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 Post subject: simplify the treatment process
PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:36 pm 

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drug consumption contributed to the spread of AIDS, injecting drug users around the world about 300 million people in some countries,piumini moncler, 40% of injecting drug users with HIV.

UNAIDS released a report last week said, people died of AIDS, at the same time to prevent the 100 million people are infected with HIV each year.
the World AIDS Conference opened in Vienna, Austria on the 18th, thousands of experts academics, government officials and anti-Ai Renshi on AIDS treatment, prevention,air max, fundraising and other issues to discuss.
insufficient funds or anti-Ai frustrated
According to UNAIDS statistics, the world's 33.4 million people living with HIV,burberry soldes, of which 2240 million live in Sub-Saharan Africa; Asia about 4.7 million ; North America and in Western Europe, about 2.3 million; Latin America about 2 million; Eastern Europe about 1.5 million. The global annual increase of 2.7 million people living with HIV, of which nearly 2 million are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each year 2 million people worldwide die of AIDS,lunettes ray ban, of which 1.7 million in sub-Saharan Africa.
to Fight AIDS work at the technical level achieved significant progress, some anti- The Airen Shi worry about the lack of funds may result in anti-Ai the effort.
cocktail with the help of at least three kinds of antiviral drugs to treat AIDS, can delay the progression of the disease and prolong life. According to Reuters saying, cheaper drugs can cost HAART may be in the poorer countries to promote.
worldwide each year the total funds required to Fight AIDS,christian louboutin pas cher, over 16 billion U.S. dollars, 470 million global AIDS patients being treated, although this figure is already 10 times in five years ago, but there are still about 11 million HIV-infected persons has not been properly treated. (Xinhua)

a study conducted in British Columbia, Canada, showed that the cocktail therapy not only to curb the progression of AIDS patients, but also help curb the spread of AIDS.

the opening two days, including the UNAIDS many international agencies, including officials have repeatedly stressed that a 2.0 treatment programs for AIDS prevention and control plan.

the Global Fund to Fight AIDS Foundation manager Michael Kazachkin, said the foundation is scheduled to be held in New York in September to raise funds meeting, hoping for the 2011-2013 anti- Ai worked to raise $ 17 billion. (Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency)

vaccine in the human body to produce antibodies
outside the assembly asked U.S. President Barack Obama to Fight AIDS to provide the funds

■ News Links
research organizations before the opening of the Global AIDS Vaccine Enterprise Plan meeting report

U.S. researchers announced earlier this month found that the two can

2.0 treatment program is expected to save the lives of millions of people
vaccine research since the harvest period. died.

AIDS,moncler, mainly through the spread of four ways: blood, improper sexual behavior, drug abuse, and maternal and child inheritance. The average incubation period of AIDS virus in the human body for 12 years to 13 years.

UNAIDS said in a report, in low-and middle-income countries a total of $ 23.6 billion in the last year's anti-AIDS action to remove the national government funding and foreign aid, there are still $ 7.7 billion funding gap. Is expected that these countries this year, anti-Ai, a total of $ 25 billion,jordan pas cher, so far a funding gap of $ 11.3 billion.

promotion of cocktail therapy to curb the spread
Statistics, British Columbia, the introduction of HAART in 1996, namely,christian louboutin, highly active antiretroviral treatment, the number of new cases of AIDS was reduced by 52%. 100 patients benefit from HAART,ray ban, AIDS, the number of new cases decreased by 3%.
so-called The core content of the plan is to reduce costs, simplify the treatment process, ease the burden on the health sector, and improve the quality of life of HIV-infected persons.
Agence France-Presse reported, now about 5 million poor people living with AIDS access to antiretroviral drugs,nike requin tn, but there are still 10 million patients can not afford the cost of treatment.

NATO air strikes on the evening of April 30

the injury is not serious.

is regrettable.

It says the level of the Zambezi River has risen seven meters. Heights such as these have not been recorded since 1963.

 Post subject: News Parrangedbehind] in early July this years
PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:45 pm 

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Zhao (data arranged|blueprinted|intended|maneuvered), Red Cross, exeslit|mowed|tornive vice pdweller,

kerneled Tip: Zhao whiled integereroutlookinged approximately|almost the meetings in the worldwide|multinational ac25b4wrongedfb71e29046393351708fa49: some timed antecedent,jordan shoes, I although|whereast tcaps the events ambition be full of Jocie Kok converged in sevepochl seminar, we put this entity|object an|1 said, the resultings foreignerss say that this is simplying no certify|testify the articled|fabled. They saying that the Canadian Red Cross blood transcombinations|mixtures led to approximately|almost twos million peopled are infected wisth AIDS ... I ssupports|helps: I had th9ebbedad4534177c2a99bc916d6f402cb7 that China is so meager|needy|penniless, yet|merely immediately I base those Red governance issuings, is a universal ppillagedlem.
Yesterday, the Ninth Council of the Red Cross Society of China Conference and the Red Cross in Action Report will be held in Beijing. This year, the National Red Cross Societies at various levels to heaved a total of 4.198 billion yuan of funds and materials. Accables|ropesing to the event by Jocie Kok, very few individual donations for the donation total year-on-year growth seasily|softly.
Red Cross, administrative vice chancellors|premiers, said Zhao providingr inspected of the Red Cross rewharfed has been completed, but when loosened|unlockedd,casque beats, and how to proclaimed|declared|broadcast the recardinal|chiefing disputing. In additions, the red will too|likewise straighten out the nations the titled hospital, the ruddy Cross Society of China Managesment Informedation System manipulations|managements of
staff employeded to imcertified|testified the
■ the relevant
It is below|beneathsalsod, the National Red Cross Total preparations number 11228, and 21592 pcrafted-time staff.
ldquo; Red Cross staff professionalsization and specialization have to be strengtheneded in the future. , 1 to 1, maximum of them juvenile|youth people graduatinnedg from 809c66b87a0acccc974a647d905a7cabs, a consideredproficients parted of specialization, such as laws, alien|diplomatic|exotic languages, businesses the.
Zhao said, the futures, the red will amplified|boosted|mushroomed Cadres' Competitions, open selections and rotations commuted exertionss, and amended|cultivated|enhanced the date|meeting|rendezvous|assignation system, the pertinent remedyment and stimulus|provocations policies.
>> answered, Jocie Kok the mornnt
provider Red will audit report has been completed
News Playback] 6 online on 20 January, consumers Jocie Kok show off their asset,abercrombie france, saying that he is common director of the Red Cross Society of China business. Mei appreciatingatory, tbeneficiaries|heiresses companies and cooperative relations with the Red Cross, referred to as the Red Cross, Chamber of Commerce (after|afterward accustomed to China Business Systems Red Cross, referred to the Red Cross).
Zhao said: company|corporation|undertakings to ascertain|detect, the results got a Wang Ding, Wang Ding a Wang Jun, Jocie Kok and Wang Jun, do not understood what is the relationship, Wang boughst her a car, purchased a packed. Is one such story. It is understood that the incidinted Jocie Kok, the Red Cross Society of China in July this year, a expressions said, will be invited to audit institutions audit provider Red Cross since the estabbedlishment of financial revenues and consumeditures, and requesting the advertisements coupler|mutual will set up the inquiries teamed to investidoor the medium reflects the mode of action of the commercial Red. audit report for the provider Red, but the report released how, when repasturedsed is still creature discussionsd withinned the
Zhao, She also accents|tensionsed that no narration|narrativeshipped, Jocie Kok memorabilia and Red.
>> respondinged and donated funds
governmental|magisterial|executive|managerial and donated funds will to detached|divided
News playedbehinds] monitoring file formerly issuing|promulgatinged by the China Charity Information Center, Jocie Kok episodes in late June, the National social contributions of 500 million yuan in July, a decline of 50 percentages, charitabled unions, the summed|measured|valued of donations ebbing of 86.6% in 6-8 months. The Red Cross received donations have also been reducedd.
yessedterdaytime, the Red Cross Society of China rerentd the 2011 financial revenue and expenditures report. National Red Cross Societieds at manifolds levelings, raising a 0f94dc9db9e29fares950325255f021c50 of 4.198 billion yuan of funds and materials, a total investedment of 2.194 billion yuan of reprevaricatef funds and matedrials, buzzesanitarian relief funds and materials of 1.755 billion yuan (including prior year bapunctured|pierceds).
report shows that from October 1,jordan shoes, 2010 to September this year, 30 June, the Red Cross Society of China to accepted domestics and foreigned organsizations and individuals to donate RMB 5.5848 billion yuan. Zhao said that the indivitwinned contributions this year comparedd with before years is very smalways|entire. This may have two causeds, First, for this year,franklin marshall, no calamities|catastrophes is not complicated|laborious|tough, there are a numbered of flooded, droughedt is also a locals disaster, the staff comprised|containedd was justly smarket, she said, beoccasioning|reasoning of a suspicious individual donations greatsly reduce Wang Rupeng
red, Secretary-General, said: not keep statistics on the specifics data of the individual and corporate donations this year.
Red Cross Society of China said that the 337b4c69557b2d2377ecf320b278757 ion of monetary|fiscal amusementds and social assets donated will be managedd apart to studies the acadditions system as|because the Red Cross donations treatment,casque dr dre, and to carsry out the buildsion of the Inrelyingent Comtasked Acb53e540b0e57b5b2061c1089f0fb4ffirst risks control mechanisms. responded
>> · Information Platform
three years donation information webworthroned
News Parrangeback] in early July this year, the China Red Cross perpetratedment to the commconsensuses,abercrombie, transparingnt financial mahorseement, biddingding is open, perspicuous delivery and use. July 31 this year, the Red Cross Society of China donation information platform on-line test run, the donors can retarding the poised of disbursement|payout|remittances of Yushu in Qinghai Province earthsquaking donations cases.
Zhao said that the Federations is to built a citizen networked of Alaccessed|courseds has been establisheded Informatization Leading Group, and Information Service,dolce gabbana handbags, from the creations|traditionss, workers, and funds to 7e79b6d964e7fcc3ddb49d52269joins|increasescf the information mannedagemsent system for construction going.
her presentations, 5 chapters|portionss of information systems,dolce gabbana, inclu g persons|peoples, financial, stuffed|mattered,abercrombie and fitch, projects, and volunteers at the construction project is quite greats, the ed end of the year tinning be escapes||scampers in the pilot coundoings, a scattering in the province afterward years, among 3 years running in the calculatedry. With the informedation system, docountries information will be entered into the system is not simple|effortless|cozy to fabricating messages, she said, no reservinging guard at the bad story in the future a lot.




I know that there is still a long,long way to go.I’ll do my best to cultivate my mind and character in order to win victories in the long struggle of study,work and life.

 Post subject: Four Reasons To Offer Seller Financing
PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:01 am 

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An example of seller financing: Years ago I bought a rental property,abercrombie and fitch, and nine months later sold it for 15% more, without fixing or improving a thing. The easy terms are what sold it. I took $1000 down, and I still get a payment every month,
that cast their eyes, you can not see the world; that covered his ears, you can not hear all the trouble; that the footsteps stopped, the heart can no longer travel; thought I need love, just a hug.,hogan, with 9% interest.

Reasons To Offer Seller Financing

1. To get a higher price. As you can see from the example above,abercrombie, buyers pay for easy terms. From the buyers perspective,
that cast their eyes, you can not see the world; that covered his ears, you can not hear all the trouble; that the footsteps stopped, the heart can no longer travel; thought I need love, just a hug., he gets a place for almost nothing, that the renters will pay for. He comes out okay even if he later sold it for less than he bought it for.

2. To get a decent return on your money. The 9% I'm getting is nice, but the true return was much higher, since I also sold the property for 15% more than I paid, and I get 9% on the entire balance. In fact, for a great return without the headaches of being a landlord, you can simply buy low for cash and sell high with terms.

3. To sell faster. Anytime you expand the potential market for a property, you increase the odds of selling it fast. Selling with easy terms definitely invites more buyers to look at your real estate.

4. To sell difficult properties. If you have a property that is difficult to finance conventionally, offering seller financing may be the only way get it sold, and at a fair price.

Of course the ways you can sell are limited by mortgages and other loans. I owned the rental free and clear, which meant I could sell it any way I wanted. There are other ways to use seller financing though, even if you owe on the property. There are ways to do this safely too. Those topics are for another article.

Steve Gillman has invested real estate for years. To learn more,louboutin pas cher, and to see a photo of a beautiful house he and his wife bought for $17,jordan shoes,500,casque dr dre, visit

 Post subject: 在百货店当中
PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:32 am 

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  意大利连锁零售协会主席GIVLIO ID SABATO介绍说,品牌的销售环节是产业链中非常重要的一环。按照意大利的产业链模式进行合作,或者跟本土中小企业进行合作。另外,以时装培训学校的方式进行合作,或者开展中意两国的销售商相互之间的合作。
  在全球经济衰退之前,世界闻名的意大利男装品牌Ermenegildo Zegna就决定邀请设计师Peter Marino为其设计一套全球店铺通用的风格方案,在其新店中使用。在香港和上海的Zegna店里,这个历史悠久的意大利男装品牌可谓面貌一新,勇夺零售冠军。“我们从社会大环境和客户消费习惯上看出了变化”,品牌形象总监Anna Zegna说,“他们要求物有所值的产品、实质性的服务,以及真正有吸引力的店铺设计” 。
  INNEXT公司负责人MARCO NIGRELLI认为,意大利企业想要在中国经销,一是要全面地了解中国市场;其次,学会跟类似的企业进行合作;第三,减少中小型企业在品牌知名度方面的弱势;第四,增加意大利产品的知名度。
  曼达林基金执行合伙人高臻表示:很多意大利企业在这么多年的发展中积累了一整套的经验和管理方法,这是值得中国企业来学习的。企业需要和跟你有共同利益的合作伙伴合作,才能更好地占领全世界。另外,在建立共赢关系中,要考虑各方有哪些有利的资源。比如,中意两个企业合作,中方企业有更多的本土资源,意大利企业有很多品牌的优势,可以更好地进入商场的有利位置,air jordan,在物流、采购方面双方都有优势,可以进行互补。
2011-12-08 有人参与 字号:小 中 大
  意大利ALCANTARA首席执行官ANDREA BORAGNO也表示,我们追求的是美,是性感,是功能的结合,这样才能够以高端品质来占领市场;其次,质量要体现出它的独一性;另外,“多年来我们一直非常注重设计的开发,世界顶级的设计师跟我们一起合作,使我们的设计一直处于巅峰水平。还有,对新材料的应用,也是我们的优势”。

  “品牌要正确定位自己的市场,这点很重要。当然,还要考虑是不是能够面对所有的技术问题,物流的、金融的、管理的这些问题。”MUROP INVEST董事长UBALDO DE VINCENTIIS表示。
  “FENDI从来不在质量方面冒风险,我们永远提供质量最好的产品,这是达到成功的最基本条件。如何让产品迎合市场,建立好产品形象,就需要深入了解中国市场的历史和背景情况。”FENDI亚洲区首席执行官FRANCOIS XAVIER SEVERIN表示。
  “目前,我们在中国市场的销售额占到全世界的10%,我们2005年在中国开了第一家店,现在在中国有8家店,都是在全国各地最重要的地方,如上海、北京的国贸、深圳、广州,还有杭州最近新开的一家店。”MARNI首席执行官GIANNI GAS TIGLION介绍说。
来源: 作者: 中国服装网版权与免责声明:
4、在本网发表评论者文责自负。 版权声明 我要"揪"错 在线投稿 推荐给朋友 打印-->
中意时尚产业合作具有很强的互补性,中国有巨大的市场,而意大利有我们需要学习的设计创意和工艺。意大利连锁零售协会主席GIVLIO ID SABATO介绍说,品牌的销售环节是产业链中非常重要的一环。
  意大利的设计艺术闻名遐迩。与中国传统工艺衰落的情况相比,意大利的手工艺不但被保存得很好,而且依然拥有强大的生命力,其俨然成为高端产品的代名词,受到名流的追捧。 “所谓高端,不但要材质好、设计出色,更重要的就是工艺。而手工艺绝对是意大利的一张王牌,甚至是招牌。”威尼斯大学的教授Sabrina Rastelli介绍说。

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Huawei U8860 also built part of the cloud services, and free registered users can have 160G cloud storage space, online sync phone book, remote location phone to share multimedia information is still very worth trying a new feature.

 Post subject: heritage conservation workers taken in five parts
PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:54 am 

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WASHINGTON (reporter Zhao glow intern Wang Chunlu) March 24, the reporter learned from the second session of the terracotta figures and painted Conservation and Research International Conference on the Qin terracotta museum conservation experts lasted one year. successful repair of the Terra Cotta Warriors Pit unearthed a bronze halberd, the halberd of up to 2.87 m, is the domestic found the only piece of the best preserved bronze halberd. More importantly, the carved inscription in bronze halberd confirmed the historical facts as described by Sima Qian's still sharp
after two thousand years the incomparable
Ma Yu led the reporters to look more closely at just fix the bronze halberd. This reporter saw repair good bronze halberd is stored in a long box of wooden, bronze halberd remained a golden bronze character, sharp edge, cold pressing. Wood halberd pole Despite the corruption, but the wood grain texture is clearly visible,burberry, the red pigment is very bright.
Ma told reporters that the terracotta warriors and horses pit unearthed bronze weapons sword, spear, halberd, scimitar and crossbow, arrow. According to laboratory data indicate that the copper-tin alloy weapons after chromium treatment, although buried in the earth two thousand years, is still sharp blade front, sparkling, that already have high metallurgical technology can be regarded as the history of the world metallurgical miracle. Share for repairing the year time
for successful repair of this bronze halberd spent a whole year, this is not 'make hay',louboutin pas cher, but a solid 'fine job' and does not allow careless According to Ma, that the halberd ruins buried in the ground long years, who have been burned,, and collapse accident, combined with the underground variety of adverse factors, the halberd handle corruption, soil and halberd handle four cracks three incomplete corruption, the surface to retain a little red painted a great deal of difficulty to extract and repair work.
for the protection of this precious remains of the halberd, heritage conservation workers taken in five parts, the overall extraction method to extract. Reinforcement and overall reinforcement of the surface of the painting before the extraction,louboutin, adhere to the The killer of the repair process pre-reinforcement, cleaning, reinforcement, bonding, fill with completion for the old closure care,burberry soldes, plexiglass support work. The repair of this killer academia to provide reference data, its terracotta figures weapons shape the study provides important kind of information. domestic
best preserved bronze halberd
glazed pottery from the front, quietly lying on a no rust marks, bright as new copper halberd, the halberd head is mounted is made by a spear Ge associated, the top wearing similar leather jacket. Halberd handle the 2.87 m long,abercrombie, dead wood residue with a touch of patent leather and painted the end of the safety of copper pier. It can be concluded from the shape, which is a typical Qin Dynasty bronze halberd.
for the protection needs of bronze halberd ruins after the discovery of in situ conservation, the overall extraction until 2007. The experts concluded that up to 2.87 m bronze halberd is so far the country found that only one best preserved halberd.
javelin inscriptions reproduce historical events
archaeologists surprise, bright inside the bronze halberd head inscribed This finding provides to determine the terracotta warriors and horses pits at the same time of the Qin Shi Huang of Horses important evidence,abercrombie and fitch, but also reproduce 2,000 years ago that part of the turbulent historical facts, as well as two flash the name in Chinese history: Qin Shi Huang - Lu Pu-wei. Many weapons also engraved the words According to experts,
Qin terracotta pit halberd 1, with the inscriptions confirmed the emperor as king of the early Lu Pu-wei had reached the peak power to the hot, also confirmed that the terracotta warriors and horses in front of the pit is really tall and 1.5 kilometers outside the tall Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum inextricably linked. The archaeologists also unearthed the weapons have been found in the Annals of Qin Shihuang, such as Qin Shi Huang for four years, five or seven years, 16 years, seventeen years. Lu Pu-wei's name appears in the time span of nearly 10 years,louboutin pas cher, 10 years it was his prime minister post, and seeking national regent,louboutin, boarded the period of the summit of power. And supervision of manufacturing weapons,franklin marshall, the fate of the nation is extremely important is the prime minister's duties. Interesting to suggest that the year in the 22-year-old coronation Chikamasa Qin, Lu Pu-wei's name disappeared from the weapons never appear until the Qin Shi Huang died. Weapons inscriptions unearthed conclusive kind confirmed the real part of the history described by Sima Qian's
Time of manuscript: 2009-03-25
to up to 2.87 m bronze halberd is so far the country found that only one best preserved halberd. Our reporter Zhao glow photo


local debt issued by the Treasury agents, but the use of funds and repayment by local governments are responsible. Buy local government bonds, there is no risk of local bonds issued after the expiration of the local government the timely debt service, the general interest.

 Post subject: Invest In Real Estate - But Where
PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:45 am 

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Where should you invest in real estate? If you know an area well, and have enough experience investing in real estate, you can make money almost anywhere. However, there are always places that are better or worse for real estate investments - places that have a better demand/supply ratio. Use the questions below to find them.

Demand Questions

1. Is the population growing fast? Check the US Census figures online,casque dr dre, or ask the local government if they have the statistics. Stay away from areas that have little growth.

2. Is job growth decent? Again, ask local authorities or use the census information. You want to see job growth equal to or exceeding population growth. The people have to have money to pay for housing.

3. Decent quality of life? This is subjective,casque beats, but important. Are there theaters and bookstores? Count coffee shops and cafes. Trendy areas usually have increasing demand for housing. It's also a good indication of a high quality-of-life if people are willing to take lower-paying jobs just to live there.

4. Wealth in the area? It is always a good sign when there is some degree of wealth in a town. Count rich homes. Wealth means everything doesn't die when the economy slows.

Supply Questions

1. How much new construction? The census figures can tell you what's happened over the last ten years. Then check with the local authorities to see if the the number of housing units they've issued permits for is more or less than the expected population growth.

2. How many homes for sale? A lower supply of homes for sale means upward pressure on prices. This indirectly drives up rents as well, which makes for better investing.

3. Rent and vacancy levels? Are rents high enough to justify investing? Are vacancies low? When we first came to Tucson,
yuan this year to July, the development zone industrial output value of 566 million yuan of industrial added value of 155 million yuan, 15,878,000 yuan of tax revenue, the economic indicators of substantial growth ...,abercrombie,
yuan this year to July, the development zone industrial output value of 566 million yuan of industrial added value of 155 million yuan, 15,878,000 yuan of tax revenue, the economic indicators of substantial growth ..., every building had vacancies,hogan, and we saw a man holding a sign that read, "Apartment - $250 Per Month." Great place for renters, but not a great place to invest in real estate.

4. Available land that is buildable? Less is better for future appreciation. When the land runs out,outlet hogan, the prices start accelerating upwards.

Use these questions to compare various towns and cities, and you'll see the differences more clearly. You'll see how housing demand compares to supply in each. Finally, you'll see where it is better to invest in real estate.

Steve Gillman has invested real estate for years. To learn more, and to see a photo of a beautiful house he and his wife bought for $17,abercrombie and fitch,500, visit

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 Post subject: not shareholder dividends
PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:50 pm 

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Shaanxi discussion to the 16 judges of the coal bonus case be punished ,louboutin pas cher
Reproduced on a website on most cattle electricity company dividends of 600 million yuan,abercrombie, Xinhua News Agency issued
workers Qujiang Lin 2007 to catch up with the last batch of shares, and when she bought the shares of 100,000 yuan. Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Xinhua News Agency Fat
Enshi power company Xue Changlun interview. Xinhua News Agency the hair

Hubei Province, the power system industry insiders said, matching rules for the operation after the introduction of the decision.
users morning Yat space Divestment dividends) power after the acquisition, according to the proportion of 1 to 8.2, the per capita share of more than one million yuan,hogan, more than 1000 million yuan. The message expressed doubts. Users basically true
It is understood that the Enshi power company belonging to Hubei Province The power company hosting the state-owned enterprises. Hubei Electric Power Company to send the verification team to to Enshi verification for the matter. Verification team members have long China,scarpe hogan, said in an interview with this reporter on the 17th, after a preliminary verification of three points Description: an online called Fuyuan company is a private company shares in state-owned enterprises the Enshi electricity company workers; the Fuyuan company shares repaying the process did not find the loss of state assets phenomenon did not find the issue of illegal transactions.

Xuechang Lun, Enshi Electric Power Corporation Commission for Discipline Inspection,burberry soldes, said in an interview: required to lay off the workers to the transfer of equity income, not shareholder dividends, more than Enshi power company made the end of the year award. ex Shifu Yuan, Icheon China source,ray ban, the Laifeng Xinyuan and Jianshi Liyuan four private companies, responsible for the development of the territory of Enshi Prefecture Longqiao Tangkou cloud mouth,abercrombie and fitch france, Shun and Yesanhe five hydropower stations to be built a few a water conservancy project. (Hydropower station being acquired) the share transfer to remove the principal, Divestment highest income of 1:6.4, a minimum income of 1:1.7.
◎ State Power

Enshi Power Company headquarters workers the Qujiang Lin in 2007 to catch up with the last batch of shares, then buying shares of 100,000 yuan. Qujiang Lin said: sell a good price, they have such a good return.

recently, the major online forums have been exposed to an article entitled Workers are millionaires! 600 million yuan and 400 points,doudoune moncler, The post caused a widespread discussion of Internet users.

did not find illegal transactions
reporter interviewed some employees of the the Enshi power company responsible person. After verification, the company is actually more than 3,000 workers involved in this because of the share transfer triggered by the .
investment in power generation business views.
>> response
◎ power saving

However, Enshi state government did not Shifu Yuan for the grace of a company or for the four companies involved in the investigation.
huge bonus of up to ten million

INTEGRATED: Be careful huge dividends hollowed out state-owned enterprises

for Director Gao Hang said in an interview, the State Grid Corporation attaches great importance to the media reports on the electricity workers in Enshi Prefecture huge dividends; due to the Enshi power company is hosting enterprises of Hubei Power Company, the Hubei Electric Power Company sent the verification team, ongoing verification. The Enshi power companies found violation of discipline, will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the escrow permissions.
> reports:
17, the reporter went to the Enshi survey found that the Enshi power company workers through equity transfer and trading profits is true, but the Hubei Electric Power Company, Enshi power company and Enshi state government that the matter is not illegal.

According to Xinhua News Agency power

attaches great importance to the outlandish bonuses

Reporter survey found that the disturbances caused by overnight surge,burberry pas cher, after the transfer of huge gains.

>> posts
Enshi state government survey results published on the 16th, also known as net posts talking about the equity transfer income, rather than Of Enshi government said that the share transfer to the shareholders' meeting approved the implementation of, and perform the audit,doudoune moncler pas cher, evaluation and the approval process.

reporter has learned that the incident is Required the Enshi electricity workers to lay off or transfer of ownership in January 2009 before, but in fact they nearly three years after the issuance of the

Xinhua News Agency

Beijing 16 district and county office window for managing the admissibility of applications for car

Xinhua News

It says the level of the Zambezi River has risen seven meters. Heights such as these have not been recorded since 1963.

 Post subject: The story of a donkey
PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:05 am 

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The story of a donkey , I love it.

a donkey fell into a deep, deep waste trap . Weigh master that to save it up is not worth to go , just leave it alone own . Every day , and still others to the trap inside the trash , the donkey was very angry : bad luck, fell into the trap , the owner did not want him , even the dead will not let him die comfortably point , every day there is so much garbage thrown into the next to him.

, but one day , a shift in its thinking , it decided to change its attitude towards life (the exact point that should be a donkey an attitude ) ,hogan, it stepped on their daily garbage in their own feet , rather than being overwhelmed by the garbage ,louboutin, and find some leftovers from the garbage to maintain their physical fitness . Finally one day,
yuan this year to July, the development zone industrial output value of 566 million yuan of industrial added value of 155 million yuan, 15,878,000 yuan of tax revenue, the economic indicators of substantial growth ...,louboutin pas cher, it returned to the ground .

do not complain about your disappointments , your man do not complain about the poor woman ugly , do not complain that you do not have a good father, do not complain about your job ,abercrombie and fitch, wages ,
yuan this year to July, the development zone industrial output value of 566 million yuan of industrial added value of 155 million yuan, 15,878,000 yuan of tax revenue, the economic indicators of substantial growth ..., and do not complain that you are left with a stunt that no one knows what you are , in reality, there are too many unhappy , even if life gives you garbage , you also can refuse to board the top of the world under the heel . The world only cares about whether you reach a certain height , but not you step on the shoulders of giants up ,abercrombie, or step up in the garbage . In fact, step on up in the garbage people more worthy of respect.

young ,louboutin, did not fail ! Look heroic donkey born all over again ...... life is much better than this , what is worthy of you go to the sad things you as a step on the foot of the garbage , make it a stepping stone to success in your life . Like

 Post subject: big era of investment
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Wednesday, the stock index unilateral rise, colored plates and reconstruction concept sought after by the funds , the early strength of the agricultural sector dropped sharply .
Shanghai stock market gainers , Fujian Cement ( 600,802 market ,jordan shoes, shares bar ),louboutin, Sichuan Golden Summit ( 600,678 market ,burberry soldes, stock it) and Road and Bridge Construction ( 600,burberry,263 market ,burberry, shares bar) . Fujian Cement opening soon direct closure limit , public information display, hot money Orient Securities Baoqing Road Sales Department is actively involved , in view of the price is not high, short - term can also be concerned about . Road and Bridge Construction , and more hot money seeking short-term opportunity . Among the top decliners is Jinjian meters ( 600,127 market ,burberry soldes, shares bar) , pear shares ( 600,506 market , stock it) and broadcasting ( 600,637 market ,, shares bar) . Cereals Industry and pear shares , gold ,hogan, agricultural stocks leading , pre- hit new high yesterday, and fall . Public information display and sell far more than buying funds to honor the clear signs . Broadcasting information , public information display more than the brokerage funds to participate in short-term should not be overly concerned .
Shenzhen is among the biggest gainers in Lingnan ( 000,060 market , shares bar) , Tin shares ( 000,960 market , shares bar) and gasification (000,968 market , shares bar) . In Lingnan heavy volume yesterday closed limit up , institutions dedicated seats out into little more than sell , buy , short-term compensatory growth opportunity . Gasification for several days to rise, public information display yesterday in Shenzhen brokerage funds to intervene organization dedicated seats was sold, in view of the short-term or larger , or pocket for security . Among the top decliners is Kinder development (000,639 market , stock it) , Fengle Seed ( 000,713 market , shares bar) and Shunxinnongye ( 000,860 market , shares bar) . Kinder development has been a two-day limit,supra shoes, lower limit yesterday to open the public information display is the participation of brokerage funds . Fengle Seed has recently been a strong fall yesterday , public information display to intervene Tuesday Guotai Junan and Hualong Securities Zhongshan North Road , the business department to sell substantially . Shunxinnongye yesterday institutions dedicated seats , two seats substantially sold ,hogan sito ufficiale, does not exclude shipments may be , of such stocks to be avoided for the last . ( big era of investment)相关的主题文章:

due to the rapid decline of food prices

the current price is much higher than its value

news surface

Three Gorges ship lock has enabled the temporary navigation equipment to be gates , thus shortening the distance and time of the ship into the gate . New equipment into operation will enhance the efficiency of the Three Gorges ship lock ship gate holes .

 Post subject: 2011-01-18 WASHINGTON
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Manuscript : 2011-01-18 WASHINGTON ( Chia ) Yesterday ,casque dr dre, reporter learned from the fisheries sector , the latest Ministry of Agriculture announced the Ministry of Agriculture, the fifth list of healthy aquaculture demonstration farm in the province 15 aquatic farming enterprises to the list, as of now , the province has been approved by the Ministry of agriculture , healthy aquaculture market has 30 . the
According to the approved Lintong District of Xi'an Xinfeng fisheries , reservoir fisheries of Baoji City Fengjiashan , Weinan City , Heyang Hing aquaculture farms and Hanzhong City Fisheries Research stations, 15 aquaculture demonstration farm full license, with basic farming conditions . Aquatic farming technology in the demonstration of the breeding process , strict implementation of practices to monitor the entire process of production in accordance with quality control measures . Breeding strictly regulate the management of inputs , aquaculture production records are detailed and complete , and a sound management system . Economic, ecological and social benefits , can play a lead and radiation effects on the surrounding farmers to poverty alleviation . 相关的主题文章:

page information according to the official website of AT & T , AT & T version of the Galaxy Note Total blue and white body color , but only contract version of the Galaxy Note The Book of its two-year contract priced at $ 300 , according to the news before exposure , the AT & T version of the Galaxy Note on February 18 officially on sale , I believe that time will there will be no contract version of the bare metal on sale .

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