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 Post subject: public information case
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:13 pm 

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Source: the Xiaogan Daily : Reporter Wu Tong :2009-12 -10 : ,louboutin pas cher
accident panic limited to information transparent timely
the hot friends (Reporter Wu Tong ) In government departments,burberry, public information case ,ray ban, users have less doubts and fear, more understanding and support of the aftermath of the accident .
users xxm start of On the contrary,burberry soldes, the grapevine will be more mass the more intense the negative news will be more put the greater . Friends,franklin marshall,
provincial and municipal governments at all levels ,hogan, not only the rescue scene is powerful ,louboutin, fast ,air jordan, and do not cover to cover ,lunettes ray ban, as soon as possible to the local news media to clarify the facts ,abercrombie, to settle the panic of the masses of the people , responsible for such a Government applauded !


a few days ago, losing, regarding the acquisition of Saab, Youth Group, will once again participate in the remaining assets of the acquisition of Saab. the future development of all remaining assets will be the youth of great benefit. Youth Group's unexpected move in the end hide behind how the attempt?

 Post subject: and hoping to Henan wine will be better tomorrow.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:21 pm 

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1998, the planned economy just beginning to transition to a market economy, people just returned from a subsistence to a well-off people's minds only newly liberated a lot of supply of goods from shortage to surplus. Mainland consumers eyes just look at the business community to understand the channels of goods primarily by advertising. In other words,burberry soldes, when the self-consciousness of consumers burgeoning goods ocean choice, select an important basis to know the name of this product in mind, there is no ad impressions of this product. Therefore, the main features of the consumer is blind obedience, watching (listening) to the advertising of this product to a large extent will be to select it. When businesses more in the advertising efforts. In the background throughout the country, with the standard king of Qin pool wine per day entered the CCTV one Santana to open up an Audi logic. Health products industry, Arctic God of seal oil, three oral solution are also rely on advertising to sell. Other industry examples. The Henan meet the wine was red and the moment, but also Henan wine was not rational consumers. In other words, to meet the prevailing consumer trends in the business of Henan wine unconscious,franklin marshall, from the results, it is doing the best,mercurial vapor, but it is not Henan wine conscious business. The boom-bust advertising wind,burberry, Henan wine completely fading. Henan wine until the last two years have changed.
whether it is intentional or unintentional, Henan wine once prosperity is to meet the needs of the consumers as a precondition. Ten years later, when we talk about the Henan wine re-emergence of when, whether to think about the issue of consumer demand? Instead of complaining, complain that corporate reform is not complete, government decentralization,michael kors, there is no money on advertising and single marketing tool.

Chinese consumers rational consumer is irrational management of Chinese enterprises frequent education as a precondition. Sanlu, we do not know melamine is something; chili sauce, and we do not know what is the Sudan. When too much emphasis on advertising the wind Masamori, Foreign Liquor simple blending industrial methanol blending of adulterated liquor frequent incidents resulting in the quality of the liquor can not be guaranteed until the drink out of a major event of human life. The fact that the education, consumer awareness is gradually returning. Henan market, replaced by grain brewing mainly northeast wine has become popular. The concept of the black land, the old village,casque beats, Shaodao Zi, Erguotou grain brewing wine began to rise in Henan. This means that the interests of consumers point to return to the properties of the product up.
[1] [2]

to talk about the revitalization of Henan wine, you have to study liquor consumption characteristics. Then we look at the peak of the liquor industry of Henan wine consumption is characterized by what?
as an administrative section of the liquor industry, the Henan wine occupies an important position in China's liquor industry. Henan wine in peak annual sales in China's provinces ranked third, can be described as red and one o'clock. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, Henan wine obvious decline. Anhui wine, wine Su Jin wine,louboutin, Hubei wine estate wine, but more and more prosperity. Henan wine in the end how the the Henan wine can be revitalized? This paper attempts to stand in the consumer's point of view, the reasons for find Henan wine lost, and hoping to Henan wine will be better tomorrow.
say revival, said the past thriving, then the decline, and now revitalization called revival. But not thriving, and now proposed to revive really revival. Thrive by the past,mercurial, and now hope can revitalize up ideas and can not be converted to the revival of the inevitable facts of. Otherwise,abercrombie, like the Europeans to revive the Roman Empire and prosperity,michael kors outlet, the prosperity of the Ottoman Empire as ridiculous. Just like most of China is now the paper is produced by Singapore, but China is a country of real invention of papermaking. Why our papermaking than Singapore developed it? !


On this issue



well known in the high-end market, Shao send the concept of rice wine, culture, history, technology, each with advantage of a predatory market brand endorsement.

 Post subject:   一层层细描着浅淡或厚深 喜欢
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:07 pm 

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  细风吹夜市,michael kors,过仓促的街

  抬头的习惯,casque dr dre,压低了头顶的思念

  数落下的叶,jordan shoes


  谁写就了我的思念,mercurial vapor

  贴黎明时的天边,burberry pas cher

  晨曦撒下余忆,dolce gabbana,越轻摇的枝节

  默望的视野,casque beats,概括了对你的念想


  一层层细描着浅淡或厚深 喜欢


offshore fishing


personnel easy points goes by how much she explains, scattered in the fleeting warm dream final or wind dispersed. Years of Bliss, who moved hearts, scrambling who share flawless share of tranquility, the long road, only the shadow should be where in accordance with Like

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