhenhua duty in the office,polo ralph lauren, then remove the wrench to enter the the Zhenhua office,air jordan, take the backup wrench hit his head caused by its fall to the ground, continue to hit with a wrench until Zhenhua could not move,ralph lauren, and then double wrist blood vessels cut off with a paper knife. In determining Zhenhua death, Nobuo carrying the tools of crime fled the scene. The same day, Nobuo their relatives accompany them to the public security organs surrendered.
Guangdong Provincial High Court recently retrial think Nobuo hear talk of the victims want to replace its director-multiply the victim machine is not prepared to kill. Nobuo willing to compensation for the families of fundraising is true, but the families of the victims said Nobuo crimes could not understand and therefore can not become the reasons for their sentences. Upon complaint in this the Nobuo death penalty should be imposed, but in view of its after committing the crime in the exhortations of the relatives, accompanied by surrendered shall be given a lighter punishment, do not have the immediate implementation of. The trial verdict, the facts are clear,louboutin pas cher, accurate conviction, the proceedings are legal; Nobuo sentencing, should be corrected.

Nobuo defender psychiatric appraisal commissioned by the court, in the process of first and second instance,louboutin pas cher, the identification, assessment Nobuo full criminal responsibility. Zhanjiang in the Court of First Instance finds that its methods of crime is extremely cruel and extremely serious crimes. Although voluntarily surrendered themselves, not enough of their sentences, Nobuo intentional homicide ruling the death penalty.

Mr Xu reflects the dog owner

and almost no real name for sale.

Zhou Jian Ogawa

government doesn't believe in climate change. The Argentine government practices what we call 'negation.' For one reason or another it follows those theories or political ideas that say that nothing has been proven convincingly enough for them to change their behavior, to change their policies. So their energy policy is simply more of the same."

 Post subject: 投拍日本女星苍井空主演的首部华语微片子《第二梦》
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,burberry soldes
日前,burberry,内地某知名唱片公司斥资200万元,投拍日本女星苍井空主演的首部华语微电影《第二梦》,该片将于3月14日白色情人节首发上线。这部微电影充斥文艺颜色,集音乐、爱情、悬疑、穿越于一身,dolce gabbana,在东京、上海两地取景,是近年来最昂贵的一部网络互动微电影,abercrombie and fitch。

据悉,dolce and gabbana,苍井空在微电影《第二梦》中表演一位清爽可人的日籍Cosactor|athlete,对音乐和表演有着执著的酷爱5a6fathersb751071c2a6bf3a50384ff2539寻求,受一首古典歌曲启示,遂来华寻找灵感,并碰到心仪的中国男士,但对恋情无奈掌握,在幻想和事实中挣扎的她通过梦幻穿梭到80多年以前的上海,通过运气交流,jordan shoes,取得了先辈的激励,casque beats,开端勇敢追寻本人想要的898b2b4dfeed3481a4f8d97d77dd2b6ec。
《第二梦》是部布满文艺色彩的微电影,dolce and gabbana outlet,故事背景定在上世纪30年代的大上海,苍井空将在片中首次尝试中国旗袍,abercrombie。因相亲节目《非诚勿扰》一炮而红的话题女星佐藤爱在片中担负主要角色。
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Kang Pengfei


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 Post subject:   据英国媒体先容
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:31 am 

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  贝姬说,burberry soldes,这块炸鸡是她在2009年从麦当劳买的,franklin marshall。回家细看之后,casque dr dre,她才察觉炸鸡与硬币上的华盛顿头像相像,自那之后就将炸鸡块始终保留在冰箱里,louboutin pas cher


  随后,jordan shoes,为了将50个儿童送去7424832d05f98206f349ff89429ae8f1eb65e520b3wrong6418fd4e60a75f38在爱荷华州的夏令营,hogan,她决议在美国著名电子商务网站上将炸鸡块拍卖,casque beats,但e384a83b055bfc04d6c9 aa1e5f7976以违背过时食品划定为由,撤消了她的拍卖资历,burberry。不外,ebay又转变决定,Hogan Sito Ufficiale,乐意为贝姬破例一次。





report pointed out that cetacean mass stranding events in the United States , New Zealand , Australia, Japan , Senegal and other countries .

 Post subject: the whole do not believe
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:31 am 

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Die! Great! Turn, my friends, governance rhinitis, back acne, removal of smell, the natural growth of eyelashes ...... all sorts of remedies.
Classic folk remedies believe me.
1, headache (all kinds of headaches can be): raw white radish juice, each drop of the nostrils, two drops (two nostrils drops), twice a day, once every 4-5 days, you can dig up the roots. Jichi pepper, pepper.
2, dizziness (lightheadedness, dizziness): a duck egg, bean 20, stir boiling water, the morning flight, once a day, 7 days effects. Avoid Chijiu, spicy. 3
, insomnia and more dreams: half basin of hot water before going to bed, plus one or two of vinegar feet soak for 20 minutes, and raw scallion stalk 1-2 root.
4, caused by a dry cough (cold or other reasons may be): black sesame seed money (about a spoon), crystal sugar, were broken open to flush the morning flight, 3 days recovery, the less fish classes.
5, stomach pain, acid regurgitation, ptosis of the stomach, gastric inflammation: garlic the first time in one or two skins charred, plus a bowl of water to a boil, add the amount of sugar fasting food twice a day, 7 days cure . 6, high blood pressure, high cholesterol: celery seed * one or two, wrapped with gauze, put 10 pounds of water decoction, early, middle and late drink a cup. Not afraid of hot, early in the evening eat raw garlic 2, lower blood pressure, blood lipid effects.
7, heart disease, coronary heart disease: peanut shell, once one or two, green beans 5 money, fried a bowl of soup dose, twice a day, required a half months. 8
, gastroenteritis, diarrhea: each with two and a half of wheat flour Chaojiao, plus the amount of sugar water and mix thoroughly, serving meals twice a day for 2-3 days with special effects. Jichi persimmon, banana, greasy.
9, dyspepsia (children indigestion with): chicken nap leather two fried yellow research into powder before meals with sugar water, blunt, the second day, a 2 money (about half a spoon), children half a can be served, Jichi snail.
10, chest tightness, flatulence: white radish seeds * 5 money, fried a bowl of soup served three times a day, once every three days Xiaoji shun gas effect.
11, neural decline: a porcine brain two, add a spoon of honey, steamed eat once a day, ate 5-10 days. In 12
, heat dry mouth: reed rhizome *, mung beans 5 money, plus a bowl of water to boil, add appropriate amount of crystal sugar to phragmites eat bean soup, served on the second, and even served three days . Fluid lungs, pathogenic fire antipyretic. gallbladder, kidney, urinary tract stones:
13, Gallus gallus domesticus, corn to be 50 grams, a bowl of soup a dose 2-3 times per day for 10 days. To Jichi liver, fat, egg yolk.
14, acute and chronic renal inflammation: the blackfish an about 4 double to the scales, intestines and other green tea money with lines tying the package into the belly, plus a bowl of Shuizhu Shu, eating The fish soup, day one, ate 10 to 15 days. Avoid alcohol, salt, bananas, sexual intercourse.
15 Diabetes: porcine pancreatic a melon skin two, Shuizhu Shu (raw is also good), less oil, salt and spices (do not add wine, sugar) eat a day a, ate 20 days.
16, poor memory: oval one, into the bowl add the amount of sugar, stir well, steamed morning flight, ate five days QingNaoYiZhi function, enhance memory effects avoid eating seaweed, pepper, animal blood, wine, green beans
17, urinary incontinence (urgency, unable to control): a pair of Intestinal, washed and dried, fried yellow research into powder, with wine delivery service, every time an money, three times a day, served Jiyu. Avoid ginger, spicy.
18, constipation (dry stool node, bowel problems): with a bowl of cooked pumpkin, add lard 5 money and the right amount of salt eaten, once daily, once effective, the 3rd can be more .
19, snore: pepper 5-10 tablets a glass of water before going to bed with open blisters, until the water cooler after the dose (pepper dissatisfied with), and even served five days after no longer snoring.
20, stroke: a day to drink two raw celery only juice disease light clothing and a half months service in January of the seriously ill who may be more, Jichi lamb, duck.
21, thyroid function in hyperthyroidism: bulbifera * 9-12 g, with three bowls of water to cook into a bowl once a day; another used 50 grams soak for 1 kg of liquor, served on the 1 two 5-8 Zhou metabolic rate is significantly reduced.
22, chronic enteritis: egg one, two and a half of liquor, mixed, every night before bedtime.
23, playing roundworm: raw pumpkin seeds 20 shelled before eating empty suit, one eating the next day, insects can be discharged with the stool.
24, abdominal pain (adult abdominal pain with): deposited with an orange peel in the navel. Then half a catty of salt to liven up (not too hot) and wrap it in orange peel, immediate pain relief.
25, eating debris: leek half a catty, not chopped, fry some more lard, once eaten, the debris can be discharged with the feces. 26 of
molar: every night before going to bed eat a raw orange peel, ate 2-3 days to cure pediatric and adult sleep molar. In 27
, drooling (adult, elderly sleep drool method): Loach half a catty, gutted and dried, fried yellow research into powder, rice wine blunt, one of two money once a day, served can.
28, exam sedation recipe: students writing the exam standing on the edge of the battlefield, often due to excessive tension, produce palpitation, stage fright phenomenon, and thus not function properly and fallen off. Now introduce a unilateral: Semen, green bean and one measure each, and cook a bowl of soup once finished, the second day, the power of two days before the exam to begin serving to the end of the examination, a sedative effect.
29, arthritis, frozen shoulder (including rheumatic, rheumatoid arthritis): consumption of fine salt 1 kg, put the pot sizzling, together with the onions to be, ginger 3 money together cloth, deposited in the hot surface of the skin to cool salt; once a day, once a week, Herd dampness of the effectiveness of.
30, renal deficiency, low back pain: silk melon seed half a catty, fried yellow research into powder. Liquor delivery service, every time an money, the second day, served Jiyu. This side can also rule postpartum low back pain. In 31
, cervical pain: sheep bones (raw, uncooked can) 2 2, smashed fried yellow, dip white wine 1 kg three days later rub the neck three times a day, usually 15 days, can cure.
32, bone spurs bone hyperplasia: dog bones thirty-two, smashed fried yellow dip 1 kg of liquor, wine, three days later rubbing the affected area (preferably with eating this wine cup) three times a day , required a half more.
33, leg cramps: one or two of mulberry fruit *, a bowl of soup a drink, twice a day, five days recovery.
34, crooked eye and mouth (facial nerve palsy): eel blood painted face, the left painted crooked to the left, and repeated wiping with the palm of your hand from left to right, every two minutes, twice a day, to the right crooked anti-do, once every three or four days, is.
35, prolapse of the rectum (bowel movement anus take off): each leek half a catty, water, two pounds of fried open to wash the anus, the second day, wash three days. 36
, stiff neck (neck pain caused by a pillow or posture discomfort, sleep): leek juice heating rub the neck, and rub on the seven or eight times. 2-3 days to cure.
37, quit smoking: dry pumpkin vine one or two, once served fried bowl Tonga amount of brown sugar, three times a day, 7 days and never want to smoke.
38, temperance: live eel one dip two days after this wine, put a bottle of liquor, a 1-2 two times, three times a day, liquor service after never want to drink a drop of wine.
39, Do not drink and drunk: Pueraria * 1 money, drinking a cup of water to drink and then drink the alcohol solution, so people will not be drunk.
40, health wine of longevity: a magnet, polygonum multiflorum, *, jujube, walnut, medlar * one or two dip white wine or rice wine jin, two days after the regular drinker eat this wine, such as Changyin the elderly ruddy face, and enhance resistance to disease, delay aging effects.
41, luck, athlete's foot: two raw garlic, peeled and placed in half a catty vinegar soak three days, the garlic and then rub the affected area three times a day. Once every 7-10 days, the effects of anti-inflammatory and kill bacteria. 42
, hand sweat, sweat too much: alum * 5 money, 2 pounds of hot water with melted dip the hands and feet, the first 10 minutes after dipping allowed to naturally dry, once a day, five days After the normal hands and feet sweat.
43, hand, foot and cracking, rough: 2 two raw lard, add sugar, one money. Pound evenly rub the hands and feet, 2-3 times per day. Generally seven days grams more, then rub a few days later and never relapse.
44, scald: the choice of egg white, sugar, water, vinegar, honey, coating the wound immediately when the burn will not blister and easy to.
45 mosquito bites (redness, itching): add water and mix thoroughly coated with vinegar, toothpaste, salt, cigarettes, ash, can be immediate itching, detoxification swelling.
46, women, vaginal discharge (leucorrhea more, smell): a raw egg from a knock a small hole, seven white pepper into the egg, the paper seal is good steamed to pepper eggs, each a day, eat for a week, Jichi blood, green beans.
47, outside the Yin Yang: light blue to root for one or two of pepper 10 with Jianshui bowl, wash the genitals, twice a day, wash a total of three days.
48, uterine, ovarian tumors: 6 grams of saffron, black beans, 30 g water, safflower eat black beans and soup, 2 times a day.
49 impotence (men's penis can not erect): magnet (magnet) 5 money, rooster testicles 5, liquor soaked pound, three days later by regular daily doses taken to drink, it generally takes to eat a half to January. (Magnet can be used repeatedly). If not taken to drink, eat fry for two rooster testicles, and ate a half months to January, full recovery of sexual function.
50, premature ejaculation (men intercourse, premature ejaculation): leek seeds * half a catty, Yan Huang, wine delivery service, first money, three times a day, served the cure.
51, male sexual dysfunction (impotence does not belong to just weaken the force is not the focus of sexual function, more common in the elderly and infirm, excessive sexual intercourse due to): live large freshwater shrimp or white shrimp twelve 1 kg of white wine, dip 5 days after regular drinker Chijiu, wine after the shrimp fry to eat. Once a half months, yin yang, the male hormone supplement, and enhance sexual function.
52, 0.5 g of prostatitis: musk, white pepper is seven, and research into a fine, bottling spare. Will umbilical washed with alcohol, musk into the navel, and then pepper covered in the above, the back cover with a white circle, external tape snapping, every 7-10 dressing, and 10 times as course of treatment.
53, prostatic hypertrophy: melon seeds * 30 grams, 15 grams of black fungus, Qinpi 15 g water, 2.
54, toothache (neurological, allergic, tooth decay, pain can be): pepper 10, one or two white wine, the pepper soaked in wine, including wine, port after ten minutes, a few minutes is effective, 2 times every 10 minutes, 3 - 4 days recovered.
55, periodontitis, gingivitis: one egg plus the same amount of liquor mix drink, including the mouth, spit it out after 5 minutes, twice a day (one day an egg), 2-3 days of anti-inflammatory analgesic. 56
teeth bleeding (often bleeding or brush your teeth cause): pepper 10 vinegar 32, dip two days after the mouth with a time of 3 minutes, 2 times a day for 5 days with special effects.
57, vision loss (the old light, presbyopia, blurred vision): white chrysanthemum 2 money, medlar * 2 money, the water brewing day (a bubble three times) and even drink a half to January, the eyesight of water. Avoid spicy food thing, kelp.
58, cataract (crystalline muddy, so that the vision loss): Tribulus terrestris * 250 g and 250 g goat liver, sugar 200 grams, and research for the end of 15 grams per serving, served on the 2nd 8 weeks to bear fruit.
59, the insect ear: cat urine drop, drops into the ear, the bugs will be automatically out. (Cat urine extraction method: use a large flap garlic, peeled and rub cat nose, cat or pee).
60, sore throat (dry throat pain, foreign body sensation, acute or chronic): green tea bubble tea about 2 or two of water, add half of the two honey and stir well, a day a few times rinse throat and swallow slowly, one a day, 3-5 days, the anti-inflammatory analgesic, moist throat, the treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis. Jichi tobacco, alcohol, and all the spicy food.
61, launched in tonsillitis (two sides of the throat swelling, pain, usually multiple in the cold after): one or two of the black fungus, stir dry research into a powder, each with half spoon of flour and honey and mix thoroughly, oral, twice a day and even served five days and never re-issued (this side attack of tonsillitis is being used).
62, sound mute (cough, talk too much, singing, well done and causes hoarseness): the egg into the bowl, vinegar and a soup, stir well and steamed food a day, ate 2-3 days, the sound loud. Avoid spicy.
63, bad breath: reed rhizome (fresh, dried may be) one or two, Jiantang bowl add crystal sugar taken orally once a day, the morning flight, and even served a week. Clear fire detoxification, heat and stomach fire.
64, Fishbone card throat: the lesser of good vinegar to drink a can. If not, free duck saliva of a spoon to drink, fish bone can be automated away. (Take duck saliva France: a ginger and put it into the beak, and then hung upside down duck, duck drool).
65, nosebleeds: Oujie, *, reed * the same amount, with chopped, fried bowl of water to drink once, the second day on the 5th heat to stop bleeding, and never relapse.
66, in addition to facial wrinkles: two spoons of fresh cucumber juice, add equal amount of egg (about one egg), stir well, every night before bed to wash your face, apply facial wrinkles at the next morning. Rinse with warm water once a half to January, the skin gradually shrink, eliminate wrinkles effects
67, thick black skin: skin whitening by the cosmetic, can only temporarily cover the symptomatic solution, now you introduce a symptomatic cure and really white skin whitening recipe, both simple and special effects: 5:1 mixed with white vinegar, glycerin, and often rub the skin (two or three times a day) can make the skin moist, reduce melanin deposition January delicate skin that is delicate, clean smooth and elastic, full of beauty. (This side of the genetic dark-skinned).
68, except facial pigmented spots: fresh tomato juice, honey, mixed at 5:1, painted face, 10 minutes after the wash, once every 10-15 make melanin decomposition of the skin become ruddy.
69, hair loss, dandruff, head itching: each with mulberry root bark * 4 money, water jin, boil wash once a day. washed with water not too far once every five days, can promote blood circulation of the scalp, the role of solid fat, and cure dandruff head itch, renewable hair
70, alopecia areata baldness: 134 use, and use old ginger a day rub the scalp 3-5 times, and 69 with the use of a half months, not one or two months later will re-grow a thick hair.
71 the hair Zengliang: beer, vinegar, according to 2:1 mixture of daily moisture with a towel and then cover the hair once, once a half
72, white hair black: Polygonum multiflorum * black sesame thirty-two is fried with dry pulverization, with sugar water transfer suits, 3 money at a time, once, and even served a half months, can be kidney Hair avoid broad beans.
73, to lose weight: dry lotus leaves * dried gourd skin 1:2 with daily use of a hot water to drink about two bubbles a pound, to thick and greasy scraping the effect of oil hand, avoid fat
74 teeth white: same amount of salt, baking soda, Add to tune into a toothpaste-like, brush your teeth once ,3-4 days in addition to the tooth surface stain teeth white
75 long-term cough (such as emphysema and bronchitis caused by coughing): alum one or two research into the flour with vinegar to paste every night before going to bed to take soy freshman the Mission dressing Zuxin (Yongquan, two-legged), cloth dressing, and the next morning, thrown off, for 7 days with special effects.

(1) wash your hair, put a little salt in the water can also prevent hair loss.
(2) wash your hair with vinegar, can make hair floating along,burberry, easy to take care of both the efficacy of dandruff. Particularly suitable for the hair after the perm. Reference (3) on the toothpaste when brushing your teeth with a bit of a small Minnesota brush three teeth white as jade, natural shedding of teeth rust.
(4) put a few slices of tea a day chewing in the mouth three times, it will give you mouth to keep the fragrance, three days later to remove bad breath.
(5) after the walnuts over the fire pan on the pain of tooth, bite, so a few times and never toothache.
(6) sleep mouth with orange peel, a spit it out after the Containing 15 minutes 3-5 times a day can cure snoring teeth.
(7) a day sooner or later Chili a swallow slowly, hold for 3-4 days, oral inflammation immediately improved.
(8) with white radish skin affixed to both sides of the temple posted 20 minutes every night, can cure migraine.
large light blue (9), chopped on the small cap, small cap before going to sleep to put in the pillow you can sleep for several days to cure insomnia. (10) fell injuring tendons after leek mash, little, little boy urine, swelling can be attached to the wound a few hours, three days later can return to normal. (11) each port with an egg facial, an hour later, washed with water, such as can often wipe, skin is more tender.
(12) orange with a white silk Many oranges are orange on the white silk In fact, there is rich in flavonoids, beneficial to the body.
(13) 8:00 to 10:00 and 16:00 to 7:00 is the best time of the health of the sun.
(14) tea health the best time is one hour after the meal.
(15) 3 minutes after a meal is a mouthwash, brush your teeth the best time. the
(16) every night to sleep to come to a warm water bath (35 ° C ~ 45 ° C), make the body's muscles, joints, relaxation, blood circulation, help you fall asleep.
(17) after a meal 45 minutes to 60 minutes, the rate of hourly 4.8 km walk for 20 minutes, the heat consumption of the largest and most conducive to weight loss. Two hours after a meal and then take a walk, would be better.
(18) evening exercise is most beneficial.
(19) eyedrops upward slightly when the mouth, so that the eyes on the chaos will not blink. Reference (20) eyes into small dust, close your eyes and cough hard a few dust will be out of their own.
(21) has just been bitten by mosquitoes finished, coated with soap will not itch.
(22) If the throat, gum inflammation, and in the evening to eat watermelon cut into small pieces, dipped in salt, remember it must be at night, when the symptoms will reduce the next day like
(23) to eat the smell of things, such as garlic, tofu, eat a few peanuts like.
(24) flower arrangement, a drop of detergent in the water drop can be maintained for several days.
(25) feet sweat easily, summer day with salt water foot bath can effectively deal with sweaty feet. anti-insomnia
(26): less before bedtime talk too much, avoid drinking tea, before going to bed not Dayong brain, can be used hot water and vinegar feet; (28) hands become dry, rough, soak with vinegar hand ten minutes can be skin care;
(27) every morning tofu friction face a few minutes for a month, face become very moist;
(38) bag on the stain, you can use the oil of cotton dipped in wind to clean it.

eat spicy things, I feel should be hot die, go out into the mouth and put a pinch of salt, containing about, spit, rinse under the mouth, not spicy;
2 teeth yellow peanut chew in your mouth and brush your teeth for three minutes and is very effective;
3. if a small area of ​​skin damage or burns, burns, rub a little toothpaste, can immediately stop the bleeding pain;
4. often the tea inside the cup leave ugly stains of tea, toothpaste, wash, very clean;
5. eyedrops upward slightly when the mouth so that the eyes on the chaos will not blink;
6. mouth ulcers, vitamin C, attached to the ulcer, ulcers basically like it melted;
7. eyes into small dust, close your eyes and cough hard a few, the dust will have their own out;
8. After washing the face with a finger dipped in fine salt on both sides of the nose gently massage, then rinse with water, blackheads and acne will clean the pores have become smaller;
9 just a mosquito bite is finished, coated with soap does not itch;
10 inflammation of the throat, gums, in the evening to eat watermelon cut into small pieces, dipped in salt, remember it must be at night, when the will alleviate the symptoms, the next day just fine;
11. hair dryer blowing against the label, and so blown trademarks of hot glue, you can easily peel off the label;
12. Travel with clothes If the fear of pressure from the fold, each garment can be a roll;
13. hiccups drink vinegar, immediate;
14. eating smelly things, such as garlic, smelly like tofu, eat a few peanuts;
15. treatment of cough, especially a dry cough, before going to sleep at night, pure sesame fragrant fried eggs, put slightly more oil, what seasonings do not put hot to eat had to go to sleep, ate a few days the effect is very obvious;
16. wrist thick MM would like to take smaller bracelet, you can not hard band should put a plastic bag and then put the bracelet on the handle, very good with, it will not handle hurting, to remove the same way;
17. chestnuts difficult to peel, first shell off, then put it in the microwave to spin it, come up with a rub while hot, skin then broke out;
18. flower arrangement, a drop of detergent in the water drops, can be maintained for several days;
19 walnuts into the steaming pot for ten minutes, remove the cold water will be able to remove the Peach Ren;
20 shrimp into the bowl, add a little salt, edible base powder, soaked with water, rub with the clutch for a while and then rinse with water, that is, make Stir the shrimp is as transparent as crystal, cool and tender and delicious;
21 Pork, the meat with baking soda and water soak for ten minutes, drained the water, and then tasty, fried will be very tender;
22. the residual tea immersed in water for a few days later, poured on the plant roots can promote plant growth;
23. the residue dried tea, put the toilet or ditch burning smoked, can eliminate the odor, has to get rid of mosquitoes, flies function;
24 cooked rice re-heating method: used chopsticks in the rice bundle some of the holes straight through the bottom of the pot and sprinkle with a little rice wine heavy stew,
25. If only the surface of half-cooked, as long as the surface to turn to the middle and then simmered can;
26. clever greasy than screens: laundry, smoking with the cigarette butts left on the water, to be dissolved, used to clean the windows, window screens, really good;
27. in the jewelry box to put a small piece of chalk, you can make jewelry to keep luster;
28. table, bottle of adhesive surface traces Fengyoujing can wipe;
29. out at any time in the bag with a small battery, if the skirt with a static, put the battery's positive rub skirt above a few times to get rid of static electricity;
30 regardless of which parts of the shoes wear on your foot, you coated with a little white wine in the shoes wear foot, ensure that no grinding feet;
31 Hang tune vegetables, if you have to want to Cheuk Cheuk dishes of water is best to use. Such as doing the dishes of dumplings, Cheuk good amount of water can be placed where the meat, both to ensure the nutritional, but also to make the dumpling filling and delicious soup;
32. Summer foot easy to sweat, a day with salt foot bath can cope with sweaty feet;
33. the sun in the summer of swimming, may prevent skin disorders and other diseases;
34. summer pillow easy to damp mildew often exposure Pillow beneficial to health;
35. eat barley and other small Douyu wet spleen, sunstroke wet;
36 anti-insomnia: bedtime talk less about too much, avoid drinking tea, before going to bed not Dayong brain, can be used hot water and vinegar and feet;
37. evacuation rheumatic efficacy honeysuckle, honeysuckle water to cook the juice cold with honey, prepared and hot weather;
38. eat fatty foods, tea, can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, to promote fat metabolism;
39. lack of sleep will make you stupid and need to sleep eight hours a day, naps can delay aging;
40. hands easily become dry, rough, hand soak with vinegar 10 minutes to skin care;
41. summer clean mat, with the dropping of the toilet water, clean water to wipe the mat enable the mat to keep clean and fresh. Of course, the best wipe down the mat lines, so that the toilet water to infiltrate the lines gap mat so cool and comfortable feel will be more durable;
42. Breakfast eat more vegetables and fruits of tomato, citric acid, benefit Liver;
43. chill antipruritic shampoo or bath, add 56 drops of toilet water in the water, can play a very good cool sterilization, remove prickly heat antipruritic effect;
44 grapes contain the sleep auxiliary hormone, eat to help you to sleep;
45 summer drink tomato soup can get nourishment, but also to add water, tomato soup should be cooked and cooled before drinking, Lycopene contained in a certain degree of anti-prostate cancer the efficacy of myocardial protection, the most suitable for men; eat acid immediately brush your teeth can damage dental health;
46 when misfortune to scratch the skin due to the trauma, the wound coated with toothpaste for anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, and then dressing as a temporary first-aid drugs, medicated toothpaste effect the most significant;
47 would be white vinegar sprayed on the vegetable plate, put half an hour and then wash not only sterilization, but also odor;
48 Suannai hangover irritability, yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, and calcium-rich drink to alleviate irritability are particularly effective;
49. shoes foreskin for a long time of mildew, use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1:1) wipe solution;
50. headache, dizziness, painted in the temple toothpaste because toothpaste contains menthol, clove oil, analgesic;
51 candles frozen 24 hours later, and then into the birthday cake, lit the candle will not shed oil;
52 white underwear washed yellowing, it is desirable to a pot of water, drop two or three drops of blue ink, washed clothes soaked moment bell, do not wring dry, and placed the sun, you can clean and white;
53. excessive consumption of raw onion and garlic will stimulate the oral gastrointestinal adverse health, it is best to add a little vinegar and then eat;
54. replenish the water but should not drink fruit juice, cola, Sprite, soft drinks and other beverages contain more saccharine and electrolytes, drink would gastrointestinal adverse stimulus, affecting the digestion and appetite. Should drink boiled water or light salt (sugar) in the summer water;
55. Friction with tofu every morning and face a few minutes, a month, face become very moist;
56 air-conditioned indoor temperature should not exceed five degrees, even if the weather is hot, the air-conditioned room temperature to 24 degrees;
57 enzyme detergent agent on the decomposition to take a long time in the warm water to make a laundry better;
58 in summer person's activities time longer, sweating, excessive energy consumption, should be appropriate to eat chicken, duck, lean meat, fish, eggs and other nutritious foods, to meet the metabolic needs of the body;
59 headache apple ground into a pulpy coated gauze, attached to the headache at the symptoms to reduce;
60. there are stains on the bag with cotton dipped in Fengyoujing the to wipe

1. hiccups when the tongue with sugar! Hiccups when your nose to drink water like a hiccup when the thumb firmly pinch the middle finger pulp. Not
2. Shanghai medicated soap, red feet every day, wash your socks insole mysterious, can go to foot odor. the
3. mango in the gas, turn a few seconds, that the skin a good peel
4. Tomato afraid of pesticides, scalded with boiling water under the skin stripped off
5. said two people on earth know, if the clothing does not accidentally drop on the oil, before doing the laundry, keep the clothes are dry, and then drip local drop detergent, and then rub the two, wash, then there would be mimeographed sub- 6. sand or foreign objects into the eyes, immediately spit, spit multi-point, and then stop blinking, trial Braun
to home many cups have tea stains, you can use toothpaste brush, wipe the tea stains, a brush on down the the
8. white shoe brush complete package of toilet paper drying in the sunlight, will be very white ~!
9. the back of Doudou, bath salts or sulfur soap, persist for some time longer
10 Vitamin E coated eyelashes, eyelashes will become thick and long
11 use mosquito coils lit close to the wart, and slowly roast it until the stand to get a little further and then continue to roast, the wart in about a week or so on their own to go to the root. . .
12. mouth ulcers containing white wine, such as numbness, no feeling, and spit it out. (Alcoholism swallowed). Several times a day for a few days like
13. Governance rhinitis remedies with brine, washed nasal cavity.
This is nice to say, every time I related to others that the salt into the warm water, sucked in from the nose, and then from the mouth, many people feel very sick, the whole do not believe, but my personality assurance, our family has cured three.
14. think the next song, many sites only provide online audition, but a lot has already been downloaded to your temporary folder (C: Documents and Settings zl Local Settings Temporary Internet Files), go to inside the copy, and paste it into another folder on
15. package draw a few laps around the bite of a mosquito bite with a ballpoint pen can relieve itching
16. Shanghai sulfur soap, also can be used in addition to the armpit slight sweat Oh! ! ! !
my previous summer will buy a thick wet coated layer in the armpit, I did add a little water, so that plasma from day, evening bath, wash off. So once or twice throughout the summer, do not have what sweat Deodorant Khan exposed.
17. before the hands are always long frostbite, Cayao good, still the second year. Later, my father did not know where they learned later in the winter, on a daily basis with just boiling water cannons ginger and pepper such as water, a little cool to the point let me soak hands. the key to this is to try to heat water, as long as you bear it, the hotter the better. But do not boiled Ha. so insistent on this for some time, I hand no regeneration frostbite.
18 chronic pharyngitis in every morning, brushing their teeth with salt water, I was doing two years off from this. on
19 before the fried fish with ginger rub the pot .. and do not stick
20 tile floor. wash with soap and water, the effect is called an okay
21 super good stuff - the wind oil fine! Insecticide itching, can also go to the stains, ballpoint pen and India, a rub is gone.
22. talcum powder sprinkled on the white shoes surface, they can prevent dirty.
23. sticky paper exposing down with a hair dryer in front of blowing a few minutes, it easily can be stripped off.
24. diluted lemon juice evenly sprayed on the hair, the hair dryer hot air drying, the hair was micro red wine, like dyed Oh!
25. stomach pain,hogan, according to the tiger's mouth hole
26. long frostbite white Luo Buqie fire scorched, hot wipe frostbite at once a day, until chilblains disappeared, the students tried, the second years no longer
27. squeeze acne great serious point of toothpaste in the above, swelling ultrafast, only about 2 hours is necessary to wash, or the piece of skin bitten black
28. do not drink finished bottled cola can to come to put less likely to leak Oh, the bottle down, water can be blocked only air intake the
29 nosebleeds when you can hand dip in cold water to shoot neck. can also be hooked his hands middle finger for some time
30 a lot of home in TX have put long damp tea ~ if not serious oil clean pot, simmer slowly roasted, as long as 2 Well on OK ~~ I do not want to drink with cold storage room in the refrigerator, find a piece of cloth wrapped, placed in the freezer the corner of more than a dedicated deodorant Environmental ~ ~ time to put the eggs large one can use 2,3 weeks - his soft terrifying lost ~ or use it to clean the sink! Very easy to use - Do not add water directly to the walls of friction in the sink - to the oil Oh!
31. nail polish on the nails after the immersion in cold water, will dry very quickly
32-girls stockings sharp objects easier to scratch, to buy back frozen while on the refrigerator , then wear is not very easy to break.
33 with their own saliva coated in a smaller wound on the outside (especially abrasions, scratches, etc.), very helpful for healing wounds.
34. heard that a raw white Luo Buqie, rust clothes to do something smashing a few minutes to - incision hit, the infiltrated go a little bit of white radish juice, and then clothes set aside a minutes to a few rust out ~ TX can try ~ ~
35 cosmetics tips:
mascara did not quite alcoholic Skin water or baby oil or eye rubbing with water and laundry soap syrup
nail polish dry wash down A the water
nail polish frozen over dry the fast
midrange care products essence and moisturizing gel instead of cream
36. sucker suction is not strong: a hot water 2 eggs clear 3 sweet condensed milk
37. Eyelashes coated with tea tea water or overnight will be a long week effective ~ ~ (free Tu)
, 38. Summer is too hot or sweat it, my back will grow small capsules things before going to bed with a full cucumber or aloe rub once, do not wash two or three days like a
of 39 mosquito bites, the fastest way is with soap after cleaning the bathroom painted
40. If the clothes do not accidentally stained with tomato juice or other fruit juice, immediately wipe with a damp paper towel, basic can be removed without leaving any traces (my white clothes have been experimented with).
41. with stationery that cup if tea leaves tea stains, wet (I do not know with you) rub, very useful, especially porcelain.
42. Tomatoes can cure dark circles, eating habits regardless and then stay up all night working hard there is absolutely no black eye is also not Mianyoucaise. I do not know the VC at work, or other elements.
43. diamond ornaments painted layer of transparent nail polish, diamond is not easy to swap
44. bath salt on the skin back and forth rubbing
, you can exfoliate
Second, the skin can lose weight
bath gray often drops tender. Salt is an ordinary table salt. Lose weight, then that is where you want to decrease down to draw circle ~
45. To eliminate calf meat, inverted and then the legs to do a bike. Day kicking a song time, the effect really good
the 46. Persist in the morning drink warm honey water, the skin will become yo
47. If the eyes are sties, middle finger wrapped in cotton, entangle the knot, pulling the thread back and forth. If both eyes are entangled in the middle finger of both hands, as above. Do not know that I am not clear. This approach works well, the mother had just Dad's sty is cured. Sty roots of line tied to the middle finger because it is after the location of the pericardium and triple burner. If signs of the late filling of pus, to stimulate the acupuncture points out, one should always use a hot towel eye, my sty is good, very effective.
48. mother and I are super love carpet so some on the approach Blanket ~
1. Soy sauce, vinegar, milk, ice cream, drinks, dirty carpet, draw after the first with a cloth dipped in warm water, squeezed, and then alcohol scrub!
2. Pools of blood stained the carpet with cold water scrubbing, and then salt water or lemon juice scrub. ~ ~
50. Notebook this careless spill not use hot water Oh, because the blood when exposed to heat will be solidified cement the
49. Sing K sang first, then go home to remember a cup of hot lemon honey. a little water or oil what can be temporarily under the hair dryer blowing, and then shut down! not sent to the customer do not re-boot with oh, so conducive to repair Ha
51. detergent hurts shoes Oh, like Converse canvas shoes, white toe and 4 weeks of rubber Collage toothpaste whiten praise, remember not to prolonged sun exposure under the sun
52 books or materials to be wetted with water a little dry to dry and then use squeeze than it is thick book, the frozen layer it put a plastic bag in the refrigerator and ice cream to sleep half a day a chance to book will become will look
53 Luo Lisi pomade
hot for over a decade made twice a year, and never burn to do maintenance, just finished first dry hair, put a little pomade. Burns the hair never split ends, hair spray dries, it does not shape of water, it will not Punta open. I originally thought that his hair is good, disable or switch to other foreign brands, the result immediately turn yellow dry split ends. Cheap, more than three money, just be careful not to wipe too much, you may feel the hair oil. Small UMC supermarket sale
the 54 every day a sheep eye + jujube + longan boiled soup (a bowl of the weight is enough), for pseudo-myopia reply is called a good effect, for the true myopia, but also significantly improve the effect of the vision, I belong to the latter. But every day so eat easy to get angry, so be careful!
55. correction fluid (correction fluid) to get in your hand how to do: out of a little skin with orange peel or orange peel, juice, wipe to go wash in addition to
such as 56. Converse canvas shoes how ?
with a soft cloth, in fact, the stockings can, with the detergent, wash clean, not to hurt the shoes!
57. Pepsi down on the toilet floor tiles, half an hour to rub, to dirt, not to hurt the tiles do not know will not be a luxury.
58. Chuanbei stew Sydney Bingtang Shui cough wonders, fritillary on sale in pharmacies, each so 10 grams, twice a day to be hot to drink it, last time I cough a month to eat drug injections to no good, then drink the syrup a few days to heal, her friends cough listen to me with this recipe better.
59. cat long cat ringworm affected area of ​​hair shaved clean, and then cast a day called
60 recommended under loofah water, home-grown loofah cut vines can also be connected, no words TAOBAO 20 a bottle, more than 400 ml, awesome ~ I love to dig black, dug his face on the red loofah water mask two days, basically gone, but the way to close the pores whitening. direct scouring the treasure on the wholesale home
61 in a box. easy long prickly heat in the summer, often with the leaves or honeysuckle Hot water bath, can be avoided from the prickly heat, skin also becomes slippery, good results
62. play section with Alipay, provincial bank transfer fee. Seems daily limit of 10,000 yuan
63. Eating out, soup put points vinegar, to enhance the flavor has a certain anti-virus efficacy
64-autumn and winter is dry, blown 8 minutes and dry in the hair after shampooing wiping point of olive oil, anti-dry split ends, the next day do not feel edgy, oh, eight had not wipe
65. dry throat get angry when to get up early cup of dilute brine, a one slowly swallow, a few future natural healing
Fengyoujing can dissolve many organic compounds, correction fluid, glue stick to the table, but I have not tried the laundry
a cold nose ventilation can cup or bottle of water steam smoked, two minutes nose open the
cold cold boiling water bubbles Ai, feet, very good results (Ai is inserted in the door kind of plant in the Dragon Boat Festival)
66. Vaseline is a good thing .. for a lot of mouth sensitive to the students of the skin can be used when the lip balm, very easy to use.
67 one end of the nail clipper head with a clear plastic package circle avoided nails when bombs everywhere are
to 68. Vaseline massage feet, and then wear socks to bed, next day, give you a pair of matte finish to the foot.
69. to sleep when the nose is stuffed hard in the face to cover a small handkerchief (thin), after a while the nose on the ventilation.
70. eat tomatoes can help intractable constipation
buy casserole chopping block (wooden) soaked in water for one night and crack prevention
tea stains, cup scrub with toothpaste (in front of many friends that by emphasizing the really useful)
against stubborn oil with the mighty Mr. (especially cleaning the kitchen tile spray a few seconds to rub to get
71 0.025% retinoic acid cream: an occasional acne before going to bed painted Peas on basic consumer
hepudiod: Peas disappeared after elimination pock, this is Fuxin Sheng acne, hormones, and the effect of
Rose Hip Oil: not expensive, well painted scars, including old scars, had leg knock a small mark on the basic elimination, but too often rub and massage
72 to recommend a really very good and affordable to not do mask: snow perfect
the the is domestic, Hong Kong there are also a lot of people praise as general maintenance, then really good
, I grew up acne a lot do not work, sophomore year with a bottle of snow perfect acne of unstamped essence and lotion, miraculous, very useful!
73 buy soft white sugar instead of white sugar; to find a clean plastic box and put part of the soft white sugar; and then put some water, not too much nor too little, probably with the soft white sugar is 1:3; such sugar wetting is mainly to prevent the sugar frosted effect is too strong to face wear thin; wait until the wash time to take over the direct use can
first washing their faces, face shot of wet
take has been wetting the cotton, sugar (about half a teaspoon of the amount you see do it) wiping his face, where printed children focus on wiping where other parts of the course can also be used.
do not worry in the face of grinding, let the sugar dissolve in the face of what, and then began to take the cleanser to start wash , with water gently massage the face, until the sugar is completely dissolved, washed with water (sugar and cleanser in the palm of the first kneading, and then used to wash with).
4 Do you think the wash is not very clean, because sugar may be a little sticky, take a small amount of cleanser to wash about.
a day or two there is a very significant results, a few days down the effect is very significant. MM can
sensitive muscle do not take the first body under the skin test, if you feel bad friends.
74. home Soymilk milk, bean dregs left behind Do not throw away every morning and evening to wash the face, and a warm water gently consultations face, washed and then cold washed look to shrink pores, that face is tender and white. anyway on my skin after oil dry and sensitive people, super useful, very cool. but not very dry ~
75. summer sandals wear heels, cheap cream and vinegar tone, peeling skin rejuvenation particularly good mother perennial coated foot heel, feels **** ~ ~ ~~ ~ sack of shit fell effect more than even the better
76. ** remove the blackhead on the the method the **
nose blackhead is very unsightly, a hand to squeeze and often leaves a trail, in fact, in washing face, stick some thin salt with your fingers gently rubbing the nose on both sides, and then rinsing with clean water, blackhead will be cleaned, the pores have become smaller.
** treatment of nosebleeds **




if the virtual box range are not satisfied, you can press CTRL + D to cancel the virtual box, and then step on the The background color on a single image.

 Post subject: Regular physical activity lowers cancer risk.
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(NaturalNews) The body of evidence linking alcohol consumption with increased cancer risk has been added to by a study recently published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, which found that drinking two alcoholic drinks every day can increase one's risk of getting pancreatic cancer.
Details and Findings of Study
The study team, led by Jeanine M Genkinger, an assistant professor of oncology at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University, Washington,jordan shoes, DC, had examined the findings of 14 studies previously conducted on the subject of alcohol consumption and pancreatic cancer. The 14 studies covered a total of almost 863,000 men and women. Of the group, 2,187 persons were diagnosed with the disease.
Based on available information on the study subjects' dietary habits, the researchers found that persons who consumed two or more alcoholic drinks per day had 22% increased risk of pancreatic cancer, as compared to those who stayed off such beverages. Here, one drink was defined by 4 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor.
Zooming in, the study team discovered that two or more drinks a day raised women's risk by 41%, while only elevating men's risk by 12%,michael kors outlet, the latter figure not having statistical significance. When the bar for men was raised to more than three drinks,michael kors, their increased risk for a particular type of pancreatic cancer, adenocarcinoma, was found to be 60%, a figure which had become statistically significant; adenocarcinomas are the most common type of pancreatic cancer. This suggests that men have a higher tolerance for alcohol.
One interesting finding was that the effect of alcohol on pancreatic cancer was more pronounced among persons in the healthy weight range. However,casque beats, before those who are overweight or obese rejoice, this, according to the researchers, is likely down to the fact that obesity is already a strong risk factor for the disease, and that could have masked the effects of alcohol on pancreatic cancer risk for the overweight subjects.
Another interesting finding was that the effects of alcohol were the same regardless of the type which was consumed.
How to Prevent Pancreatic Cancer - Tips and Suggestions
Pancreatic cancer presents little or no symptoms in its initial stages,burberry soldes, so diagnosis often only occurs after the disease has become relatively advanced. According to the American Cancer Society, the condition struck almost 38,000 Americans in 2008, and it accounted for about 6% of all cancer deaths in the US in that year. What are some simple steps which we can take to prevent this disease?
Do Not Smoke
Cigarette smoking raises risk for almost all types of cancer, including pancreatic cancer. Smoking could in fact be responsible for about a quarter of all cases of the disease.
Maintain Healthy Weight
Obesity has been, in previous studies, linked with heightened pancreatic cancer risk.
Consume a Healthy Diet
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, while lowering your intake of red meat and saturated fats. By doing so, you lower the stress placed upon your pancreatic gland, thereby reducing your cancer risk. Of course, fruits and vegetables also contain many health-protecting antioxidants and nutrients. Ensure that you are getting sufficient amounts of B vitamins, such as B6, B12 and folate; studies have shown that,louboutin, when consumed through dietary sources, they can lower pancreatic cancer risk, although this benefit was not observed when these nutrients were taken in supplementary form.
Exercise Regularly
Regular physical activity lowers cancer risk.
Get some Sunshine
Vitamin D has been shown in many studies to greatly lower your risk of pancreatic cancer, as well as most other types of the disease.
Excess alcohol intake has already been linked to many types of cancer, including those of the mouth, esophagus, breast and liver. A recent study also suggested that just one alcoholic drink a day could elevate a woman's cancer risk.
Now, this latest study has added pancreatic cancer to the list. Being an exercise which analyzed many previous studies, its findings hold more weight than those from just a single study. Those wanting good health and longevity thus have one more good reason to stay away from alcohol, or at least too much of it.
Drink Up,supra, Boost Pancreatic Cancer Risk? ( ... -boost-p...)
How to Prevent Pancreatic Cancer (
Wikipedia (
About the authorReuben Chow has a keen interest in natural health and healing as well as personal growth. His website, All 4 Natural Health, offers a basic guide on natural health information. It details simple, effective and natural ways, such as the use of nutrition, various herbs,louboutin pas cher, herb remedies, supplements and other natural remedies,doudoune moncler, to deal with various health conditions as well as to attain good health. His other websites also cover topics such as depression help, omega 3 fatty acids,casque dr dre, as well as cancer research and information.



a nerve tonic

I'd sing of Love in such a novel fashion

The current study, also a meta-analysis, examined studies on postmenopausal women and men over the age of 50 in which the participants had been given oral vitamin D supplements, either with or without calcium supplementation.

 Post subject: including the live URL link
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To find the cheapest home improvement loan that you can,abercrombie and fitch france, you need to realize that there are a lot of factors that can affect the amount that you pay.

The equity that you have in your home or real estate is a major piece, but other factors that are considered are your credit history,louboutin pas cher, national and local interest rates,abercrombie and fitch, the amount you want to borrow, and even the types of repairs or improvements that you're planning on doing with the money.

The cheapest home improvement loan that you'll get may take a little bit of work to find,hogan sito ufficiale, but if it can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the end it's worth it.

Plan ahead to get the cheapest home improvement loan

Since there are so many factors involved in getting the cheapest home improvement loan,doudoune moncler pas cher, you need to plan ahead so that everything works in your favour.

Make payments on your mortgage early,piumini moncler, paying extra if you're allowed?not only does this reduce the total debt that you owe on your home,abercrombie, but it increases your equity and looks good on your credit report.

You should also pay down or pay off any other debts that you have (such as credit cards) to the best of your ability; every payment you make on time presents a better case to lenders to help you get the cheapest home improvement loan that you can.

Additionally,dolce and gabbana outlet, you should keep an eye on the news media and the finance section of the newspaper?find out what current interest rates are and whether they're likely to go up or down anytime soon.

Apply for your loan after several months of making on-time payments (since some creditors only report quarterly) and when rates are as low as they look like they're going to get to help improve your chances of getting the cheapest home improvement loan.

Ask for as much as you need,scarpe hogan, but not as much as you want

When looking for the cheapest home improvement loan, you might have to make a sacrifice or two when it comes to more frivolous improvements to your home.

If there are any items that you've figured into your loan amount that you can do without for a while,abercrombie france, you might want to consider waiting until later and buying them with your own money.

Get loan quotes for both the amount that you want and the bare minimum amount that you need?compare the interest rates and terms to find the cheapest home improvement loan.

You might get a better deal with the lower amount, but if it's not significantly better then go ahead and get the larger; after all, you'll still be getting the cheapest home improvement loan for that amount.

You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

About The Author

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At this point

in the 164-meter-long Dan Kunte Bridge

It says the level of the Zambezi River has risen seven meters. Heights such as these have not been recorded since 1963.

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