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 Post subject: my mother raised you
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:23 am 

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Said to husband those words Posted by : admin
a lot so that the woman looked at to go, so he Cankuicankui .
personal feeling is indeed a lot of classic and more see the truth in some dull , seemingly simple, actually contain affectionate, worthy of collection :
1 , everyone said to be strong only you advised me not to try to be brave .
2 ,casque dr dre, God says to love all beings,supra, you told me to love themselves .
boss said to keep making progress ,louboutin pas cher, you advised me to do what .
, boyfriend praised my understanding,supra shoes, you say that does not mean can not be angry .
friends envy me independent ,burberry pas cher, you told me that independence is not equal rights do not need to be taken care of .
6 ,burberry, this era woman , you say you want to warm does not equal weakness .
7 , the boyfriend said : Do not simmer in silence , I'm your trash can vent their anger ball ...
8 ,jordan shoes, his daughter said to me : Mom, I'll give you Chuichui back ( the phrase is really warm !)
9, my mother said to her daughter : Do not worry strike out , tired on the back , my mother raised you ! ( Cry to believe that the mother of a lot of people have said such words )
10 , boss of the female employees : do not work overtime tonight , to go back to bed earlier
11 , his wife feet feet on my stomach , I can help you warm
12, baby , you gotta play I 'd be sick cats
13 men very severely the woman he said : Do se, these days you do not touch cold water ,air jordan, washing laundry I come !
14,abercrombie, to support you is my duty , my responsibility to protect you , loved you my faith with you forever is my happiest wishes
15 are you , are you afraid of my wallet is not you ?
16 , that a few days cry cry a lot, you fitted strong I was not too happy
17 , husband facing the cough I said fiercely : tell you to take medicine tell you to take medicine,burberry soldes, do not always listen to me !

both in the social circle of relatives

but personality is definitely not.

but if I told you that name of the flower

never to visit your school home page or space , even if you are a man of his / her recent visitors will not pay a return visit !

 Post subject: A Special Grandma
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:39 pm 

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small nine usually love to read books and newspapers habit of morning, a small nine-breakfast, pulled from the bed and picked up a newspaper. Do not intend to see a marriage revelation, small nine instantly had an idea. Marriage me why can not people can, and do that,jordan shoes, they would board a marriage revelation not on the line. I male, height 1.75 m, college degree ... love of literature, the age of the opposite sex as partners through thick and thin I hope to find, telephone number, 137 **** 2335. The -

nine thought of feeling wrong,abercrombie and fitch,
still remember that year, Yibin riverside you a pair of fascinating eyes; remember, that year, and I live together, your shy face., liar now too, I heard that marriage agencies are where there is what Huntuo. Really say what, nine thought that big star Zhao in > where did Huntuo. Others Zhao that shoots TV only do Huntuo, in reality, will not do that wicked thing. Pleasant is not the same,louboutin, there is a small poke people also like the thing to do such less Germany. Small nine thought that this mountain is why Not want to educate those who are not German school okay. Small nine thought to want to go the final decision on this marriage or not levy, in order to avoid the marriage did not sign into then the referral fee to catch these is considered a small thing, once married to a false back to the wife, over three days eight volumes of money away, the feelings they pay Shang Naqu discuss ah, nine is not the kind of 花心大萝卜. The -

looked at the parents complained all day with a face, and then think he is already in his early thirties, dream of bathing we have time later to remove it, can Laofulaomu is a big age,hogan, let them worry about their own son heartless. Small nine grew more and more unhappy, more worry more they want. -

He remembered the prosperity of the city, I think there feasting,
still remember that year, Yibin riverside you a pair of fascinating eyes; remember, that year, and I live together, your shy face.,louboutin pas cher, remembering the board oil is too hard ... After much deliberation, he thought the movie star, a white clover graceful or face like a peach blossom. Look at family life, eat, drink, work, when big money, but also cuddly pro-mouth what really fuckin good job. If the people really there is an afterlife, that afterlife, where the leadership to send gift must be born before, Ye Hao meteoric rise to be huge stars. Despite the rumors floating around a little too much, but also the value of fact, the opposite sex than others frequent and secretive thing. - Small nine

, I kept thinking suddenly thought Sesson, homely northeast singer, but also think of the marriage revelation he sang that first > Do not look at parents who do not, but extremely intelligent. For their - accompanied by thick and thin. Primary nine heart touching them, and now Sesson certain and keep like the same as playing the bachelor, behind the girl chasing him must go. If he can someday like to select a promising to stay together a lifetime of that What is that taste! -

Nine grew more and more worship Sesson, he can not, like Sesson to write a song sing go their own thing, then I do not think so, own compose ah, it would find song writer, composing, or not, he will not sing, have to find a singer to sing and not on the line. Small nine for touch for touch to ponder over and over again still think is not feasible. Sing out, red is the singer to show his face is a singer, what are the singer at best be regarded as whether to expect still unknown, when Laodielaoma worry white head said, his eyes do not cry blind strange. Look at the fix already hunched, head of white hair, Who is willing to marry him. -

Suddenly, a small nine had an idea, got the idea. So it goes on. That is expected to procure a happy marriage, but also to try hand. -

Small nine more and more convinced that feasible, then got a pen and paper, sit down at the desk. Logical brush a little bit, a teeny small print on top of a piece of white paper. That night a small nine uncharacteristically, have long gone to sleep. Next morning, nine will go to the post office ... received a magazine -

half months after the letter a, the Expand ---

please down to earth -;

not good to be true -;

If readers want to know a small nine after Zuoheganxiang read the letter, please contact with himself.

nine this year is the 30-year-old man, can not agreeable to the wife. For his love affair, parents, but no less to worry about, since his two-year-old father and mother was often in the nine in front of a small nagging, such as, The family was poor,franklin marshall, the heart is not too high, farming cooking live on chanting. Which he despise, despise him. Nine total think the people in my entire life as they did the Village head of the river, regardless of your heart where where, like water, your age will silently forward mobility, he is a flash passed 30 years. -

In fact, a small nine does not depend on head seeds flexible, and do not drink or play cards, usually love to write or draw, to see people modest, failing to steady. Small nine fond of poetry, often written on the first to express different feelings in different situation when. -

I am not wrong -; the

as I see the mist in the back -;

trickling flowing creek -;

shore green grass -;

budding flower -; mellowness and sweet

stream -;

are not wrong -;

if I create sentences -; the

give me the emotional poetry -;
one word per
with wings -;

toward the tall city - flying -

Wenlin home in Dalian. The -

nine parents in the small eyes, the only thing he is also the largest drawback is that he was born in the rural heart long in the city. Take their words: part. -

Small nine have a mind of his own, the father and mother was a tiller of the ground, face down loess back into the air hard life, the end of the day he saved several property three acres of grain, he such a bachelor son. If the Because he heard the story of the shepherd baby, but also know that one of the moral. -

In order to achieve the dream, a small nine for a long time is spent in the city, his traveling, hard work, through rain and wind like a root clouds, the wind where migrating to where. Finally, floated here and have to float back. And the ups and downs, Hom rough Ke, may be only a small nine and he the same experience people will know. -

Parents of his career as has not got a complain, just like the song sing: the elderly do not Figure How much has your children home. Career into no problem, but this did not daughter-in-law, and hold on the grandson, but became the first of the two elderly heart disease -

The past few years Laofulaomu is Chafanbusi, no time in addition to the spring planting autumn harvest, the rest of the time all day in order to run the town the small nine-marriage before the village, the last body to run light son's marriage is still not a landing. Small nine to see in the eyes of pain in my heart, not their own in order parents into a home. But this is different from the buy chickens to buy a duck, money can full market pick purchase. The -

really small nine then why do not want to encounter an own House of Love's good girl. Sometimes nine walking down the street thinking of it, I really hope that coming towards the girl to look at his eyes, even if a line, at least aware of his presence of Do not know is a small nine not a ladies man or night, the girl on the street every day a lot, that is, no one can stop to look at him. Even say nothing to talk about with him through thick and thin. -
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 Post subject: Heart tall gray prison
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:41 pm 

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Lazy sun to the warmth of leakage into the house, the girl in the house playing with her cube, and turn the total, but then a small piece, like her life always has a piece of important color,abercrombie and fitch, piece of blank She has not as yet filled.

hand,louboutin, the mobile phone a little fault, The girls' father's eyes flashed wipe guilt, his face betrayed him, and make people aware of how long did he hesitate before uttered these words. the

Her treasured father, cell phone, and puppy photos treat treasures, are not you? She saw the guilt of his father's face. So lightly back to the sentence Trying to cover up their loss. The warm sunshine with her feelings at the moment phase contrast is even more ridiculous.

thoughts back to the girl a day in 2009, the day Saturday,abercrombie, several days of rain makes a lazy feeling, the girl to get up as usual, the dog seems to suppress patient appeared excited front of the girl barking rushed knew the dog want to go out to the toilet Outside light rain, the girl saw that the rain do not bother the energy costs to holding the puppy outside stroll slowly, casually half-heartedly put the dog pull home, all the usual calm, people perceive no trace of a strange reality secretly brewing a sadness. after the

lunch, she did not give the puppy to prepare lunches hurriedly went to the students home, proper girls are having fun, the sister of the girl suddenly appeared, hanging from his face in tears, sobbing ambiguous, said: Dragged his feet a pair of soft terrifying home, she can not remember how to get home to home to see the dog lying on the ground motionless,casque dr dre, his tongue along the mouth, spit out, the girls know what happened . the

Imagine how she uttered these words. suddenly ignorant

girl, the feeling of days must fall down, the heart like chains pull this pain, difficult breathing, the strength of the body is slowly pulled out of the soft down, at this moment, she thought that his first big boy once lost, the first pain,
still remember that year, Yibin riverside you a pair of fascinating eyes; remember, that year, and I live together, your shy face., loss of loved ones than it?

girls are so painful is because her dog in the morning perfunctory,Hogan Sito Ufficiale,
still remember that year, Yibin riverside you a pair of fascinating eyes; remember, that year, and I live together, your shy face., why not pull it a little longer? This will not hurry to rush out, why do they have to go out to play with? Do not give it to prepare lunches, how will die in this case it?

Finally, the girl's brother home girl touched the dog's body to her brother,louboutin pas cher, said tell her helplessness. Her more than I hope this is just a nightmare, but heartache told her it was a dream does not want to.

girl got a box to unlock the chain on the dog neck gently right puppy in the box, and try to help it adjust to a comfortable position.

time to give his sister a lot of strength, let her be brave. The girls of

difference with tears, hope and want out of the window, she did not know where this is, only brother Rao several times and only found a place of refuge to puppy. The spring rain been to the mountain every one soles become soiled with thick mud, girls really stiffened every step. So off the dog last trip.

girls back home puppy cup chains, bowls, and all washed clean, while finishing what it left behind, side memories.

She remembered the dog snoring in the chair next like to think of dog bath body hair Posts falls on the body wet look, I think the look of the sound when the dog to drink water. Remembered that he look for puppies and the father of resistance. the

give you two options, first, sell it, give it away the


, a grandfather to the store to buy things, the dog people to bite, the girl knew the parents lost medical expenses, but also door to apologize. She also know how the future destiny of their own dog. Yes ah, which children can endure his old father out injured rather than to find people theory. Father out humbly to be bullied back will definitely go Flanagan fuse.

girl helpless, and can only speak dog sustenance outside the public sector possessor, every weekend, go to the dog a bath. the

dogs would also like her. every

ice cream will help the puppy to buy a small pudding for a favorite it, feed it until the dog licking a stick only. Often take advantage of the mother do not pay attention to the meat at home showed the dog to eat. Even if the mother told her the dog's digestive system and human is not the same, do not total mess to eat. Her self-righteous in his own way it is good.

until one day, the girl to find a chance puppy home where the girl is very happy, as usual, holding the puppy and the mother went for a walk or riding a bike, girls bicycle back seat pull with the puppy. These memories, the dots for girls is a luxury.

puppy left, the girl QQ signature will be written on the not taken. Perhaps this is the eyes of others do not understand the bored eyes of others. For her is a kind of commemoration, is a kind of justify. I hope the heart in regret less and less. If she was patient responsible and perhaps will not happen, but if reality is not reality. heart there is a gray prison the

girl, all of its guilt, regret all locked up people discover not their fragile nerve was touched.

girl back to the path of the past and puppy walking together, thinking of their own kind to help a dog bath and covered with wet piles of dog hair funny to think of a corner of the room, leaving two years things.

Let the sun poured out to them, let sorrow melt, so that the piece of blank complement the new color of his thoughts, so that they are to play the tall prison.

girl girl sunny girl. Like

 Post subject: 2007-03-12 02
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:33 pm 

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文章来源: 文章作者: 发布时间:2007-03-12 02:18 字体: [大 中 小]  进入论坛 (单词翻译:双击或拖选) ,doudoune moncler
A VERY LARGE OAK was uprooted by the wind and thrown across a
stream. It fell among some Reeds,burberry soldes, which it thus addressed: "I
wonder how you,michael kors, who are so light and weak,supra, are not entirely
crushed by these strong winds." They replied,louboutin, "You fight and
contend with the wind,casque dr dre, and consequently you are destroyed; while
we on the contrary bend before the least breath of air,louboutin pas cher, and
therefore remain unbroken,michael kors outlet, and escape."
Stoop to conquer.


此处情绕 ・令我感动的一件事 ・低碳

The current study, also a meta-analysis, examined studies on postmenopausal women and men over the age of 50 in which the participants had been given oral vitamin D supplements, either with or without calcium supplementation.

 Post subject: the victims are not the police. Recently
PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:40 am 

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been identified since 2008, the suspect, Lee, Liu gathered other accomplices, the gradual formation of Li, Liu, organizer and leader of a criminal syndicate. The gang is a clear division of labor, average age about 30 years old, including two women, one is the leader of Liu's mistress runs a hair salon, the actual organization of prostitution activities; another female gang members Hemou mistress engaged in loan-sharking. to open the casino and other activities. The gang is serious damage to the local normal production and life order, and the implementation of the acts of obstruction of official business.

After receiving the report, even the level police that deploy elite police task force formed to start investigation. Police found that the December 31, 2008, Zhongxin town police station seized one of the gang gambling, gang personnel flee in disarray. That night, the gang leader Liu led the two men toward the windows of the police investigators home four shots, but fortunately no casualties. On December 5 last year, the local dispatched a large number of police check gambling,burberry, gambling seized one of the gang,abercrombie, gang members openly intercept and smashed a police car,louboutin pas cher, leading police were injured and in disarray snatch gambling gambling money. In mid-November 2008, due to a Period, also shot and intimidation are not allowed to report.
in the grasp of substantial evidence, even the flat the police on the evening of 4 January 2011 to take action is taking drugs, Lee, Liu and a dozen gang members arrested, and upon inspection, the group suspected of armed robbery,air jordan, illegal detention,burberry soldes, extortion, trouble and obstruction of official business, opening casinos and other criminal acts.

welcome to comment I would like to
The police seized items involved

this year, Heyuan City Public Security Bureau of Lianping began to receive reports from the public, county Zhongxin Town gangs atrocious and cruel means,louboutin pas cher, specializing in the creation of gambling, loan sharking, organization of women for prostitution and other illegal criminal activities,supra shoes, many members of the group masses disgusted but silent resentment.
At present, the case was a crime that has been basically to identify, According to police investigators, 'has so far arrested 25 people.
Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Liang, the correspondent Zeng Xianglong,burberry pas cher, the report of the Guangdong Public Vision Photography: Heyuan City Lianping a leader of a criminal gang,louboutin, an arrogant attitude. Opened gambling was investigated by the police, the gang members hold a grudge,louboutin, even late at night went to handling cases of police door and fired four shots towards the window. Next to its casino competitors, and the gang trying to shift the other side kidnapped locked up in cages for several days and fired shots to intimidate. Town residents of their resentment to themselves, the victims are not the police. Recently, the group has been police broke up, arresting 25 members.
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such as the November 8 bridge

about the smuggling of people

beautiful lies

one person alone, often Zhangshiduantan , Like the face of the spiritual world of the outside , often feel that they have become obsolete .

 Post subject: but never 17-year-old.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:38 am 

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1, you say the beginning of the end of the countdown

, the sky to rain, can hold up an umbrella; rain heart, how to do it

3,louboutin, do not second injury to the person who hurt you the opportunity

4, love to a man than a easy, a man than love a meaningful, if you choose to love their own, it is just because you so the vulnerable

5, the remaining 20 grams of soul Finally, I love the way you

, Life is like a coffee table, filled cups (Tragedy )

7, a person no longer wants anything can be put down

8 to can not be called from afar, go back to have called in the past, do not look back is called the parting

fat, lonely people that it is lonely
in expansion
, 10, had thought the matter of obsession, in our obsession, we have forgotten

11 If the world betrayed you, I am willing to betray the world

12, waiting, not for you to come back, but to find an excuse not to leave

13, the fault is a short-term regret; to miss, is permanent regret

the 14, you can see I left word on the screen, you see, not see my flow on the keyboard the tears

15, the original like it or not can pretend to be, the original joy can not pretend the original never the same instant

16, the memory into pieces, it is because inside all filled with heartache

17, your smile chariot over the summer, the deep furrows trace, became my heart will never heal the wounds

18, please do not walk around in my world, I'm just afraid that you walked into the I do not want you to go out

19, like the one on the road, there is no direction, no destination, just looking for a suitable place to stay

20, miss some time with the palm, hiding in a given time, a place to miss one standing in the path of standing antecedents to us about the

21. I thought the butterfly to fly, but the sea is that the butterfly did not fly over the sea courage, a decade later, I found that is not the butterfly can not fly over, but the sea end of long wait ... -

22. the day you left, I decided not afford to the force of tears, propped against the wind eye does not blink ... -

23. I would like to thank you for the unfeeling, I learned to give up hope ... -

24 with a cigarette. wandering ... -

25 wood on the fire, said: wood fell in love with the fire destined to be burned. -

26 when the tears stream down, just know, separate is another to understand. -

27. I really love you, close your eyes, thought I could forget, but shed tears, but did not deceive themselves ... -

28 on the way home I crying, tears once again collapsed relic. powerless so walk, no longer dared proud luxury. I was also able to say something? I can do? I really hope that you will hear, love you and I let you go ... -

29. Do not say love, the promise is a debt owed -

30. I have always been my `I, after all, is one of your passing,` You always love me `doomed and you're nothing will happen` doomed `is doomed doomed` I how across no matter how I try to get close to you `you will leave me,` I miss you `Really Want You` really want to see you -

31. the face of happiness, others see. Feel the pain of heart who can -

32. Break up can not be friends, and hurt each other. Can not do the enemy, because loving each other too, so we become the most familiar strangers. -

33. some encounters between people is like a meteor, and instantly burst out of the envy of the spark, but is doomed to be passing by -

The time is slowly settling, some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness requires its own sake. -

35. I can feel your heartache, you have the helplessness you can not tell ... but you can make the indifference, the more you more uncomfortable `-

36. some time, it is to love quietly escape. escape the shadow, not immune to that silent feelings. -

37. Love to the sub only significantly valuable, many people do not understand value have only to lose to see only the fact, that most familiar is the most precious -

38 Sometimes, love is kind of damage. cruel people who choose to hurt others, good people choose to hurt themselves. -

39. you walk away with all my love, but a break up. back tears watching your back, miss the last to hold you really want to say to you my memory of the fairy tale has been slowly melting -
41. Since love, why not say something is lost, it will never come back! -

42. Love is a feeling, this feeling longer, I still force themselves called responsibility! Breaking up is kind of courage! When this kind of courage is no longer, I still encourage their own, called tragic. -

43. Life than endless lonely. Love round the lonely life, lonely, love is always the theme of my solitude and my shadow. Said that it have a private message to tell me that it is very miss you ^ the original `me and my shadow` think you ` -

44. perfect the other side has just staged a tragedy, all the blood and tears in the withered thorns breeds a bud, it will experience the cycle of seven thunderstorm, and then bloom in the wet in the air ... - Reference
45 fish took the bait, it is because the fish fall in love with a fisherman, it was willing to give their lives to Bo fisherman smile ... -

46. like to stay in your body under my mark, but do not have to remember that you never belonged to me ... -
if one day, not like you, my life will not like the former, as degenerate and decadent ... I do not want that kind of life, so, I also did not give up before you, you, at least in love with me ... -

47 In fact, I've been waiting by your side, waiting for you on my shoulder telling Will there one day, your gentle belong to me, I will not let you feel bad, let your tears flow again! -

48 when I was a kite, or I put a , otherwise a good income to take home, do an invisible mind sees tied me so that my heart hurt. -

49 out of the window under the snow, a cup of coffee, hold to it to cool, before we know The thought of you. I expect you to understand! -
50. The first to cry because you do not, the first smile met you, first smile in tears because can not have you! -

51 years like a river, left bank is unable to forget the memories, on the right bank is worth the youth to grasp the middle of fast flowing, is young and faint of sad. World there are many good things, but truly their own, but not much. See Pretrial blossom Rongrubujing, hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu fate not. Fun around the secular world, can learn to use a normal heart towards all around, but also a state. -

52. Our lives too much frustration, we can not change, also unable to change, make matters worse, we lost the idea of ​​change ... -

53. To see the Court before the flowers bloom, Rongrubujing, hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu, fate not. -

54 Fun around the secular world, can learn to use a normal heart to treat everything around,casque dr dre, but also a state.

55. life is most regrettable, than to simply give up should not give up, and stubbornly insisted should adhere ... -

56 simple and quiet life in fact happiness' so I just embrace the moment `stretches lasting feeling of simply not happy` I believe in the moment. -

57. Some are doomed to lose, some fate is never results. Love a person will not necessarily have to have a person I love and she ...... -

58. heart is dead, the tears are dry, painful soul also led a dream awakened, not love, ma'am, get rid of. and also virtual reality, and also love to hate, the Yela sound to spend self-mutilation. people say that , searching and desolate, desolately sad; but helpless, forever and sometimes do, sorrow Endless

59. the world nothing can be eternal. If it flows, it flows away; If you save it, it dried up; if it grows, it is slowly dying. -

60 a to do a woman's pain: have a physical relationship when she and the man she loved, she very naturally to such a relationship regarded as a forever, but men can be different. They may only think that it is a way of life yet another interpretation. As the book says: between men and women, before the marriage commitment, or a simple relationship as well, otherwise, really do not have the years can look back -

61 if not happiness, not happy, then let her go; if, reluctant to let go, it is painful it. -

62. Thousands of years, do not leave any regrets, wanted to laugh to laugh, cry, and that love when love meaningless to oppress yourself. The anguish of life, one desire is not met, is that it has been met. Out is the potential, -

63 so-called polygamous, with love and bread, and would also like to eat cake mood; so-called affair, siege, fall into the trap; the so-called romantic, is to help his wife buy a cabbage, but also pulled back to a rose; the so-called kitchen, in front of the red carpet leading to marriage ... -

64. not dare to say, because I am timid, because if you refuse, I later not be able to see you again, preferring to quietly love you can not let you know, until, until you dropped into someone else's surrounded! -

65 a person wants something good someone to accompany you. A person loses his own. I wonder if there is not to chase the expected. -

66. This world so imperfect. Do you want what would have to lose something. -

67. Love, emotionally, when you want to conquer the other side when, in fact, to a certain extent been conquered. The first is the other side to attract you, then is your desire to conquer each other. -

68. I put down the dignity, put down the personality, put down a stubborn, just because it does not fit you. -

69. If you fall in love, do not easily let go of the opportunity. Rash, may make you regret it for a while; cowardice, it may make you regret it for life. -

70 did not experience the love of life is not complete, did not experience the pain of love is not deep. Love makes life rich, pain Love sublimation. -

71. Wait for your concern, wait until I closed the heart.

72. completed the same street, two of the world.

73. think about you, some happy, happy, some sad.

74. you know what to do I guess, is you can not think, irrelevant.

75 most memorable is never remembered, but never forget.

76. Who Who really seriously, who for whom distressed.

77. I would like to thank you for the unfeeling, so I learned to give up hope.

78. when the tears stream down, before we know, separate is another to understand.

79. I really love you, close your eyes, thought I could forget, but shed tears, but did not deceive themselves.

80. Sometimes, love is kind of damage. Cruel people who choose to hurt others, good people choose to hurt themselves.

81. most regret in life is to simply give up should not give up, and stubbornly insisted should not insist.

82. the face of happiness, others see. Who can feel the pain of heart.

83. Do not say love, the promise is a debt owed

84. not unwilling to give up die heart.

85. pain after not feel pain, and some will be a cold heart.

86. really sad recently.

87. I want to cry, but I do not know how to tears.

88. wandering between forgiveness and despair, the only feeling is hurt hurt hurt! 89

, longing for a taste, like drinking a cup of cold water, then drop by drop cemented tears.

90. like a person is not wrong, it would be wrong like one who does not like his.

91. can not refuse to start, could not resist the end.

92. Wait ..... maybe it is not easy; hurt ... but easy.

93. Bowl was only Tao is unusual
94, send short messages to a person, he has been back, do not relapse. Not so humble to wait. -

95, no one to accompany learning to a person listening to music to see writing mood diary. This is a good habit. -

96, if a person is sad, find a corner or in the yard crying, no others sympathize with the poor, after crying and happy life. -

97, if a person begins to neglect you, you leave him. Do not know how to cherish your people not to whom to accept defeat, not to continue to pay your friendship or love, the end of the day injuries own others whom sad. -

98, if you can not smoke, do not smoke. If you can not drink, do not drink. Do not treasure the performance of their own body, if only because some people, then we do not be silly, love your people will not make you sad. -

99, sad to find a trusted friend to tell about, not a person endure in silence, it will only gift of loneliness and sadness. -

100, unhappy time during the day and see the blue sky at night take a look at the night the vast sky of its own part of our love, rather proud of the mold do not low-key love. Told myself that I was the best. Maintain a self-confidence. -

101, Ningquewulan the Do not be lonely grabbed a lover, this is not fair to the two, and too lacking in responsibility. Find a friend not to be lovers. -

102, remember the birthday of the person you like, including your family, of course,jordan shoes, as well as their own. Birthday gifts does not matter, you can buy a beautiful gift to Mom and Dad. -

103 retired and sit, put some tenderness music, read a few pages of books, and then sleep Lanjue, Yoshiya. In a bad mood, you can also get some sleep. -

104, from now on, the wise, do not ask other people want you? Love your? If the order to you or love you naturally have to say, but say it from your mouth, people will be proud and do not care about you. -

105, not too concerned about some people worry so much about something, go with the flow to the face in the best state of mind, because this world is so unfair often cares about most things in front of our most worthless. -

106, do not torture yourself for anyone or anything. Such as not eating, crying, self esteem, depression, and these are the fools do. Of course, occasionally silly it is necessary, life need not always smart. -

107, in any case, behind the do not say others right and wrong. If you must say to you, to talk about things. A number of friends is a good thing, if not better, than to speak for itself without careful thinking while an enemy is much better. -

108, allowing occasionally to watch soap operas, but not to become dependent. Allow occasionally disheveled, but should pay attention to the occasion. Allows for the occasional swear, but only when an old friend in front of or alone, remember said to forget those things that make you sad. -

109, and must have a few friends of the opposite sex, not unnatural. Is the key when you ideas friends. -

110, learn to bear the pain their own attitude adjustment. There are some things for rotten in the heart, some pain, for silent forget. When experienced, you grow up, they know like. A lot of change does not require you to say to yourself, others will see. -

111, and fought to avoid. An angry people is very frightening, because can not control the emotions into a madman. Patience and then think about the root of the problem last a calm state of mind to solve it. -

112, regardless of who the contradictions and awkward, the solution will not take more than 24 hours. Otherwise the trouble will be more. Within the acceptable range, the first to apologize. Recreating the bad guy is not an really bad. -

The following is taken from Raoxue Quotations
113, some things, some people, if you really want to forget, we will surely forget.
114, Good-bye, perhaps never to see.
115, my heart stubborn pursuit, only I can see, but I hope I am not wrong.
116, I often think about our youth, it is really a bizarre thing, a short body but why drag a long tail, wing-like swagger, a long time refused to leave.
117, the most painful things disappear, it's gone forever, never to come back, has chosen to also leave a thin and sharp needle has been inserted in your heart, has been do not pull it want you to hurt, you have to hurt
118, the greatest disadvantage of a person, not selfish, passionate, brutal, willful, but a paranoid love one who does not love her.
119, the outcome and process are again entangled even feel greedy. 120
, we have to face the sun, proud living
the 121 favorite songs, listen quietly, like, from a distance! 122
, your heart has a wall, open the can see paradise.
123, love is war, I am not afraid of injuries I'm afraid you are not happy
124, we are single-wings angel, only to embrace in order to fly.
125, thought that he is very strong and very romantic, and maybe the girls will think of each puppy love. In fact, through the future will know yourself and do not live that kind of load, because not to that age.
126, my dear, I just turn around is not blame you
the 127 I am running all the way, a face and my desire to find in the crowded rush of the crowd, she and I have similar fate. I can see the reference of his life in her body, what next, no longer then fled
the 128, if a message, such as quietly sea after the wreck, in fact, quietly remember. 129 Loved the pain is to forgive, the darkest black betrayal
130 dear smile, tears, a flower, a sand, a bunch of dark red sugar-coated haws, adhere to the cry of Pooh The apex of Bear, wrote the oath on the glass, I hurt too, are evidence that we loved.

131, remember to be remembered, forget the forgotten, changeable, and accept can not be changed.
132, left hand holding happiness, right hand holding the memories, Huakaibubai.
133, some things can not be said not to talk about is wrong
the 134, I was a halfway flowers, despair still waiting after open
135 is old, from the time of the end of the grind to the time the other end, Please do not say goodbye, goodbye does not require
136, follow you, where do all good ....
137, no one has seen the deep-sea fish shed tears, and think that it will not be sad, it is because it lives in the deep sea, and its tears, people do not see it ~
138, who held the hand, having separate but you like and childhood will live in my heart you happy like ~
139, we are not the people of the future, it is very scary!
140, my heart actually waves, as if the young faithful, only a dream.
141, God gave evidence, I am a good girl
142, I have not told you been in love I have the same beliefs, I have not told you love is always one person in mind
143, inadvertently, that may change my life girl. I believe that one day we will meet again on the roof of the world.
144, I know that wherever I go,christian louboutin, you will stay with me. Accompany me to accompany me to cry, to laugh, to accompany me to wait, to accompany me to blossom.
145 the oath of the boys tend to like sweet and crisp pizza, into the mouth will slowly melt. But it will quickly lurking in your body, the occupation of your heart.
146, long after pondering these circumstances, only know it is a Fragile love sweet language, we are so constantly in the ending.
147, if someone is really hard to forget, to get him a heart hanging than a disheartened but also uncomfortable.
148, infected with the dust, waiting for the baptism of a storm.
149, some things, some people, when you thinking of going to forget, but in your heart, re-printed again!
150, I always enjoy the afternoon sun. It makes me believe that anything of this world will turn for the better, I believe that the fate of the generous and beautiful. After all, to grow up, grow up quietly with no complaints of mood. In the final analysis, growth is a blessing.
151, hourglass upside down repeatedly, and the pains of life experience again and again.
152 brave to leave, like the kite flying, then the hot blue sky.
153, the hourglass remember that time we lost.
154, who is the savior who?
155, maybe, some people, some people's doom; some people, some people save it.
156, sweet talk, saying to the left ear.
157 new injuries cover old wounds,casque beats, cover less bad repair, only the brave is the only self-help weapons.
158, love, and there is always a protagonist and a supporting role, tired of always the protagonist, the injury is always a supporting role.
159, Do not use the past to measure the fortune or misfortune of life, each person's life is blooming beautiful, as long as you cherish.
160, no one ever 17-year-old, but never 17-year-old.
161, dependent on a only memories I remember, I have grown up. Long enough to be a brave face. 相关的主题文章:

]姐妹们!记住这8句话 你至少成熟5岁



I can see what kind of drama in your chart is being played, so my heartfelt sympathy to you. Recent months is the time to exercise, all the signs are Capricorn seems to bear some of the most dramatic changes. You can be sure in life to withstand the test of cosmic storm thing is sturdy and can deposit continued down

 Post subject: hunt violations vessels
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Held in agency September 29 , Hong Kong / Russia and the United States naval fleet in the Sea of ​​Japan 28 ,christian louboutin, code-named
Itar - Tass news agency reported ,jordan shoes, the exercises in Vladivostok ,ralph lauren, Russia to la perouse Strait (Japan said on the broad waters of the Soya Strait Participating in the exercise of the U.S. fleet ,louboutin,
In the three-day exercise ,abercrombie and fitch, the two sides will be 13 subjects,christian louboutin uk, drills ,casque dr dre, including the Joint Tactical formations, joint minesweeping helicopter drills , shooting,louboutin pas cher, hunt violations vessels ,casque beats, rescue vessels in distress .
MOSCOW,abercrombie, reported that the U.S. Navy fleet on the 24th arrived in the Russian character Ladi Wo Stowe Ridge Army Base . After the end of the exercise , the U.S. Navy fleet will return to the U.S. ambassador to the Japanese naval base .

. That same month

Xinhua News Agency reported.

its effectiveness is questionable.

U.S. President's Award is the highest honor the U.S. government to grant high school graduates, the main awards had an outstanding performance in academic, artistic, organizational capacity and social activities each year, graduating high school students.

 Post subject: October 10
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newspaper in Qingdao ,abercrombie and fitch france,

on February 3 on the 3rd ,air jordan, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Jiaonan City ,abercrombie, in October last year ,, Jiaonan,ralph lauren, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau seized an illegal use of clenbuterol farms involved farming spot proposition has been arrested,abercrombie france, and the use of
October 10 , 2011 ,casque beats, Jiaonan, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau in the pig urine samples hydrochloride the clent Luocheng Yang Xing . October 17 , Qingdao City further test results show that clenbuterol in urine samples of 14 pigs are exceeded ,polo ralph lauren, ie to determine the use of On January 10 this year ,louboutin, Jiaonan s Procuratorate approved the arrest of Zhang . Meanwhile ,louboutin pas cher, Zhang breeding farms use a 相关的主题文章:

November 28


real estate developers to the media today

government doesn't believe in climate change. The Argentine government practices what we call 'negation.' For one reason or another it follows those theories or political ideas that say that nothing has been proven convincingly enough for them to change their behavior, to change their policies. So their energy policy is simply more of the same."

 Post subject: discussed the pattern of the liquor industry
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discussed the pattern of the liquor industry, Sichuan, Guizhou, Southwest will undoubtedly occupy an important position, and liquor in the Northeast in recent years also show go out to the expansion of the development trend of the Northeast wine Can the southwest in stature? Look at the northeast liquor advantage. compared to

unique wine ecological environment in Sichuan, Guizhou, the Northeast is sitting on the wine raw material advantage, the three northeastern provinces of sorghum, corn,burberry soldes, rice yield in a large proportion of national output, in addition to food quality Well, empowerment of local liquor products, reliable quality assurance. On this basis,abercrombie, the great Northeast quality grain ethanol production, and continuous supply to all parts of the country,franklin et marshall, just as the joke of the local dealers,supra, Many Chinese flavor. fertile soil, and more attractive all over the country liquor brands come to race on.

based here, northeast of wine is constantly groping to find a suitable for their own road of development, and has achieved remarkable results. First of all, this is reflected in the industrial growth pattern. After years of development, the Northeast liquor industry has gradually formed a few more typical of industrial clusters, such as the city of Yushu City, Jilin Province,casque beats, the white city, Dehui City; Heilongjiang Province Zhaodong, Qiqihar City; Liaoning Province Liaoning County, a high degree of industrial concentration, the brand cluster effect has become increasingly prominent,louboutin, combined with the local government have introduced industrial planning and support policies, continue to integrate resources, and guide the liquor business to the high-end, agglomeration, scale, brand direction of scientific development.

the same time, the comprehensive competitiveness of the local liquor business has improved significantly, like the old days the village head, black land, breaking the vicious circle of a meteoric rise in the price; with the more traditional Northeast wine enterprise system optimization, innovative thinking, able to scale in production, business management, brand marketing, and culture to enhance a major breakthrough, such as Yuquan, the source of the elm money, Longquan spring,louboutin pas cher, dynasty,jordan shoes, 25, three trenches, the old Longkou business, its brand awareness continues to expand, the product mix to high-end extension of the brand culture demands increasingly clear.

there are indications that the Northeast liquor has ushered in a new round of development opportunities.

Indeed,franklin marshall, compared with the liquor, Qian wine northeast wine still have China Wine News Source in a huge gap, but at least we already feel the vitality of the northeast of wine in the road.

reproduced this article please specify the article Share To learn more comprehensive wine industry news, please subscribe to the 相关的主题文章:

planning in accordance with the SAC

human resources

restricted shares to holders of the name

reproduced this article please specify the article Share To learn more comprehensive wine industry news , please subscribe to the

 Post subject: Reporter yesterday learned that the investigation
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Manuscript: 2007-04-23 from shock to condemnation, from fear to worry about the milk incident On the matter, the past few days as the reporter in three columns, for 10 issues,franklin marshall, the questionnaire took the 200 dairy consumer market, visited many places in Xi'an, the survey. Many consumers have indicated that not only adulterated milk, self-help a healthy, safe living and consumption environment.
Dairy Road, Yanta Road, Ring Road on the busy road. According to statistics,, in the recovery of 200 questionnaires, 85% of visitors expressed the hope that companies can dairy products from milk collection, processing,abercrombie and fitch, testing, sales of transparent.
Yesterday morning, the reporter took the dairy consumption market survey visits to Friendship Road, Xi'an, this issue to the public questions. Copier service work, Wang told reporters that he was very disappointed with these fake milk manufacturer, demand, so to deceive consumers. If the business is to grow and develop, they should understand, this approach is ultimately untenable Tung Street in Xi'an, just to buy food back Ms Zhao told reporters: also hope that the relevant departments to strengthen management. Just work near Liu told reporters, dairy production, listing, marketing and other aspects should implement open and transparent system, open to consumers' hearts, and open the door to accept public supervision, but are not afraid to Xi'an investigation, to avoid dairy enterprise only for the money, all look money, regardless of the bad ideas and practices of consumers in general physical and mental health!
The questionnaire results statistics, found that he encountered
Yesterday morning, who lives in Tai Wah Road near Ms. Wang told reporters that she had had classes in a dairy enterprise, then go to work soon, the person in charge of the factory has allowed them on the packaging of the date of production of dairy products, production date written on the next month. Noon, when the reporter went to Tung Street, Xi'an, People's Armed Police Detachment family member courtyard, the hospital's Uncle Zhang told reporters that they used to drink a milk, but not long ago once, he did not accidentally spill the milk to the ground busy moment did not timely clean-up, but wait until later to clean up when they found sprinkled on the ground had dried milk turned into white how to do that so it? , The family no longer afraid to buy this milk drink. Before fell to the ground into the paint like milk, is also very likely to be mixed with other things.
Province to build a company, who lives in was built East Street 77-year-old uncle, told reporters: processing of finished and then return to continue selling to the supermarket, too outrageous in my house now stood two cartons of milk, drink, feel at ease, and throw away they could not bear, dozens of dollars, I really do not know how to do! Reporter yesterday learned that the investigation, 200 were 20 people in the consumption process many times, The more people told reporters that now dairy products has become indispensable in the life of the people consumers open and transparent, on the other hand, hope that the relevant departments to strengthen management efforts, and the news media to provide consumers with more dairy products, rest assured,burberry, the convenience of the public to purchase and select.
Taste, shelf life, the brand into the center the topic
According to the survey, 55% of the public to choose dairy products is taste,jordan shoes, the different tastes of a direct impact on the purchase of public dairy products. Construction East Street, Xi'an, a hands carrying two boxes of cartons of milk the land lady told reporters: near the Peace Arch, an 8-year-old little girl said: 45% of the public fancy shelf life of dairy products, general shelf life of dairy products is relatively short, and prone to deterioration. Buy milk,air jordan, many people will pay particular attention to the date of production, and expect to drink fresh milk. 45% of the people in the purchase of dairy products will be affected by the impact of the brand, its a good brand is not fraud to achieve a certain well-known brands are big companies, the strength of the enterprises will not be digging its own grave, the product good quality, in order to have better development. One has a two-month old child of Ms. Lee told reporters: will be assured. In addition,louboutin, 10 percent of consumers to select products from the dairy ingredients, they chose to milk the premise of the level of nutrients in the milk. Compared with the first five,
Weight and dimension are consistent difficult to determine
reporters yesterday's survey visits found that 55% of the people through media advertising channels of information to learn more about milk, 60 percent of the public in general in the supermarket to buy dairy products, compared to whole milk and milk beverages, 55% of people are fond of yogurt. In the actual purchase,abercrombie, 80% of the people most likely to accept the sales price is $ 1,burberry soldes, but there is 75% of people never paid attention to seal the actual weight of packaged dairy products and packaging labeling are consistent.
buy, the more public understanding of the relevant information through the media, advertising, accounting for 55% of the respondents. In addition,louboutin, through the corporate leaflets to understand the information of the milk, and finally decided to buy it.
purchase of small shops accounted for 10% to 15%, 5% to the store to buy. The actual purchase you favorite kind of quality (taste), milk products? respondents said they like yogurt, 55%.
The supermarket to choose rest assured, rest assured that the brand, and most important is the hope that its price is not too high nor too low and too expensive more than 2 yuan, 1 yuan too cheap, and always felt like dairy products, quality people do not trust! Visited yesterday, the reporter found that the public have the same idea and Ms. Duan does a lot, you most likely to accept bags of dairy sales price is how much? $ 1 accounted for 80%, and the choice of 2 C accounted for 15%, select the item A $ 1 less than 5%, and the choice of D and E that is, more than $ 3 and $ 3 is 0.
Purchase of dairy products, but for your attention to the actual weight of the sealed packaging of dairy products do? You think that the actual weight of the product and packaging labeling are consistent? , said so. While only 25% of people said that he noticed this, but half of them said they did not know whether to match. Xi'an Jiefang Road, near a lady, told reporters: Doris the reporter the Haitao Gina intern Wang Ni相关的主题文章:

injection experts said that the body already hyaluronic acid, especially in the dermal layer of the most abundant, but increase with age, hyaluronic acid is a gradual loss of skin prone to dryness, cosmetics will add synthetic or botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid can have a very good moisturizing effect.

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