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 Post subject: the county to expand the scope of the pilot
PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:13 pm 

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the Gelao villagers into a new house celebration for Tan, on behalf of jade cheerfully .
since the start of the pilot project of rural renovation of dilapidated buildings in 2008 , Guanling based on people's livelihood at all , and has invested more than 8000 million yuan of funds to help 3160 needy families in the county to the implementation of the renovation of dilapidated buildings ,outlet hogan, over 12,000 of people bid farewell to the dilapidated buildings hi new apartment.
in this process ,abercrombie and fitch, Guanling insist on to ensure focus , both general and concentrate on giving priority to households enjoying five guarantees , low households ,ray ban, households with financial difficulties , the most difficult and dangerous , most farmers much-needed renovation of dilapidated buildings as the core of the idea .
To this end , the county signed their according to their actual implementation of reward and punishment system .
project started after the implementation of the county leaders often go to various villages and towns to check and supervise the project implementation unit to implement the package protection ,christian louboutin, accountability, and implementation of the tasks to team members , refined to the people .
in 2009 ,louboutin pas cher, the county to expand the scope of the pilot ,piumini moncler, to promote the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas of geological disasters, dilapidated buildings and key dilapidated buildings as the main implementation of the object .
Guanling adhere to the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas combined with the construction of new countryside , construction of small towns to take the dispersion transformation and focus reform Its subsidy standards in accordance with the five guarantees , low households ,lunettes de soleil, households with financial difficulties ,abercrombie and fitch france, the general account four levels , respectively , to give subsidies 20000-05000 yuan per household .
They also strictly control building area and building costs , planning household housing area of ​​40-100 square meters , and guide the farmers in building the Guanling residential characteristics of housing .
the end of 2010 , since the implementation of the project in 2008 , Guanling has a total of 3160 rural renovation of dilapidated buildings , including 2008 ,moncler, households in 2010 ,burberry pas cher, completed 1020 .

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January 22

Ningxia courts are bound by the case four years down

It says the level of the Zambezi River has risen seven meters. Heights such as these have not been recorded since 1963.

 Post subject: 可能预示着股指将迎来超跌后的小反弹
PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:26 am 

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  周一上证指数收出高开阴十字星,hogan,交投较为平淡,jordan shoes。从大智慧Topview盘面上看,,在创出12年来单周最大跌幅后,hogan sito ufficiale,银行股和中字头大盘股率先企稳,burberry soldes,中石油和中石化全天多为红盘,supra,护盘作用明显,louboutin。数据显示,机构资金仅在6月10日流入27亿,6月11日和12日均少量流出,louboutin pas cher,而6月13日又开始少量加仓。由此可见,机构现阶段操作依然谨慎,主流资金流动方向并不明朗。从技术上看,指数因持续利空破位下行后终于收在下轨处,burberry,8连阴后收出小涨的阴十字星,可能预示着股指将迎来超跌后的小反弹,burberry soldes。股指有望重新站稳下轨。




Three Gorges ship lock has enabled the temporary navigation equipment to be gates , thus shortening the distance and time of the ship into the gate . New equipment into operation will enhance the efficiency of the Three Gorges ship lock ship gate holes .

 Post subject: table use sweeteners
PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:33 am 

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(NaturalNews) Food marketers are vying harder than ever for your shopping dollar. They use any of 14,casque dr dre,000 additives to make their products last longer, taste fresher or seem more appealing. The health effects of these compounds, especially in combination, are only gradually becoming apparent.
Read all the details in our four part series highlighting the worst compounds typically added to the food supply.
Acesulfame-K is an artificial sweetener so strong it is reportedly 200 times sweeter than sugar. It is found in baked goods, chewing gum, candy,casque beats, desserts, beverages, oral hygiene and pharmaceutical products, table use sweeteners, canned foods and snacks.
Center for Science in the Public Interest has urged the FDA to require better testing of acesulfame-K, since early studies were of limited duration and quality. Even those tests showed that acesulfame-K may cause thyroid problems or cancer.
Our use of artificial sweeteners even impacts our planet's water. Results of Swiss research, reported in Environmental Science & Technology,louboutin, indicate these sweeteners pass through our bodies and into the waterways where they persist in rivers,louboutin pas cher, lakes and groundwater. The researchers compared water samples from 10 wastewater treatment plants, four rivers and nine lakes plus urban groundwater and tap water. Looking for four artificial sweeteners,jordan shoes, they found that three of the four did not persist after water treatment. But acesulfame-K was found in the same concentrations in untreated and treated water,doudoune moncler, destined for lakes and rivers. It was present in 65 of 100 groundwater samples and found in tap water as well. Scientists are not aware if it has any impact on the environment.
Artificial colors are almost exclusively used in food and drink with low nutritional value. Such foods include candy,michael kors, beverages, pet food,burberry soldes, baked goods, gelatin desserts, oral hygiene and pharmaceutical products, snacks and cereals.
Despite disagreement from the food industry, artificial colors do have a negative effect on behavior. That was the conclusion reached after a comprehensive analysis of the medical literature. David Schab of Columbia University Medical center,franklin marshall, who co-authored the study, said, "The science shows that kids' behavior improves when these artificial colorings are removed from their diets and worsens when they're added to their diets."
A British study tested 297 children for sensitivity to artificial coloring. These children were not previously noted to have any reaction to such additives by their parents. The results, published in the medical journal The Lancet, stated,michael kors outlet, "Artificial colours or a sodium benzoate preservative (or both) in the diet result in increased hyperactivity in 3-year-old and 8/9-year-old children."
Exposure to artificial coloring has drastically increased in the U.S. in the last few generations. The amount of food coloring certified for use by the FDA in 1955 was 12 milligrams per capita per day. By 2007 the number had risen to 59 milligrams per capita per day, meaning five times as much was certified for use.
Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by Russell L. Blaylock
About the authorLaura Weldon lives on an organic farm and believes in bliss. Learn more about her book "Free Range Learning" by visiting at



Why We Eat More Than We Think

About the authorSheryl is a kinesiologist

That's right: The $850 billion bailout didn't work. At least not yet. And world markets were crashing today, sending investors running for cover.

 Post subject: and that's the beauty of it
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:22 pm 

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Mike: Thank you, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, for taking the time to participate in this interview. You have a tremendous amount of valuable information on health and life transformation to share with people. In addition to being the founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona and author of Conscious Eating and Depression Free For Life, you are widely considered one of the pioneers of the raw foods movement. So let's start with the basics and ask the obvious questions most readers might be wondering about: Why live food? Why the Tree of Life? What's in it for them? Why is it worth the effort to pursue a raw foods lifestyle?
Cousens: That's a very good question. The bottom line is: Because it feels good. We don't know how long we're going to live, but if we're going to live, we should be in a totally healthy place. I've been on live foods since 1983. It's a very long time, and I'm in my sixty-third year, and the result of that is I'm more flexible than I was when I was captain of an undefeated football team at Amherst College, in the National Football Hall of Fame, and I'm stronger. I could do 70 push-ups then, and on my sixtieth birthday I could do 601.
Mike: I heard that on an interview you did, and I was stunned. That's a lot of push-ups.
Cousens: Then, my wife who teaches yoga, said, "If you're going to do that, I'm not going to teach you yoga because it makes everything tight." At my age, there is more focus on flexibility and fluidity of movement, but I needed to complete that. But what am I saying? I'm saying, "What is this guy in his sixty-third year doing that is surpassing flexibility and strength when he was 21, a national-level athlete and in the Football Hall of Fame? How did that happen?" That's not supposed to happen, right? I attribute a certain amount to live foods, so why? Why do live foods work? There's some really interesting research that came out about two years ago, and it was a culmination of, since 1930, many, many researchers who basically found that the less you eat, the longer you live. The less you eat, the longer you live. That's not new. In the fourteenth century, Coronado, who was about ready to die when he was 48 years old, lived to 102 by having moderation in his diet. A teacher came from Africa, taught Father Benedict, who was physician at the Barcelona School in Italy, a medical school in Bologna. Then, he taught it to the pope and, you know, they got the idea. It emerged again in the late 1800s – the live foods, also the less you eat. They found with every animal, the less they eat, the longer they live. They've done it with worms. They've done it with, you know, mice and rats, so what's the message? The message is: The less you eat, the longer you live. Then, this other doctor came along and did gene technology with rats. He underfed them (by) only 40 percent, and he found that, within a month under the 40-percent less diet, there was a 400-percent increase in anti-aging genes. Literally, the diet was turning on the genes.
Mike: It was activating what was there all the time.
Cousens: We have what's known as genotype and phenotype. Genotype is your hard-core hard drive; phenotype is your software. You can't change your genotype, but you can change the expression of the genotype, which is the phenotype. So basically, your anti-inflammation, anti-aging, anti-cancer, antioxidant genes all got turned on. That was Dr. Spindler at the University of California at Riverside. Now, what's happening? This is very important: When you cook your food, you lose 50 percent of the protein. It becomes coagulated and you lose 78 percent of the vitamins and minerals. If you go live, you can eat half as much and still get the same amount. That's a 50 percent reduction in your input, so you're now achieving undereating, without at all feeling like you're undereating because we need that much live food. It's still a lot of live food.
Mike: I definitely noticed that here and experienced it myself. You get full on about half the amount of food.
Cousens: That's right, and that's the beauty of it, so now we have the easy reversal of aging, because what has research showed us? You can actually reverse aging. It wasn't just that you slowed it down; it actually reverses.
Mike: Take years off. I think it's also relevant for people to know that you were traditionally trained as an M.D., correct?
Cousens: Yes, Columbia Medical School.
Mike: So for you to espouse this food philosophy, if I may call it that, is in a sense, really exceptional because you have the technical training, and yet you've gone so far beyond it to understand the real relationships between foods, the human body and the human spirit. How did that happen for you?
Cousens: Well, ever since I was four years old, I wanted to be a healer and that translated as a medical doctor; that was all I knew. In the 50s, that's all you knew. When I was at Amherst College,burberry soldes, I had already published papers in biochemistry and biophysics, so I already had a biochemistry background. When I went to Columbia Medical School, I saw that they actually didn't have a clue about the relationship between how to get the health and how to make people healthy. What they had a clue about was how to make pathological diagnosis. That was pretty good, but to get from pathological diagnosis to being healthy,casque beats, no clue. I also saw that many of the patients had significant psychological problems, so as a third-year medical student at a medical ward, I really saw this. I began calling the psychiatric consults all the time, and many cases were cracked open because we had a psychological consult. I would tune in: This is a psychological problem. It's manifesting physically, but it's psychological, so I became a psychiatrist and family therapist.
Mike: And you practiced this for many years.
Cousens: Yes, and I still do. It's a holistic thing that allows me to do that whole model. Then when I finished in psychiatry, I began to see that the mind was affected by what you ate. Then, we saw the body is affected by what we eat; in fact, the mind and body are one, so that's how I kind of got to a more holistic point of view. We only had one, one-hour nutrition class at Columbia.
Mike: One hour in four years of school?
Cousens: Yes, and it was about biochemistry. It was a biochemical approach. Dr. Rittenburg was a Nobel Prize person, but he didn't talk about food. He just talked about biochemistry, which was my language at the time, but nevertheless, there was no training. There's no training about being healthy; there's only training about use of drugs with the focus on pathological diagnosis. Even that was narrow because they didn't see the connection between body and mind.
Mike: Even today, many in medicine still debate just basic mind-body connection. It strikes me very interesting that you came at this with the attitude of a true scientist, an observer of nature.
Cousens: Exactly, exactly.
Mike: You let nature tell you what the truth was.
Cousens: That's exactly it. You know, you used the word true scientist, and that's very good insight because most doctors aren't scientists. They're good: They get trained, they're smart, they say to take this drug for this problem, but they don't see the bigger picture, and they don't look to see what the all-around results are. What are the results 10 years down the line when I give this person this drug? Then, there's the drug to counter the side effects of that drug, and the drug to counter the side effects of that drug, so it got clear to me that I was approaching it like a scientist. I'm going to say, "What's my goal?" My goal is to create health. Then, being on a bunch of drugs to suppress symptoms was really not the way to approach it.
Mike: Along that line, you've had thousands of people come here to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. Do you have any statistics or anecdotal evidence about the number of people who were able to so safely get off those prescription drugs because those symptoms had vanished? Is that an area you're comfortable discussing?
Cousens: Well, if I said 100 percent ...
Mike: People wouldn't believe 100 percent.
Cousens: Now, I wrote a book called Depression Free for Life, and my result with natural healing and off medication is 90 percent,louboutin pas cher, and that's for the treatment of depression and manic depression. Manic depression, maybe 80 percent, but 90 percent for depression and that includes psychotic depression. That's the place where I have an opinion, but the rest of the time – basically, let's say, unless a person is really taking some medication that it's very, very dangerous to take them off of – I'm going to get them off most of the medication because they're naturally going to get healthy. The medication is making them unhealthy, so why keep them on that? So, let's say a 90-percent success rate with depression.
Mike: What's required on the patient's part? What level of commitment to...
Cousens: Well, they have to live it. Depression Free for Life means you have to do the five-step program. You have to build up your nutrient minerals with amino acids, specific amino acid supplements. You have to have the proper vitamins and minerals to make your brain work right. You have to have the proper lipids, again, to make your brain work right, for brain function. You have to balance your pH because your brain won't function if you're too alkaline or too acid. Then, you live the lifestyle. We put all those together, and that's live foods and fasting; fasting clears the brain. There was research done in Russia with schizophrenics, incurable schizophrenics, and they water fasted them. I don't do a lot of water fasting here, but they water fasted them for 28 days, and in Russia they don't have supplements.
Mike: You do juice fasting here, so people know.
Cousens: Yes, and what happened was that 65 percent of the incurable schizophrenics started functioning normally. The only time they relapsed was when they ate meat. That's because they have five times more 6-hydroxy-skatole, which is a toxin they could metabolize in the meat, and then it creates dysfunction in the brain.
Mike: And that's in all red meat?
Cousens: All meat. So, for example, take schizophrenia; it's very difficult to treat, and you get a 65 percent cure rate with fasting. Now, another example of that: I had a lady from Mexico in her mid-20s, who had been at a hospital for five years for depression, suicide and so forth. She came out here kind of to get a break out of the hospital. She could barely walk, she was 80 pounds overweight, and she was so toxic with everything. She was on medication, so over a period of few weeks, we started her on a fast. She was just too toxic to do anything; she couldn't do anything. After two weeks, her mind began to clear, and she ended up fasting for 85 days. In that time, she lost all her weight. She became this very beautiful young lady because she was in her 20s. She required no medications, she had happiness for the first time in her life, and she has never had a relapse.
Mike: She stayed on the live foods diet?
Cousens: Yes, the best I know; she's back in Mexico. But what's the point? The point is: The food we eat affects how we think, and how we function physically. So if you're eating junk food, you're going to get a junk-food brain. In her case, she was more sensitive to it, so these were things to put her back on track. You know, not everyone fasts for 85 days, but this is a special case, and it was very significant.
Mike: What does the Center offer people here in terms of support – to give them the safety, the support and the environment to succeed at this? What do they get here that they can't get at home in their own kitchen?
Cousens: How I got started here was that I was a very successful holistic physician in Petaluma, California. I realized that I could tell people, "This is what you should do," but the success rate, compliance rate was a lot less. Why? They haven't had the experience. I realized that people had to have a living experience, and so that's how the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center got started. This is a living experience of what it's like. If you want to feel good, come for a week and you'll feel good. Then, we added support. Okay, if a person just comes to the Tree of Life and they just want to visit, there are classes in food preparation, meditation, yoga, sprouting, so suddenly, they become empowered. Then, we have people who want to go further, which is, of course, what we like to see happen. We have a sacred relationship course because how you are in your relationship affects your life immensely. We have a course in conscious eating, which is how in a week you really become an expert in food preparation for yourself, not to run a restaurant. We have the spiritual fast, the spiritual detox and a 10-day program, and they're phenomenal because, if a person's addicted to coffee or tobacco, you know, well, you fast for seven days, and you lose the cellular memory of your addiction.
Mike: Interesting.
Cousens: Then, your stomach shrinks a little bit, and you don't want to go back to what you've been eating; you want to go forward to maintain that sense of well-being. We're just doing some research here – looking at organ systems and, you know, looking at the aura, looking at a special way, Kirlian photography and a diagnosis of status of the organs, the mind and the whole system. We're finding, after five days, people who have lost their center start to come back into coherence because the spiritual fast, which is like our flagship in a way, brings people back into their holy rhythm. You know, most people have lost it. They'll say, "What is life about? What's my rhythm? Who am I?" These are questions. If you want to heal fully, you have to have some connection to the spirit at some level. We have Native American things here, we have yoga, we have Kabbalat Shabbat – those are the big traditions that we teach, that we expose people to, not that they have to follow any of them because the message is: "It's all what?" You don't have to follow any of them,louboutin, but you're seeing it from three different perspectives.
Mike: I find a remarkable amount of freedom and non-structure as a visitor here. A person can really come and do what they choose. They're never forced to do something they don't wish to do, and even in terms of the spiritual nature of what happens here, people can participate or wait.
Cousens: Exactly. We set it up so people have to use their own free will, and they get a taste of, "Oh gosh, I feel good." Their energy's flowing and, "Maybe I'll go to meditation. Maybe I'll go to ..." You know, it's like we create an open space so people can focus on getting in touch with who they are. That means they have to make the choices and take the responsibility.
Mike: That's very smart structure. I mean, you know human psychology, too. Once a person makes a decision, then they internally convince themselves even more strongly that it's important for them to pursue. It's different than dragging somebody in.
Cousens: We're not interested in people doing this out of fear, because I say or somebody else says. It has to come from within. We'll supply the education, but you make the choices. We have another course called the Zero Point, which helps people with their addictions and their relationship difficulties, and is based on the premise of the personality as a case of mistaken identity.
Mike: I love that quote.
Cousens: They really get that in four days. We have that, and we also have the assene training here, you know, for people who want to pursue it in a particular way. Then, we have two yoga-on-fasts workshops a year. We have the 10-day detox for people who are really toxic. You know, it's a special high-input detoxification program where we use a lot of different adjunct inputs, like the special oxy bounce, where we increase oxygen, lymphatic massage, infrared sauna – just a lot of input into that thing.
Mike: When you say someone who's really toxic, can you be more specific? What do you mean – doing coffee and cigarettes, or what?
Cousens: ...or having them come off drugs. (When people) have been taking a lot of medication, you know, their consciousness is not ready to do the spiritual fast. After they've done the seven-day fast and they kind of clear, although some people do sequences up to 21 days,casque dr dre, then it helps a lot. I had another lady from Mexico with her arthritis, this, that and the other thing. She had a lot of chronic disease; that was our focus, and nothing was moving quickly. You know, she didn't think she could do 21 days; she was just going to do a week. She just came here to lose weight and kind of get in touch, but she just soared. You know, after 21 days participating in all the programs, she was perfect; she was like a different person.
Mike: Just 21 days.
Cousens: Just 21 days. It's really amazing, so people can do it; it's really not that hard. So, those are the courses,michael kors, and then we have the world's first live food master's program in vegan live food nutrition. We also have an apprentice program in vegan farming, and the vegan live food kitchen apprentice. It's a three-month program, and by the time you graduate, you can really run a kitchen. I mean, not your personal, private kitchen, but you can work in a restaurant.
Mike: You can run an organic farm – maybe not a huge farm, but a plot of land.
Cousens: Yes, so we are into empowering people with all the basic skills to live a natural life.
Mike: It is so important to know that what is really special about what you have happening here is you ask people to make these decisions themselves, to take on the responsibility to empower themselves. In the medical world, they never hear that. They hear, "No, this pill will fix you. This surgery will fix you." In fact, they're often discouraged to teach themselves. There's even, you know, "Don't educate yourself; we know better." Here at the Tree, it's exactly the opposite. It's "Learn, experience, transform." I think that's remarkable.
Cousens: We give people a lot of space. We're not exactly a medical spa; (we're) more of an oasis for awakening, but you can go to spas that have a menu, and you are just busy all day long, but you're never going inward. We create this space for people to get in touch with who they are. It's very, very important.
Mike: So, what happens next in a bigger way? Suppose the number of people who want to come here gets multiplied by 10 over the next two to three years. Where do you take this, Gabriel?
Cousens: Well, right now we are in the midst of raising funds to do several things to accommodate that venture because we're kind of growing organically. We came and we started out here in tents in the platform you saw.
Mike: Yes.
Cousens: That was our kitchen. It was a big army tent. So, we're going one step at a time. Basically, what I earn all went into this place, so we live just like everybody else, very low on the scale. We're planning to do a juice and tea bar down here and a gathering place. We just have one more step to fix things up here. Then the next thing we already have plans to do is to do 48 rooms at a time, which is as far as I want to go. I don't want to do more than that. This is a cultural thing, so a Café Theatre and a store up on the land, which would be 4 buildings with 12 rooms each, the range in the medicine wheel, so that's our plan, and to have a big yoga meditation center up there. It's going to cost about $2 million, but the right circumstances haven't come about. As more people come here and we get more known, I know it will manifest in some way. As I say, we already have it drawn out; the housing all drawn. We also have the building, which is a dome structure. We just have to raise the money; however, it's going to come. It'll come.
Mike: It will and, you know, the character of you and the center here is not flashy; it's very humble. In some sense, there's not a lot of self-promotion.
Cousens: It's true. We're also going for that kind of middle-American person who is looking for, you know, the top-end spa. Although we really give the services of a top-end spa, we don't have the facilities of the palatial, top-end spa.
Mike: This is not a place to come to just be pampered from the outside.
Cousens: Definitely not, and that's why we don't like to list ourselves as a spa. We're really a healing center.
Mike: Are there other centers that are even close to the model of what you're doing here?
Cousens: Not really. A lot of people use the words holistic, but there's no other place. It's a center for awakening, and that's how to become your original self again. You see, most people are born originals and die copies. Here we want people to be original, to find their original self. It's unique in that, you know, we're living it. It's not like, well, a person says, "I'm going to meditate." I'm teaching the meditation. It's very different.
Mike: Right, and you're not going home to a 10,000-square-foot mansion on the beach, either.
Cousens: Have you seen our house?
Mike: No.
Cousens: It's right down the road. We're in a rental. All the money goes into here.
Mike: That's the authenticity that comes out here. You know, I think people are looking for what's real and to find that in their own lives, to have some guidance and some models for what to look at. I mean, to come here and interact with the staff members and the guests, you can't help but begin to soak up some of that energy, some of that authenticity.
Cousens: We require of the staff that it kind of be their lifestyle because how can you teach veganism if you're not a vegan? How can you teach the lifestyle? So, everybody's living it to an extent, not that they have to – of the staff, they are models, not just my wife and myself, but everyone.
Mike: So, how do you reach a person who is a meat-and-potatoes kind of man or woman, and their only knowledge of vegetarianism is some girl downtown who tells everyone they should be vegetarian? How do you reach a person like that and bridge that?
Cousens: Well, as a meat-eating football player, I didn't even meet a vegetarian until I was 28. Up until then, I thought steak and potatoes, so I have some understanding of that transition, but really, maybe half the people that come here are still eating meat. See, we're a transition, and I'm going to say that part of our art is how we can help people make that transition, so it's very open, just like you're saying, I mean, it could be anything. If you want optimal super health, Yes, this is what you want to do, but it's up to you; you don't have to do this. You can come, you can get Whole Person Healing, you know, a three-day workup, you can see what goes on, try it and see what happens. If you're feeling better, it's the pleasure principle. So, I would say many of those people don't come ignorant. They come knowing that we're going to help them make that transition, and they already kind of have an interest that way; otherwise, they wouldn't come.
Mike: Once they do, let's say, a nine-day or seven-day juice fast, once they reach that point where they're at a greater level of purity at the physical and biochemical level, then in your books and your material you talk about how that sets the template for not just better nervous system function and mental clarity, but a spiritual awakening and spiritual clarity. Can you speak more to that and explain this?
Cousens: Yes, a few things happen particularly when you fast. You lose your interest in going back to the same way because you know something has begun to open up your life in meaning and value. We are beings of light. Now, we are all clouded up with this gunk, you know, so we don't have that experience. When you start to do the live food diet and you start to do the fast, the gunk kind of clears, and you start to get this ... I'm going to call it the divine kiss. It just feels good. Feeling good motivates most people, and that goodness is connected to spirit, as well. We can't separate the body and the spirit. What we eat affects the mind, and we've known that for thousands of years. In ayurvedic, they know that if you eat a certain diet, you could create a kind of a criminal mind, called a tamasic diet. When you eat a very riotous diet, you build warriors and get them all aggravated, ready to do battle – that's your sugar, your coffee and your meats. Then, you have a Sophic Diet, which calms calms the activity of the mind and takes you into yourself.
Mike: Those are low-glycemic juices.
Cousens: Yes, It's food made with love. That's part of what our kitchen does because we have a full-on restaurant. It's open to the public. People can just come by for the Sunday, or any day, but Saturday and Sunday we have a nice, beautiful brunch and 100-percent organic food we made with love. We guarantee our food: If we can't get organic, we don't carry it, so if we can't get it, we won't be able to offer that. We have pretty much good organic sources. We're growing a lot of it ourselves, particularly greens; we're really good at that. Vegan means no meat or dairy, live. It's 100 percent live here – there's no compromise – and well-hydrated, low-glycemic and high-mineralized because minerals are frequencies of consciousness according to their constitution. One of the biggest mistakes people make is they say there's one way to eat. Well, there isn't. We have 25,000 different genes and somewhere between 100,000 and 1.4 million genetic variations. You think there's one diet for all that? Of course not, so we try to help people tune into whether they need a high-protein diet, a low-protein diet, this-that variations and then eat in moderation.
Mike: Is there an assessment phase when people come here to determine whether they need a high-protein or low-protein diet?
Cousens: It's part of the Whole Person workup. We have a special test that I designed and we help people find that out. We have an interview, as well. The interview is listed in Conscious Eating.
Mike: That's one of your books.
Cousens: And also Depression Free for Life.
Mike: Just a note, too: You also have Spiritual Nutrition. Are there any other books coming out soon that people should know about?
Cousens: My next book is Spiritual Fasting, but it's not soon; it'll be a year, probably.
Mike: Some of the things I really enjoyed seeing in your work were your comments about dark field microscopy: What you can visually see in the blood and how that reflects the diet and the effect on the human body. Now, this is something that traditional medical doctors typically shun, but do you practice that here?
Cousens: Yes, I was in the lineage of Dr. Enderlein, who created this with 60 years of work in Germany. I was trained under a medical doctor from Germany. Okay, what I do that's important is I don't make a diagnosis with it. I just give people a picture of their blood. They can see it in a microscope, and you don't have to be a genius to figure out the toxicity. You can see everything clumped together, but I don't make a diagnosis.
Mike: That's an important distinction.
Cousens: Yes, because there are people out there making diagnoses. I don't think you can make a real accurate diagnosis. I have lots of tools to make a diagnosis, but you can see what toxic blood looks like; you don't have to be a genius or a medical doctor to figure that out.
Mike: If the red blood cells are collapsed, and they're all running around in a group, that's not a good sign.
Cousens: So I use it more that way rather than diagnostically.
Mike: You talk a lot about genetically modified foods, and why it's very important for us – not only as individuals, but even as societies – to really rethink this, so why is this important? You see people eating corn all the time. What's wrong with genetically modified corn? What do they care?
Cousens: Most countries around the world have much resistance to it and why? Well, there are many levels on which it's a problem. There's the genetically modified corn, which may have human genes, fish genes, whatever. Okay, it's kind of an aberration, and our bodies aren't really programmed to handle it; it's not natural. It may biochemically look kind of like it, but actually when they've done the studies, it isn't biochemically the same. They are different; they've got different genes, so that throws the body off a little bit. Now, there was a really interesting study by Dr. Pusztai in Scotland. He fed rats genetically engineered potatoes and, within 10 days, they had liver problems, heart problems, brain shrinkage and adrenal shrinkage.
Mike: That's astounding.
Cousens: Yes, and he lost his job for it because the big companies, you know. But the scientific communities said it was very good research and he was reinstated to his job.
Mike: Oh, interesting.
Cousens: So here's the point: The original seeds are our genetic heritage. We're linked with the seeds. They have our whole history; they have everything we all are. When you start tampering with that, you're creating an aberration in the field. You're distorting the field and that affects people's health. Soy, which is heavily genetically engineered, is now in the top six allergy foods. It wasn't like that before, because (now) people aren't able to handle it, but these things move slowly. I could take cyanide and die in a moment, so that's the problem; people don't see down the line where this goes.
Mike: It's delayed cause and effect, and if it's a 20-year delay, people never correlate the cause.
Cousens: All they know is we've got more cancer.
Mike: Right, and they think it's genetic sometimes.
Cousens: Yes, sometimes definitely. So that's one problem with genetically engineered food: Our bodies are not designed to handle it, and it causes distortion in the body, chaos in the body. We can think about disease as chaos in the field; that's a different way of talking about it. Healing is bringing coherence to the field.
Mike: Coherence, and I see your staff is bringing more coherence to every lunch through intention. I'd like you to speak to this some more,jordan shoes, but let me pose a question to you here that is about, I tend to call it, the homeopathy of foods. Now, these foods have water; there is energy. What energy are people getting from warehouse foods, processed foods or slaughtered animals, and is that a legitimate concern – that there is an energy, not just the chemistry?
Cousens: Yes, it's a good question and the answer is yes. Now, what do we mean? First of all, food has water. Water has been proven to be a transmitter of vibration. You can project love in the food or in the water, and you would change the structure. When we pray over the food, you get love, you get peace, and you're eating that; it's a literal vibration that's in the water. Just the opposite happens if you add anger and pain into the food; that's a problem, and when an animal is killed, it has fear that goes into the energy of food. Fear, misery and cruelty go into the energy of the food.
Mike: And yet, people can even pray over their own meal and enhance it; they don't need a circle of people.
Cousens: You want to pray before, and even a kabalistic scene tradition; you pray afterwards, to give thanks.
Mike: What about this great respect, this honoring of nature that I see here and this companionship between individuals and nature? How much of a thread through the teachings and the experience here is that?
Cousens: It's a big thread because nature is a reflection of God. Nature is not God, but it's a reflection of God, and we're taught in the cabal that God is like the hand in the glove of nature.
Mike: What a great metaphor.
Cousens: It's taught that we are put here to study the planet and thereby know God. Now, that's one aspect. That's more mental, but nature also has a tremendous silence: You gaze at a tree and take in the silence of that tree; you gaze at a flower and you take in the energy of that flower, so you're taking in nature that way.
Mike: Do you teach or believe that planetary health is inextricably tied to personal health?
Cousens: Definitely. Our body is a small planet vibrating with a larger planet, and so if we eat organic foods, what happens? You're building up the soil because the pesticide and herbicide are basically creating an addiction of the planet, of the planetary soil. Whereas organic does just the opposite, it builds up a healthy soil that's very important for us. Genetically engineered food is a problem because it's polluting all the other organic foods on the planet, which is no small deal because they don't know what they're doing.
Mike: Right, they experiment.
Cousens: I'm not criticizing because they don't know what they're doing; because no one knows. I'm criticizing because they're acting as if they do know what they're doing. We don't know; this is a very serious thing that's happening.
Mike: There's all this cross-pollination going on out there.
Cousens: Yes, I mean there's corn in Mexico that they generically engineered, and 60 miles away other corn gets pollinated. It's no small thing. Now, you're ruining thousands of years of corn that has been growing in relationship to the people, and you're creating an aberration in the field – what we eat, how we eat. You know, there are maybe 40 to 60 million people starving; we don't know exactly. It's an estimate, and it's estimated that if only 10 percent of the meat eaters in the United States became vegans, there would be enough food to feed those 40 to 60 million people, so meat eating is kind of like hoarding those resources.
Mike: Yes, you have to grab land, cut down rain forest for grazing land.
Cousens: You waste the water. A meat eater indirectly wastes 4,500 gallons, versus 300 for a vegetarian.
Mike: Yet around the world in many cultures, especially in Asia, for example, they almost look at Western culture and think, "We need steak; we need McDonald's; we need Marlborough cigarettes." They worship it, in a sense. I mean this is a prominent way of thinking.
Cousens: That's changing a little bit because the United States is the way it is,burberry, but it is that way. It's really strange because these cultures have lived. Maybe they're out of touch to me, but they're not causing massive imbalance.
Mike: Right, their indigenous diets were far healthier. If I may ask a different question then, how do you make this practical for a working person, let's say, living in the United States – a mother who has children, who has a day job? How does she take any of this into her life and integrate it in a meaningful way, given the time limitations?
Cousens: Well, first of all, it doesn't take a lot of time to prepare live foods, (except) if you're going to be fancy, it takes a lot of time. I prepare a lot of the recipes in Conscious Eating in 10 minutes for my lunch; that's it. You need a blender, you know, and what's the benefit? How much time do you spend running to the doctor? Sure, how much time do you spend running to your doctor,doudoune moncler, dealing with your kid's earache and tonsil infections? You don't really have very much of that eating non-dairy live food, so it saves time in the long run, but in the short run, surely, it's not that hard once you get some basic skills. You could put out a meal in a very, very short amount of time. I mean, how difficult is putting a salad together -- boom, boom, boom, put in a little nuts. Breakfast? Fruit and a smoothie. It's very, very easy.
Mike: Yes, there's no cooking time involved. You don't have to preheat the oven.
Cousens: Actually, less time.
Mike: What about at the gardening level? I can't help but see how labor intensive it is to really do it right, to grow organic foods? You know,michael kors outlet, for society at large, how do we as a nation, or even a community, do that?
Cousens: The same way we did it before. What did we do before we had shopping centers and supermarkets?
Mike: We had a very large percent of our population farming.
Cousens: That's one thing. The second thing is we will eventually get to a place where we'll be teaching farming: How to grow your own little greenhouse for a family of four. We're going in that direction; probably in another year will get to that place. If you can't do farming, you have two other options. You, for example, can contact a local organic farmer, and he will give you a certain amount of produce each month or each week. You just pay him a fee for the food. You support him; you get the food; you don't even have to go to the stores.
Mike: And it's all seasonal.
Cousens: Yes, so that's a very nice way to do it. You can learn to grow your own, or just go to the health food stores and, you know, they're big now. You can get organic food in a lot of the supermarkets you know, so it is available. As a mother, you still have to go to the supermarket, okay, so just buy organic versus the other. Big deal, what's the difference? By the time your children are two years old, they have half the pesticides and herbicides in their system that would be equivalent to being carcinogenic. A child who eats organic food has one-sixth the pesticides and herbicides of a child who is eating commercial food. We're doing a study about mothers' milk, and I'm not very happy about it because they are saying that it's so toxic. Now, I want to still say very clearly that taking mothers' milk is still better than doing anything else, but we're trying to figure out how to detox mothers, you know, before they get pregnant so that their milk is really good. Now, a vegetarian mother has one percent of the pesticides and herbicides in her breast milk as a meat-eating mother, so this is pretty important stuff.
Mike: Indeed, indeed. I mean that infant is depending on that for everything, nervous system growth ...
Cousens: Everything, and so we're talking about what's practical. For example, the study in Lake Michigan: I grew up in Chicago, and mothers who had fish more than one time a month – excuse me, who just had fish one time a month because it's so polluted now – had children with lower Apgar scores, which are reflexes when you're born, and lower SAT scores 16 to 18 years later.
Mike: Is that from the heavy metals?
Cousens: Well, I mean, the implication is that there was more toxicity than they started into the world with, and it affected their IQ and thinking ability from the get-go.
Mike: How do we function as a society when our children are so poisoned?
Cousens: We're doing poorly, you know. I mean, we have kind of a situation where people aren't doing that well, and our society is being weakened; there's no question about it. Hyperactivity is rampant, and then they put all the kids on drugs, so Ritalin is the equivalent of long-acting cocaine. That's kind of out there; that's not my statement. The fact is, in the last 15 years, it's hit – you know, the poor brain function. The poor phenotypic expression from eating junk food over generations has not really begun to manifest. So, you talk about time spent. It's a lot of work to raise a kid with hyperactivity and dysfunctional this, that and the other. It's a lot of work, so wait a second, what is time saving? People realized that the number one cause of death among kids 15 and under was cancer? That's not normal.
Mike: Is that the case?
Cousens: Yes, it is. Besides suicide, the number one cause is cancer. Why? Kids are so toxic that their bodies can't handle it, and they get poisoned; they get cancer. That's what we're talking about.
Mike: In addition to the time, it's money, too. I mean, what's the cost of being sick? What's the cost of one day in a hospital bed?
Cousens: What's the emotional cost of having your child die of cancer, particularly brain cancer?
Mike: When people say organic foods look expensive, they need to do all the math – the 10-year equations, not this week's equation.
Cousens: That's kind of really the point. There's a picture in my book, Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, and it contrasts two sets of children who are in Mexico – some are living in the mountaintop and some are living in the valley, everything else is the same. The kids in the valley couldn't even draw a picture. They had more pesticides because of the way pesticides are going downhill; they're not going uphill. They had lower reflexes, poor memories, poor social interaction and poor gross motor function. Literally, the kids in the mountaintop could draw pictures, you know, whereas the five and six year olds in the valley could barely squiggle, so that's the difference. That's the price people are paying to poison their kids for a few bucks, and it isn't a long-running question much more. In fact, I think it was the Philippines but I'm not sure, that they stopped doing pesticides and herbicides on the rice because the medical costs of treating the workers from the poisoning was greater than any profit they would make from the yield, so it's bigger mathematics.
Mike: A common theme of everything that people experience here is looking at the big picture: "What am I affecting, how is it affecting me and what's the long-term here?"
Cousens: We're really preparing people to be models, to affect their friends. It's just a very "one- person-at-a-time" type thing, and it just spreads as a wave going out.
Mike: Well, I want to say on the record that we have about five minutes or less here, but I want to say that I'm very glad to know that you're here, that you exist, that this place exists and it gives me hope to know that maybe we have a shot at actually living in relative peace on this planet, peace with nature even. Not just peace among people, but peace with nature. I'm really touched.
Cousens: Well, thank you for being so open to what we have to share and being willing to share that because that's how it spreads. I mean, if we're going to heal the planet, we all have to participate. There's a Native American saying, Mitakuye Oyasin which means "To all my relations." It doesn't mean your cousins, aunts and uncles. It means all the animal life, all the plant life, the living Earth itself and also the humans. It's peace on all those levels, and then we can heal the planet. I am convinced we will heal the planet. It's not maybe; we will heal the planet.
Mike: How does that unfold? In three minutes or less, what does that look like?
Cousens: It starts with the individual. It starts with an individual eating a healthy way, living a healthy way and thinking healthy thoughts. Then, as the mind gets clear, being able to create what I'm calling the global brain. The global brain already exists. We can fill it with TV, fear, misery, cruelty and greed, or we can fill it with love, sharing and compassion. I believe that the more we fill it with love, sharing, compassion and peace, in time, everybody will get it, and it doesn't take that many people, you know, maybe one percent of the population. We have to do it by practicing. People are now beginning to pay attention because they're seeing their kids being sick. The rate of cancer is unbelievable, and you're not going to solve it by figuring out some kind of drug; you've got to change your life. There's an old Chinese saying: "If you keep going in that direction, you'll actually end up in that direction." If you're going to eat junk food, you're going to get junk-food minds, junk-food people and junk-food children, and you're going to pay that price. If you go organic, you're going to get people who live organically, think organically and have a long-range view of things. See, that it's, as they call it, seven generations. You have to have a seven-generation view, and that's what makes the difference.
You know, we're very open. There's a book called Culture Creatives; I don't know if you've heard of it. There's about 50 million people in the United States who are open to these kinds of things, but don't have as much access, and we're really modeled, in a sense, to inspire the culture creatives to go to the next step in their lives. They're not all vegetarians; they're not all this; they're not all that; they're just people who are open to living a more thoughtful life, and our job as an oasis is an awakening to support them in leading a more creative and thoughtful life.
Mike: You're reading an interview with Gabriel Cousens, M.D., founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, also a raw food enthusiast and a spiritual... how would you describe yourself?
Cousens: Teacher, physician of the soul.
Mike: There you go. Thank you so much for taking this time.
Cousens: It's a delight to speak to you. I really appreciate the interview because your questions were so thoughtful and perceptive, so thank you.

quite frankly

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If these puppies become parents, their offspring will be wild dogs with no experience with people," a government official is quoted as saying to ST. "We want to catch these puppies before they grow up."

 Post subject: 2. you Aihe Cha. A study of over 4 million results
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[Abstract] years of life to come, in order to maintain a healthy, strong body and a happy life,hogan, you are going to do? How to do it? Please see if you do the following 15 health points. Do for your health and longevity is extremely important!
Text] 1. when your birth mother was very young. University of Chicago study found that age of the mother at birth less than 25-year-old, they live to be 100-year-old birth mother over 25 years of age twice as likely. Because the eggs of older women are more likely to defect, leading to fetal chromosomal abnormalities.
2. you Aihe Cha. A study of over 4 million results, drink at least five cups of tea a day, died in the lowest risk of heart disease and stroke. The natural ingredients of tea catechins can prevent the harmful protein accumulation and protection of brain cells,burberry soldes, the maintenance of cognitive abilities of the brain. The caffeine in coffee, caffeine in tea contains a natural protein theanine. The natural protein theanine can prevent the side effects of caffeine generally with, such as increased blood pressure, headache and fatigue.
3. a daily walk for half an hour. A new study results show that every day people walk about 30 minutes, no matter how high their body fat content, their longevity four times as likely as those less than 30 minutes walk a day. May wish to walk after lunch for a walk, or work less to take the one-stop subway or bus, get off early to walk home.

quit carbonated beverages U.S. scientists found that a daily drink a bottle of Coke might make you suffer from heart disease, diabetes and other disease risk doubled. If it is to drink a few mouthfuls of drink, it may be their own juice. A new study in the UK also showed that some carbonated drinks may cause serious damage to human cells. Experts believe that a common preservative in the carbonated soft drinks can damage human DNA in a number of important areas, a serious threat to human health. This human damage caused by drinking carbonated beverages generally are associated with aging and alcohol abuse is associated, will eventually lead to cirrhosis and Parkinson's disease and other diseases.
eat brightly colored foods. The more colorful, more fresh, more natural food, the more antioxidant, helps the body fight free radicals, anti-aging. A new study shows that grapes, blueberries and red wine rich in polyphenols can reduce the risk of heart disease, preventing Alzheimer's disease. The pterostilbene not only made with blueberries and grapes can be used to treat fungal infections, and can also lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, prevention and treatment 2 diabetes;
6. Slim teenager, U.S. researchers said. Researchers for the 137 people studied, from birth to 28 years old tracking survey found that overweight increases the chance of developing type 2 diabetes in adulthood at age 14.
7. eat less red meat. American Institute for Cancer Research, said the weekly intake of red meat more than 500 grams,casque beats, will increase the risk of colorectal cancer. The daily intake of 100 grams of processed meat (such as bacon and ham), the risk of colorectal cancer increased by 42%. Meat in barbecue,casque dr dre, smoked, salted or dry machining process with nitrate preservatives will produce carcinogens nitrite.

gone to college. Harvard Medical School study found that the education for over 12 years,louboutin pas cher, education is a relatively small long life of 18 months. And higher the education, the smaller the likelihood of smoking. U.S. CDC data show that about 10 percent of highly educated adults smoking, and education, about 35 percent for high school or lower among people smoking.
9. popular. Good interpersonal skills to cope with stress buffer. Long-term mental stress weakens the immune system and accelerated cell aging, and ultimately shorten the life span of 4-8 years.
10 friends health. If the friend is weight gain, increased by 57% the possibility of the same thing happen to you. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should have the same life goals and their own contacts. Such as participating in a weight loss and fitness club, or a development and your long-term walking with a friend and so on. lower incidence of the crowd Alzheimer
11. live to be old, learn the old Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, United States One study found that regular mental activities (visits to museums, crosswords, listening to music) more than half.

12. adopt pets often caress or close to those cute little things to help lower blood pressure and heart rate. A study to prove that the pet's heart disease patients for one year survival rate is 6 times of those heart disease patients, no pet.
13. Studies have shown that those who believe that life is more structured, more self-discipline to live longer, and they suffer from the risk of dementia than the low 89% of their diligent.
14. you are a diligent housewife. Use the vacuum cleaner, cleaning stairs or cleaning the windows of time in more than one hour, you can let the average person to burn about 285 calories, while the risk of death reduced by 30%.
15. cheerful. 相关的主题文章:

Sales in Asia goddess Xu Hening Classic Quotes - too incisive not learn will regret

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2007 , the company achieved operating income of 1.198 billion yuan , net profit of 272 million yuan , an increase of 49.98 percent and 82.07 percent respectively year on year . Net profit growth since 2005 ,, straight maintained at 70 % . 2007 Profit Distribution Plan for two yuan for every 10 shares ( including tax ) to conversed 6 shares . The main products of the

2007 electricity automatic protection equipment ,burberry, high voltage switchgear , transformer sales revenue grew 22% ,supra, 47% and 68% .

In addition to the gross profit margin of the arc suppression coil slip , the major product gross margin steady slight . But with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry ,louboutin pas cher, the major products face price pressure will continue to increase, decrease in gross margin risk is always present .

company sold 471 million shares to obtain the City 's circulation right high level of electrical equity ,supra shoes, profit of 77.39 million yuan . The company's net profit of 46.435 million yuan in the provision for performance incentives . Siyuan Electric is expected to choose a favorable opportunity to continue to reduce the high level of electrical stake in the company and maximize shareholder value . accurate Siyuan

, electrical success thanks to the company the ability to grasp the direction of the development of industry segments ,burberry soldes, the high technical content, and large profits as a breakthrough ,louboutin, and through investments, acquisitions , etc. capital operation and quickly occupied the market of new products . The company has been formed covering the industrial layout of the many products of the sub - equipment and secondary equipment . earnings forecast and investment rating of

: Due to the original products of the company has experienced sustained high growth in 2008 , growth may be slowing down at the same time the company's new product 126kVGIS ; and power electronics technology products in 2009 in order to achieve a significant profit contribution ,burberry soldes, Siyuan Electric 's performance in 2008 the growth rate will drop slightly . We expect 2008, earnings per share for 1.92,2.53 and 3.18 yuan , a CAGR of 34% ,burberry, in accordance with the PEG as a calculation of reasonable 2008 price-earnings ratio of 34 times ,hogan sito ufficiale, The target price of 65 yuan . Given the

market confidence has suffered a serious setback

China Merchants Securities Liugong steady growth control their own destiny

the stock degree turn green

Three Gorges ship lock has enabled the temporary navigation equipment to be gates , thus shortening the distance and time of the ship into the gate . New equipment into operation will enhance the efficiency of the Three Gorges ship lock ship gate holes .

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>>> click to enter the Yahoo version information Home experience more exciting
Huaxi Dushi Bao ,louboutin, August 15 - South Korean media recently reported that a former South Korean striker go back to Korea from China last month was found carrying drugs ,jordan shoes, the suspect has been charged with involvement in drug trafficking , but the official did not disclose the specific information of the internationals ,franklin marshall, but pointed out that the players surname Cui , on behalf of the South Korean team played in the 1996 Olympics and 1998 Asian Games .
South Korean media reported that the man is unemployed,abercrombie and fitch, the afternoon of July 27 in Shanghai,louboutin pas cher, China , bought two packets of heroin from the hands of a Nigerian ,louboutin pas cher, a total of about 10 grams ,air jordan, cost 2 million won ( about 12,000 yuan ) . Then he drugs hidden in his pants and go back to Korea from China ,burberry, but its entry Gimpo Airport in Korea were seized . Followed by the police from his cell phone This incident immediately caused a vibration, in Korea , because the police did not disclose the specific names of South Korean media have narrowed it down to Cuicheng Yong Cui Zhen Xie and Cui Yin intense three international body ,abercrombie, and that the 1996 Olympic Games and 1998 Asian Games as well as Green Island FC Cui Yin strong possibility .

reporter learned the case eight perpetrators, only Li Yanjun, Wang Jia, Tianwan Hu is more than 20 years old, and five others are people, including four of committing the crime at the age of 16 years of age.

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, Anheuser - Busch - InBev and Asahi beer a normal equity trading, the national brand Tsingtao Brewery push to focus on public opinion, media reports said Asahi Breweries one step away from holding the Tsingtao Brewery fear to become a Japanese company The Group's controlling stake, the largest shareholder of Tsingtao Beer Tsingtao Brewery Group Limited, Tsingtao Brewery will continue to carry the banner of national brands.

as representatives of the national brand,casque beats, Tsingtao Brewery,burberry, has been the internationalization of the firm as a national leader,franklin et marshall, has been sold to over 70 countries and regions, while in the capital markets from 1993 as the beginning of the Chinese companies listed overseas,supra, the first unit, Qingdao Beer has been recognized by the international capital markets.

in the company's equity structure of the Tsingtao Brewery,franklin marshall, Asahi Breweries Company holds a 19.9 percent stake in Tsingtao Brewery, rather than 26.6% of the rumors,supra shoes, the largest shareholder of Tsingtao Brewery Company is still Tsingtao Brewery Group Co., Ltd., representing 30.89% equity ratio.

in the first quarter of 2009, faced with the pressure of the international financial crisis,jordan shoes, Qingdao beer sales revenue growth remains greater than the sales growth, profit growth is greater than the sales growth of the good momentum of development in the first quarter Quarterly Bulletin revealed that net profit growth of 58.3 percent of Tsingtao, and internally, the implementation of integration and expansion of both the development strategy, strengthening their core base market; external, post-Olympic marketing, hand the NBA's steady progress in the rejuvenation of the brand ... in an increasingly competitive beer market Qingdao beer is steadily push forward the development strategy of the enterprise.

Tsingtao Brewery Company to respect this normal commercial transactions. Were normal commercial transactions will not affect the controlling stake in Tsingtao Brewery to Asahi's holding weight is not a threat.

Asahi holdings accounted for only 19.9% ​​
shareholders will not threaten the controlling stake

this transaction on January 23, 2009 has been signed, and was recently formal delivery completed. part of it.

in November last year, InBev merger of Anheuser - Busch, and received the latter has a 27 percent stake in Tsingtao Beer, January 23 this year new InBev, Asahi Breweries signed an agreement, InBev company through its wholly-owned subsidiary of the sale of Tsingtao Brewery to Asahi Breweries of about 260 million H shares, accounting for 19.99% of the share capital,burberry soldes, retained the 9164 shares,abercrombie, H shares, the total share capital 7.01%, and the reason why Anheuser - Busch - InBev to sell Tsingtao Brewery shares held, the purpose is to raise funds for the merger of the two companies need to pay huge sums of money.

not affect the development of corporate strategy
carry the national brand internationalization banner

Tsingtao stakeholders finally told China liquor newspaper reporter, even though the shareholders changed, but will not affect the development strategy of the Tsingtao Brewery Company, Qingdao Beer will continue to uphold our passion brewing beer in consumer preferences, to create happy,

April 30,louboutin, 2009


Bank of China

up 5.37 percent . Same day


immediately went to wash her husband to eat apples. Experience has shown that the results not only push her amicable and the amount of time and energy has been able to wash the apples.

 Post subject: on the 14th the Chicago Board of Trade corn
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CHICAGO ,supra, April 14 (Reuters) , subject to weather ,louboutin, demand and other factors , on the 14th the Chicago Board of Trade corn, soybean futures both rose ,louboutin pas cher, but the wheat has dropped slightly .

day , corn May contract closed at $ 3.9425 a bushel , up 6.75 cents . May soybean contract closed at $ 10.36 per bushel , up 14.5 cents , an intraday record of $ 10.43 10 weeks to a new high . May wheat contract closed at $ 5.2225 a bushel ,jordan shoes, down 1 cent . the

market demand fundamentals are expected to continue to support soybean higher . The data released by the U.S. National Oilseeds Processors Association , U.S. soybean crush in March over the previous month ,supra shoes, an increase of nearly 10 million bushels .

cool, damp weather of the U.S. Midwest ,burberry soldes, compared with corn good,burberry, investors worried about corn planting delays . The forecast shows that the central and western regions will continue this weekend precipitation will further delay the operations of field corn . However, next week, the U.S. Midwest weather clear and dry ,abercrombie, corn planting is expected to successfully carry out . U.S. Department of Agriculture announced after the closing bell 13 crop progress report shows that as of April 12 , the U.S. corn planting was only 2% ,abercrombie france, to lag behind the average of the previous five years of 7% .

wheat futures in early trading by growth and excellent rate and soybeans , corn price surge boost rise . However, due to market competitiveness in international markets for higher prices of U.S. wheat still feel apprehension ,casque beats, exacerbated by the recent insipid international wheat demand information to suppress the early gains eventually be depleted .相关的主题文章:



coupled with market demand

immediately went to wash her husband to eat apples. Experience has shown that the results not only push her amicable and the amount of time and energy has been able to wash the apples.

 Post subject: insulin resistance
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(NaturalNews) A special blueberry drink fortified by processing it with bacteria that naturally occur on the fruit's skin proved effective at preventing the development of obesity and diabetes in mice predisposed to the conditions, in a study conducted by researchers from the University of Montreal,supra, the Institut Armand-Frappier and the Université de Moncton,jordan shoes, and published in the International Journal of Obesity.
Researchers "biotransformed" juice from the North American lowbush blueberry by fermenting it with Serratia vaccinii, a bacteria naturally found on the berry's skin. They then fed mice either the biotransformed juice or unmodified blueberry juice for three days. All the mice had been bred for resistance to the hormone leptin, thus predisposing them to obesity,louboutin pas cher, insulin resistance,burberry soldes, diabetes and high blood pressure
"Consumption of fermented blueberry juice gradually and significantly reduced high blood glucose levels in diabetic mice,michael kors," lead author Tri Vuong said. "After three days,doudoune moncler, our mice subjects reduced their glycemia levels by 35 percent."
The mice drinking the biotransformed juice also ate less and gained less weight than the mice in the control group.
"Results of this study clearly show that biotransformed blueberry juice has strong anti-obesity and anti-diabetic potential,michael kors outlet," senior author Pierre S. Haddad said. "Biotransformed blueberry juice may represent a novel therapeutic agent."
The researchers are unsure why the biotransformed juice proves so much more effective, but they believe that the fermentation process enhances the effectiveness of the fruit's naturally occurring antioxidants. The researchers suggested that these antioxidants might assist the activity of the hormone adiponectin, which is associated with a lower risk of obesity.
The anthocyanins found in blueberries have also previously been linked to a reduced risk of retinopathy, an eye disorder,burberry, in diabetics.
"The identification of the active compounds in biotransformed blueberry juice may result in the discovery of promising new anti-obesity and anti-diabetic molecules,casque beats," Haddad said.
An estimated 24 million people in the United States suffer from diabetes,casque dr dre, and another 57 million are considered pre-diabetic.
Sources for this story include:;

Gluten is found in almost all processed foods

in surveys conducted in 1999 and 2004.

products offered by pharmaceutical companies.

The current study, also a meta-analysis, examined studies on postmenopausal women and men over the age of 50 in which the participants had been given oral vitamin D supplements, either with or without calcium supplementation.

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