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 Post subject: mother and child.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:19 am 

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Once again, I called the little daughter phone, I once again hung up. I decided not to tell her the brutal reality; her mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. the

daughter pregnant has more than three months, I know, this news pass her ears,casque beats, she will make an extreme decision. Among four children, her most loving mother, she often speak several of their siblings; only a mother, for mothers to make any sacrifice is worth. To this end, I'm afraid she know and after termination of pregnancy,michael kors, and wholeheartedly serve the mother.

three children, I gave them the real situation of the mother's, and they exhort, this matter must first do not tell the little daughter, let her give birth to a child proceeds smoothly, and make every effort to prolong her mother's life, so that her little grandson to see his deathbed, to comfort the hearts of her pain.

daughter, please do not blame the father for you, your mother, father can only make a choice for you to conceal the truth.

blink of an eye from last October to May this year, his wife in the hospital has spent more than six months faster, and her condition was aggravated day by day, during which, I and several children took turns guarding, the only daughter , we will not let her stay in the hospital, she is only every few weeks to the hospital to see his mother. Smiled and siblings; your first hard, I was born a child, every day to serve our mother. She believed that the words of the siblings,louboutin, the mother had a chronic disease requiring long-term convalescence. Her know where the mother has been at stake.

June 8 is the expected date of birth of the daughter, she was admitted to the hospital in advance, while doing preparation before the labor side and siblings to take care of the mother. Seeing the mother one day as a day, my daughter began to doubt, and has repeatedly asked the mother of what disease, appears to be the time to tell the truth to her.

evening hours, my daughter called out to the ward, in the corner of the corridor, truthfully say to her mother's condition, and she talked about the reasons do not tell him the truth,abercrombie and fitch, I hope she and join us efforts to make the mother to see the birth of a little life in his last moments, and in order to comfort the sad heart of the mother. Daughter to hear, strong sound did not say anything, just biting his lips tightly, the tears of two beans, slip Luo in her cheeks.

wife have five consecutive days without eating, the hospital again and I representations to the wife discharged,dolce gabbana, I once again begged, was the refusal of the hospital. They no longer discharged tomorrow withdrawal. No way, I had tears in their eyes, and the sons and daughters to leave the hospital with his wife. The day is June 2.

view. We really can not deliver on our promise, and his wife can not, but her wish. May we go home the same evening, a miracle, would have still a week to produce the daughter of a sudden stomach pain is produced. The eldest daughter again she rushed back to the hospital, and at dawn came over the phone the news of an exciting, is the eldest daughter of the voice; dad told my mom, sister born, girl, mother and child.

I call a good day, hastened to tell his wife, already in a semi-conscious state, she became very sober, an 'is', from her dry pipes be crisp issued (the original he has spoken very vague), she motioned me holds her up, by sitting next to me, lengthy sigh, and the penetration has been washed out of the window lattice. Her quietly looking out the window,casque dr dre, I know, at this time, she was thinking what.

The next day, the niece's son from the hospital back to the photo. Like a flower's granddaughter, people looked, and my heart like a June day to float the sparkling snow. The wife looked at the photos, the eyes of her collapse, pouring out tears, I know, this is in her suffering soul,abercrombie, hiding two drops of pure nectar.

the third day, the wife was serene leave us, this day is June 6. Her parting words, there is no trace of pain,louboutin, a slight rise in the mouth is full of the kind of love. She knew that her life has been extended, and she could die.

a few days after my beloved wife, their beloved mother, held a simple and solemn burial. We were unable to turn,jordan shoes, but we have a clear conscience. buried his wife

in my heart, but also left open the deadlock. Wife's death, I did not tell the little daughter under confinement,supra, I was afraid of her unbearable grief, even though he knew the mother's condition, however, the sadness of the yard, will make her physically and mentally equipped to be tortured. I just want to slowly dilute all.

forgive my father, and children, for love, the father again select your fool. Like


Kam owned by the roots do not know at the

Chinese Academy of Sciences


personnel easy points goes by how much she explains, scattered in the fleeting warm dream final or wind dispersed. Years of Bliss, who moved hearts, scrambling who share flawless share of tranquility, the long road, only the shadow should be where in accordance with Like

 Post subject: but the turnover is at its lowest ebb
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:00 pm 

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The □ southwest securities Zhang has just this week the broader market continues to be outside the stock market fluctuations ,dolce gabbana, the market is in the process of repeated shocks following the first day of trading Wednesday appeared Budie . Stock index in 4500 near the shock sideways ,burberry, but the turnover is at its lowest ebb ,outlet hogan, the turnover of the three consecutive trading days is less than 100 billion yuan to the amount of state , show the atmosphere of watching the market . The new share issue , February 21 independence blindly issued February 22 ,burberry soldes, Tung Wah Group of Energy issued February 26 ,louboutin, China Railway Construction Corporation will issue 2.8 billion shares . Have few opportunities of the new share issue next week . China Railway Construction Corporation will be issued ,louboutin pas cher, but before the coal energy is listed on the first day of gains little ,jordan shoes, if high starting price-earnings ratio of the China Railway Construction , nor will the secondary market funds face a greater impact . Zhou K line this week to close out the line to bring under the shadow Yinxian ,supra, showing the consolidation trend , substantially reduced the average daily turnover over the previous week , in a very low level since the end of November 2007 , showing market activity is extremely light . Zhou K line in the five weeks the line resistance of 4672 and 60 -week moving average in the 4202 -point support , the medium-term trend is still subdued . From the Japanese K Line , the market is between 5 -day moving average and 10 -day moving average , but the firm around 4429 points above the line ,christian louboutin, showing steady signs of short-term trend . Other technical indicators remain weak consolidation pattern . Historical data show that average daily turnover to the level of around 100 billion yuan , is expected to bottom rebound . If the measure of a record in February 2007 , began to gradually rise in mid - March . Close to the level of 110 billion yuan in November 2007 , began to rise in mid - December . If you take a good ,hogan, next week outside the stock market will lead to the mainland stock market rebound .相关的主题文章:

family that suicide has become At the funeral

new energy and some other small-cap hot spots

pre- sell a substantial brokerage stocks

Three Gorges ship lock has enabled the temporary navigation equipment to be gates , thus shortening the distance and time of the ship into the gate . New equipment into operation will enhance the efficiency of the Three Gorges ship lock ship gate holes .

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