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 Post subject: the outside world must adopt a tolerant attitude
PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:57 am 

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fingerprint punch of
the school explained that the implementation of fingerprint clocking, is part of the study style of construction, aims to develop students' sense of time, to help students develop good study habits.
Professor Wu, Sichuan Normal University,
B student controversial Students fingerprint punch necessary

folder book team in the classroom block for a few minutes,lunettes ray ban, and then finger press toward the punch card machines ... ...
he managed five classes, two classes,air jordan shoes, the implementation of new regulations, three classes according to old rules - study hall before the roll call. The past, a run of five classrooms, he always felt the lack of time. Now, he just 7:30 to advance to the office, opened fingerprint card swipe machines,supra shoes, go to three other classroom assessment on the line. Work efficiency,casque dr dre, The past, the students draw in the paper , Just in the computer statistics, each person's attendance at a glance.
regardless of support or opposition to the students, without exception, the punch results really can affect the conduct of sub-skeptical.
Assistant to the President Xu Hongyu: the end of school,jordan shoes, the school called for the strengthening of the style of study, requires hospital Department of self-management but to highlight the faculties of the features. Department of electricity providers, first proposed fingerprint punch in students as early as going to night classes. Many students of the Independent Institute had no develop good study habits, and pose problems for the school management. Therefore, the schools through a number of measures to allow students to form good habits.

Lawyer: school this was not illegal

The queuing the the punch
students are the fingerprint

□ parties say

In his view, the obvious - test run two weeks since the effectiveness of past students as early as going to night classes attendance is only 40 percent to 50 percent, 20 percentage points.
Chengdu lawyer Shen Yong: the school collected students' fingerprints, it does involve a question of privacy. But as long as the schools do not have these fingerprints for non-legitimate purposes, and safekeeping of school practice is legal. Otherwise, a violation of the law of liberty and privacy. Huaxi Dushi Bao seats Qinling intern Chen Xingyi photography Lu A
Peng held Ze spoke highly of the new regulations of the school. He believes that this way, the students more actively into the classroom, but also reduce the workload on the instructor, but also better reflects the electric characteristics of the Business Department. He said that the machine management more scientific, and change the negative phenomena and the counselors do a good job in the relationship will be able to get high marks. Conversation,casque beats, he was proud that he is a member of the pilot class.

A classroom, a King students lined up waiting for the punch
school: to help students are accustomed to develop

Chengdu universities to cultivate students' sense of time, as early as going to night classes pilot fingerprint punch

survey: college students as early as going to night classes pilot fingerprint clock you think is necessary?

,ray ban, after the National Day in the electricity supplier, Department of Economics and Management class commissioning, involving students 74 people. At present, 74 students have become accustomed to the punch. However, the controversy caused by the self-study provisions on the punch has just begun.

Yesterday, 7:30 E-Commerce and Economic Information Management System (referred to as the Department of Radio Dealers) sophomore Peng held Chak to early study hall to the classroom ready to punch. In order to stagger the punch peak period, ahead 10 minutes into the classroom. Kick down the card, the students continue to arrive, long lines in front of students to kick down the card and then a finger pressed to the blue screen. Fingerprint clock,abercrombie and fitch, Peng held Ze has been adapted to two weeks.

counselor Cen far feel the most obvious effect of fingerprint clocking.

experts: the outside world must adopt a tolerant attitude

listen to the instructor, this translates as the content of student assessment. If you do not punch, will be charged to the student's conduct points.

such a scene, staged two weeks in a classroom of Chengdu University of Information Ginkgo School of Hotel Management. Students early night classes, each like a white-collar workers, fingerprint punch twice.

Peng held Ze clearly remember the beginning of the students punch trouble a lot of jokes: was clearly registered in the index finger, but with the middle finger to play cards, and can not afford to fight card, so angry whining and cut finger cause students to More students complain:

another classmate Li Hong (pseudonym) said, first heard the message to fingerprint the punch was very surprised.
the evening of October 14, 11:06, friends in a large company, I only seen punch work. after all, called the company based on profit for the purpose of school with this high-tech means the value of it? people can not bear it. 10 students surveyed, obviously, only three dissenting. The students worry about collecting the fingerprints to reveal their privacy.

set early: whether Sichuan Jincheng College endorsement package requirements, or the school test run fingerprint clock, have shown private universities have a clear enough understanding of the quality of students. Students of Independent Colleges and relatively worse in Public Universities,supra, in order to improve the competitiveness of students after graduation, to take these seemingly So appealed to the independent institutions of this effort to a tolerance that allows private universities to have its own student evaluation criteria.
C, the practical effect of self-study, attendance increased by 20%
fingerprint clock is not the best solution is not to say,abercrombie, but it is certainly a way to engage students in the concept of time. If the electricity supplier the Department is running well, then do not rule out the possibility of promotion in the school. 相关的主题文章:

February 19 this year

rental households Ms. Yao said

2011-05-23 来源

thrifty and plain, a new society did not enjoy one day Kiyofuku death, but by the pain of torture, often think of her, my heart pain of Health issued a hard to break away.

 Post subject: you idiot
PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:00 pm 

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A man speaks frantically into the phone,air jordan shoes, "My wife is pregnant,franklin marshall, and her contractions are only two minutes apart,louboutin pas cher!"
"Is this her first child?" the doctor queries.
"No,nike air jordan, you idiot,abercrombie!" the man shouts. "This is her *husband*,louboutin!"

I used to hate exercising too. Going to the gym, running and most forms of physical activity seemed dull and painful compared to most other ways I could spend my time. But by not giving up and looking for a way I could enjoy working out, I reversed this pattern. Now I exercise 5-6 times per week and I hate not being able to go.

 Post subject: President Kikwete
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:59 am 

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By Peter Heinlein ,air jordan shoes
Sharm el Sheikh
30 June 2008
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has been warmly welcomed at a summit ofAfrican leaders,hogan, despite international concerns about the legitimacy ofhis re-election. From the summit in Sharm el Sheikh,casque beats, Egypt, VOA'sPeter Heinlein reports that in their opening speeches, Mr. Mugabe'scolleagues offered only gentle criticism of the conduct of theelection, and none of the man himself.
Robert Mugabe walked intothe conference hall at this Red Sea resort accompanied by the host,Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, along with Tanzania's PresidentJakaya Kikwete, who also holds the African Union presidency.
SeveralAfrican countries are known to be pressing behind the scenes for astrong statement condemning Mr. Mugabe's recent election. Some haveagreed with the United States and European countries in declaringillegitimate Mr. Mugabe's swearing-in for a sixth term as president.But there was no sign of the closed-door bickering at the summit'sopening session.
President Kikwete, speaking in Swahili througha translator,hogan sito ufficiale, was cautious in his criticism. He congratulated theZimbabwean people for what he called their success and avoided anydirect criticism of Mr. Mugabe for what many have called a 'sham'election.
"We have also witnessed the historic elections whichwere done in two phases,burberry soldes," said President Kikwete. "There have been apositive side, but there have also been challenges. The first-phaseelection was calm, but during the second phase there were manychallenges starting with the pre-campaign period during the campaignbut also during the elections. But now there are even more challengesthat need to be addressed after the elections,air jordan, which took place twodays ago."
AU Commission Chairman Jean Ping is known to beworking behind the scenes to craft a compromise between Mr. Mugabe'sdefenders within the organization and those calling for tough action.Speaking in French through a translator,franklin marshall, the former Gabonese foreignminister commended efforts by region leaders to find a negotiatedsolution.
"Africa must fully shoulder its responsibilities anddo everything in its power to help the Zimbabwean parties to worktogether in the supreme interests of their country, so as to overcometheir current challenges," he said.
The strongest words camefrom former Tanzanian Foreign Minister Asha Rose Migiro, in her currentcapacity as Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. Migirodescribed Zimbabwe's political crisis as the single greatest challengeto stability in southern Africa.
"This is a moment of truth forregional leaders,abercrombie," she said. "Many have raised their voices regardingthis issue. The secretary-general urges your excellencies to mobilizesupport for a negotiated solution. Only dialogue between Zimbabweanparties supported by the African Union and other regional actors canrestore stability."
Speaking to VOA on the summit sidelines,U.S. Assistant secretary of State Jendayi Frazier called Mr. Mugabe'selection 'an open expression of tyranny', and said the world would bewatching to see how Africa's leaders respond.
"In the past,scarpe hogan, theissue in front of African leaders was how they were going to deal withgovernments that were coming to power through force of arms,burberry," she said."Now they are taking another step to say how do you deal withpresidents who inaugurate themselves in faulty elections, not credibleelections, and that is going to be a difficult issue because there havebeen a lot of elections that have not been the best, that have not beenfree and fair."
A draft resolution on Zimbabwe beingconsidered for adoption at Tuesday's final session does not directlycriticize Mr. Mugabe or the election. It only criticizes violence ingeneral terms and calls for dialogue. Diplomats say efforts are on totoughen some of the language, but it will be difficult given the numberof friends Mr. Mugabe has made within the close-knit club of Africanleader during his 28 years in power.



Khane Diouf says she can read the future

Malik Peiris teaches microbiology at Hong Kong University. He was part of a team that in 2003 provided the first genetic map of the bird flu virus and its mutations. He says more temperate parts of the world will see increased transmission of the virus.

 Post subject: 100 meaningful life with emotion
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:31 am 

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9, what is self, as much as possible 'to seize' a brief moment, and 'seize' is what you can.

55 In many cases, even hostile, to do some 'big' events when forced to do, you should also consider the feelings of each other, standing on each other's position to feel at least Let the normal point.

47, to look normal, your special will really show it in your normal.
25, please keep in mind that whenever you need to give yourself a clear bottom line, because some of the many times he will little by little grinding to eliminate your bottom line, when you do not have the bottom line, you completely controlled by others.
80,casque beats, unexpected things all the time that may occur, you do not 'secretive', she hesitated, no assertive ..., 'he & rsquo ; as you are doing as part of a cool treat, even if some guy want from the 'mischief', will you conquer.
54 mediocre among you will think is also very boring, and that the special is good; special you will find yourself being very sad, especially need to see a mediocre real.

40, 80% you look good, or often laugh at a critical time often does not give you truly useful help to a large extent, people are very happy to see you accident ......; Qicheng you think are not good at conversation or do not seem to be easily accessible, as long as you put down to the heart - a little patient and talk to him, even if you have no contact with for a long time, as long as the critical time is not out of constraint his reason, and basically will immediately help you.

44, if a person is a good talk, and the ability to make strong enough, can simply be understood as within the range of his ability as long as you request, he will try to do, and do well, and requires obtained is not high, but this has two drawbacks, is the emotional high, simply means that by the very obvious and very idiot wronged, if you can grasp, of course, very good, if mishandled, You would think that he did not have the hardship what quality.
76, usually, when the weak, poor, low ... can really create a lot of time very close relationship between the friend, but slightly apart, they often can not really powerful, wealthy, high-end ... still close, although not necessarily over, but one often deliberately avoided.

85, and sometimes misunderstanding is often baffling to, do not think so much directly to him asking In fact, many problems can be solved, but turn a blind eye on the surface,那些年的记忆
a few days ago , Anlu happiness, triple , etc. reinforcement works have passed the assessment of the Department of Water Resources organization Panel of Experts ., it will only make the problem gets worse.

89, the really powerful things, or sense of meaning, is not a simple one factor can change, if change takes a long factors change.
35, when you find yourself in the wrong time, stop, it can be considered progress, careful thinking, you may find another one to the right.
30, you can choose what you think correct, but please inclusive people choose do you think wrong,遗落在荒野的小豆豆
a few days ago , Anlu happiness, triple , etc. reinforcement works have passed the assessment of the Department of Water Resources organization Panel of Experts ., if you can please a broad-minded, irreversible and also know the wrong time, provide help.
20, do not think this world on your grievances, your special, we are the same, just that some people strong survive it, some people deliberately shown, remember, without you, the world still operation.
62, life can be complicated to make you exhausted; life can make to make you feel bored.

to see who is unhappy reward him one: a frog, do not know if in this life to that little piece of the sky to see clearly, you see far more than others.
94, everything has a relatively premise from the premise, everything can change very often, whether in front of the enemy, now comrades in arms, or anything else.

91, self-righteous that he seems to control everything, maybe just a pawn in the hands of others.

26, please remember that no matter what recommendations to feel 'at ease', or even if you are successful, a lot of time somehow lost all.

37, know? Heads of State or the court which the judge, jury, and even religious leaders or leader, they are, which means they also like you to commit lot of mistakes.

70 In general, if you are not smart, not clever way to dry, do not posing as wise, it would only make you exhausted but also not worth the candle, at most, fit wise, so that others go to self-righteous.

96 In general, the right and wrong is only the point of view the distinction between different position, in fact, usually have a number of right and wrong in our hearts for.
73, in fact, often friends and frank, rather than the expression of strange, many problems are simple and practical.

93, to make any real consciousness is completely free, so it is difficult in the implementation process through spiritual means to change, but the real sense of not running very easily with their own the situation changes.
100, no right or wrong, as long as you stand high enough. However, no perfect, there is always a part of your 'defects' to make you fall into one. However, this is essential.
14, please understand that there are no miracles in this world, the so-called miracle is only the 'adults' are not careful, but also 'we' ignorance.
86, a wrong impact greater than 10 successful impact in the big credit will be long time forgotten, in a small error can also follow your life, maybe you do not remember others have not forgotten.

19, you very smart yes, but do not think others stupid.

13 Please note that all right do not want to seize the time, because no matter whether you catch the fact you are a waste of time.

95, a lot of time self-righteous self-righteous 'idiot' do stupid things, completely devastating consequences, are often unwilling to accept their own mistakes, and increase crime in other people.

72 really want to make friends so do not think of how to get from his.

2, after the victory on the battlefield to survive, the painful lost friend or lover or even departed from his body; defeat, and the qualifications you Lianku.
61, when you have that others can not have, does not mean that you have that he did not 'order', perhaps you are not as good as him.
66, do not they look good; do not they look bad.
10, regardless of the past what, whether you ready, the next moment is a fresh start.
11, Please note that, whether you 'rich' you can not afford to lose.
29, we do not know whether it is described as' others' souls', but we know that when we did some 'charity', we soul feel very at ease, at least that money can not buy.
the the 100
meaningful life feeling
7, most trust is often in the most critical time to pull you one of the, of course, on the next.

56 vulnerability only relative to the special act, no weaknesses for us - because our weaknesses everywhere, just different teams.

50, even though you know all, even if you leave your ignorance.
46, feel the life dull, and you will know what is real life.
71, this world be able to accompany you a lifetime of friends to have a few, perhaps may seem to touch a moment, in the past now overlap, but also care about what kind of change?

87 haste,jordan shoes, you have all you dream to have, but often very arbitrary treatment you are to have.

38, blind and ignorant, and often the greatest of human ills, and easily this is the most ignorant and stupid, because he is too easy there is no self.

99, there is no real eternal someday eternal burst.

60 suspected also need to 'rest', doubt everything when you suspect that is also questionable.

49, usually is not always beautiful, even if you save this moment 'perfect' then you can just save the one hand, then the 'beautiful' is now perhaps has been completely lost, have lost the true sense of the 'perfect'.

69, not because of jealousy and deliberate hostility relative and everywhere against its will only make you never jealous down.

32, when your 'rights' when you need to clear their own principles, whether it is incidental to what purpose, Please note that your responsibility does not require that you must be fair and just. but must not be ignorant of indiscriminate use of your rights, you need to give yourself a 'safe' bottom line.

43, said a priori depends only 1% of your life, acquired 99 percent to determine your life, but if your congenital defect, then you can decide the fate of this population 99% of the population will be .
21, do not look this others do the dirty things you think or you think that a very foolish thing, and soon to comment on the self-righteous, to know him a lot when you make that kind of thing more likely to also high, perhaps there is reason to often you can not even reason to save.
45, tolerate the ignorance of others, tolerance of others superficial, and understand 'them', then at least show that you have a certain degree of 'Bo know' and 'Bo wide'.

59, familiar with the 'ugly' is not so difficult to accept, is not that attractive in the 'America'; familiar with before you can accept just that little bit of cognitive can not afford to.
6 'opinionated' men, beautiful women even if the trap or use a thousand times no ugly or ordinary woman in a small well-intentioned deception or has been framed to powerful.

24, each on its own 'full' doubts or do not trust, whether you're doing things, just be careful, but do not need to feel that ineligible Remember, to get there and finally know what a correct.

75, if wrong, the main reason you receive an error, find out why to solve it.
life feeling 100 meaningful meaningful life with emotion

28 Do not 'despise' you think 'despicable' - does not include the unscrupulous, and they want to live 'a gentleman & rsquo ; point, but the 'fate' to force him, if you are him, you will not necessarily do better than he, if they do not harm your interests as much as possible to provide the help.
97, that looks too high, thinking that may undermine what can only fear fear hands feet, may be even worse,louboutin pas cher, they look too low, that it would not do I will not have, Utah hesitate Henan, only an empty sigh.
79, do not they look unrelated to the severity of the past, especially, do others see.
74, you can at some point to 'finish off', but if you had that 'point', that point is just a 'point' does not mean you the presence of only this 'point'.
31, if you only know how to point, but did not become the 'experts' in this regard, please do not self-righteous 'to make any rash comments' Sometimes you have good intentions will become malicious.
82, the word 'experts' do not be fool, he was just where you do not know just a little stronger than you; the real experts, the 'experts' which is only rarely part of Generally speaking, if you are not anything special understanding of having to hold the encounter is really an expert.
5, you can back your lover to love others, but absolutely not allowed and you love to love others, you can be aggressive to ask this or that of your spouse, are always connected to he explained never had the chance.
a few days ago , Anlu happiness, triple , etc. reinforcement works have passed the assessment of the Department of Water Resources organization Panel of Experts ., the world's only you help yourself or save to help or rescue of their own after is someone else, if you have to give up, even if someone else to help or save you, but also because of your own to no avail.

57, behind the beautiful may be ugly on the support; behind the ugly may be beautiful on the support.
4, he and you are the enemy, then, even if his advice was right, you will think he is wrong or premeditated; turn, you will think that they are wronged, but never considered a moment whether others just like you.

58, our pursuit of the self-righteous a spiritual consolation, we get just a self-righteous self-recognition.
92, and sometimes no matter how much efforts can not be recognized by others, but rather someone else's fool, however, tend to forego so-called other people will really recognize you.
16, please be careful, completely immersed in the past, '' can not grasp the future.
48, do not for certain things themselves must be repressed or forgotten, and to force anything, let it be, a lot of time in order to truly achieve your wishes.

90, very often the major things is often a little thing or that only a few irresponsible, and the consequences may not be able to imagine.

84: you see the sunshine of the world, then everything is really simple; if you look at the eyes of the world complicated, it really complicated.
15, please understand that, out of reach, not can not climb.
68, the original best friend is also his worst enemy.
18, do not all day long thinking that he is an actor, with a beautiful gentle and perfect; others thought he was a princess with a prince?
36, you are successful, but a new beginning; you fail, and also just a new beginning, but you can adapt over.

64, look at a problem, there may be many different conclusions, even the opposite, but not what aspect which wrong, comment it all depends on what angle, however, the angle is under the 'experience & rsquo ; look.

33 when you are ignorant, serious listening, rather than to become self-righteous reason to let your ignorance.
1, successful, confident that everything in the world are waiting to conquer, defeat, cowardly, deliberately make things difficult for any matter related to the world against themselves and like themselves.
17, the world you and I, in the face, or feel in fact are the same, but you would pretend, I will not encounter much, and I would pretend like you.

88, the true sense of the powerful, not somehow get access to, but through self-awareness, self-seek, and know what to look for and the pursuit of what is and has been. Somehow get just this moment, his purpose is only to maintain the factors of a certain kind of meaning in this moment.

98, there is no absolute. Definitely not say it, and there are time constraints.
39, the earth is round this way now already know,casque dr dre, but most people do not know why the earth round, and how to prove that he is round, our theory other people's knowledge, there are few people able to explain this seemingly simple question with their own understanding.
Remember, whenever you need to give yourself a clear bottom line, because some of the many times he will little by little grinding to eliminate your bottom line, when you do not have the bottom line when you are completely controlled by others.

42, the best understanding of their own people, most do not know their own people and also his.

41, often with very little negative to deny an opportunity to have a favorable or the impact of profound, even if the negative is people deliberately do.

12, please note, losing to immediately find and block the 'leakage mouth', otherwise you will lose everything.
81, nothing pretending to do 'great', all right Do not make the 'truths' into the can can, than those who talk but very stingy guy a lot of Please note: in proportion to the capabilities and responsibilities under the premise of 'certain'.
65, you may be happiest in the world,jordan pas cher, however, you may think you are the most unfortunate in the world.

78, in a sense, all things are put in there, just waiting for you to get, but if you are willing and actually going to 'walk' that part of you want to & lsquo ; things' distance.
77, want others to respect you, you must first respect themselves and respect others, and then want to 'method' to be respected by others.
22, do anything, if you are conscious, then first you have to do is feel you will do - do not need to think too much, whatever their own what the status line, so do ourselves prepared under, whether it ready to have no practical significance, but it makes you feel protected.

51, you never know you will eventually go from here, or is the outcome, so you have to do is what you know now do you can.
52 In general, you never can not be completely lost everything, even if you completely disappear.

34, you can believe or worship what can be achieved even without the benefit of pay, but please note that you believe in or worship is not perfect, you need to be prepared to bear his leisure wire the only way you can really get to know and to believe in or worship.

8, when you stand on the top of the 'pyramid', in the past, no matter how good, at this moment in terms of your own, or his meaning, the meaning is different.

27 other people than you are 'brilliant' that is fighting for his own, even if he did not have your 'talent', you can be a little jealous, which can let you have the 'courage 'but do not envy too far, then your talent will be your stumbling block.
63, you can ignore, you can not recognize, but you can not refuse When you refuse you will be rejected.
53, perhaps you have 'incomplete', however, if your 'all' become 'incomplete', it would be sad.
67, people often lost in live stolen '1 the W 'is not so complain, even if there is it will lower its reduction of bad luck; people tend to be earned a dedicated in arms, even for a long time also remember how how on their own.

83, do not luck, do not feel innocent, any person who is a sinner, even if you are considered to be the 'Angel'.

 Post subject: promote affiliate programs
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Songwriters dream of making their living by writing, and sometimes performing, their songs. But until that day comes they've got to make a living somehow! Sound familiar?

With a little imagination,louboutin, you can probably find a way to convert your love for music and songwriting into a means of making money. To help you get started,louboutin pas cher, here is a list of ideas worth looking into:

1. Sell your tapes and/or CD's online.

It is really remarkably easy (and pretty darn inexpensive) to set up your own web site and begin selling your tapes, CD's,louboutin, and whatever else you have to offer. And, although it's beyond the scope of this article to tell you in detail how to do this, as a minimum you will need: a website; a web host; a means of collecting money (you can get a merchant account or use a service such as PayPal); and, of course, visitors to your website.

2. Write and sell an eBook about your music expertise.

An eBook, or electronic book, is extremely popular these days on the Internet. The benefits to you include ease of production and very low delivery cost. Customers benefitfrom the instant gratification of downloading the book immediately after purchasing it.

Don't forget, information is the hot product for today, especially on the Internet. With a little effort, you can surely come up with special information that others would be willing to pay for.

3. Organize contests.

Why not organize a songwriting contest for all the songwriters in your area? Or, better yet,louboutin pas cher, use the Internet and start one on a national basis,burberry! Let's say you collected 250 entries at $10 a pop... that's $2,500. Even if you offered up $500 in prizes, you still walk away with $2,000,moncler! You might also get local songwriting clubs, music stores, etc.,doudoune moncler, to help with the advertising and even contribute to the prize offerings.

4. Publish an online newsletter.

Publishing your own newsletter, or "ezine", can be an excellent way to earn some extra money. And, although some folks have succeeded at offering a fee-based newsletter, it's much easier to publish a free one.

Three of the most common ways to make money with your free newsletter are: sell advertising space,air jordan chaussure, promote affiliate programs, and advertise the sale of your own products,burberry soldes, such as your tapes and CD's.

5. Start your own jingle business.

There is alot of money to be made in writing jingles. And, as a songwriter,casque beats, you probably already have all the equipment you will need to get started. It's also good training because it helps you learn to "write on demand".

Brian Cook is a freelance writer whose articles on music and songwriting have appeared on many websites. You can find more of these at





this thin weak first-person. With the presence of heart strong, have great practical significance. But I am partial to the heart of lack of love, lack of a sense of security, lack of self-children.

 Post subject: fast if they have a great attitude
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The more you know about people the easier it gets to run a small business. This statement is so true, yet I don't know many business owners that use this power principle.

Are you working long hours? Do you have few holidays? Would you like to grow your business, but you already work many hours and don't want to work any harder? This article is for you!

When it comes to recruitment there are 3 key points to understand. Business owners fail to understand these 3 points and wonder why they hired a person who doesn't do what they want them to do. Or, they work really hard for the first few days or week then their performance wains over time.

So let's look at the 3 points.

First,abercroombie, most people hire on experience instead of attitude. That's the first mistake business owners make. Instead, a better aspect to hire on is ATTITUDE.

The next aspect you need to hire people on is their personality type. Lastly you need to hire people on experience. Experience is a very poor third.

Let me go over each of these points to explain why this is all so true.

When you hire on attitude you're looking for the following traits in a person... willingness to learn, willingness to change habits,mercurial, someone who is open minded, someone who is keen, positive in response to new ideas,louboutin pas cher, willing to take on responsibility, has a good emotional state of mind nearly all of the time and someone who doesn't complain or criticize others.

What I have described are very powerful traits in a person. If someone has these traits they will be a very fast learner. They will have good self esteem and take pride in themselves and their work.

People are a mirror and if they like themselves and take pride in themselves they will with their work.

Unfortunately people write ads for recruitment that looks like they are recruiting for the army! They ask for qualifications, state areas of experience and hardly mention attitude at all. And the more you emphasise experience and qualifications the more you state you don't want attitude.

I've found the break even time of hiring an experienced person to one who has little experience with a fantastic attitude is about 4-6 weeks. In other words the new person with great attitude learns very quickly and keeps on performing better over time. While the experienced person's performance reduces over time due to any number of reasons.

Experienced people have their own way of doing things, their own habits and often can feel like they know as much you. And when that happens you often become dependent on them and that's when the trouble begins.

The advertisement must be carefully considered with little mention of experience. If you must hire a qualified person then state it in the ad, but then write other attitude type wording in the ad.

You can teach a person anything, fast if they have a great attitude, but you can't teach someone to have a great attitude.

The second aspect of recruitment is personality type. This is a huge subject, which I can't do justice here, but let me say 2460 years ago Hippocrates identified 4 types of personality so this isn't new! The 4 personality types are now known as DISC profiles.

DISC profiling gives incredible insight into matching roles in a business to personality type. Sales needs a very different personality type to production. DISC profiles give you incredible insight into a person's natural strengths and weaknesses in a work environment. Everyone has both.

When you write your recruitment ad with the descriptive aspects of the DISC profile you want based on the role in your business you then attract the person you are looking for.

This is a science and very few people understand DISC profiles, yet alone how to match them to a role in a business. If you find it hard to trust people or rely on them, study DISC profiles.

Knowing people's DISC profiles is the most powerful management tool there is! Each profile needs to be managed completely differently. You'll manage them based on your own profile, which is great if they?e the same profile as you.

When you put all this information above together into one powerful advertisement you're on a winner. Great people are always out there in the market place, but they aren't usually unemployed. They're already working for someone feeling unappreciated or wanting a change or challenge.

Your ad has to make your business "attractive" to work for. If you don't make your business attractive you don't even get the phone calls from these great people.

Learning copywriting is where good recruitment begins. Understanding people's 6 emotional needs Tony Robbins explains and incorporating them into the ad is powerful as well. You'll have to read his book to find out more about these.

I could explain how to sort through 50 applicants who might call in a powerful interview process that only takes 2 hours, but that's something else that takes too much space here right now. Be creative though and test people's attitude with your interview as seeing if they want to respond in a positive way to a new concept is a great tool to test their attitude.

Remember,jordan shoes, its attitude first, personality (DISC profile) second and experience third. That's the most powerful 3 step formula in the world for recruiting fantastic people you can trust and rely on!

How do you know you've hired a person with a great attitude? If you still say the person is great 6 months after you've hired them, you've hired a great person!

Tim Stokes has taught hundreds of business owners to hire fantastic people including these industries... accountants, fencing contractors,franklin marshall, lawyers, as well as salespeople, general managers, receptionists, labourers and everything else in between. Tim's has perfected a powerful system of recruitment, which begins with the the ad, includes a rapid way to interview and then last but not least DISC profiling the applicant.

Tim is considerd one of the best business coaches in the world and was awarded the title "Worldwide Coach of the Year for 2000".

To find out more about Tim Stokes and his business changing information go to his website at Check out his amazing testimonials to see the proof of his information. His results are amazing!

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child injured parts of the gradual return to October 30 , their perception of improved markedly than usual , there have been a pain . Although the family bear to see his pain , but the doctor said that child condition is improving , this is a good thing .

 Post subject: Indonesia and Malaysia
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"The middle class in these countries have begun to thrive," Guerra said. "Their countries are not really in recovery because they did not suffer as much as we did in the recession and their consumers are in a much better position overall."
If that pace continues through the end of the year, the two ports will handle about 3.4 million containers, which would rank second only to the 3.5 million moved in 2008,louboutin, the report said,jordan shoes, quoting figures from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. (LACEDC) which focuses on international trade.
Through October,abercrombie and fitch, the L.A. and Long Beach ports have moved 2.8 million export-carrying cargo containers, up 20 percent from the same period last year, according to figures published on Friday by The Los Angeles Times on its website.
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- Spurred by demand from developing countries like China, India,abercrombie france, Indonesia and Malaysia, exports at Los Angeles and Long Beach ports are on track to approach the records set before the global recession,christian louboutn uk, newly released figures showed.
Imports are growing rapidly too, but both ports will fall well short of their 2007 best, according to the report.
The increase in exports was mainly driven by growing demand from new middle-class consumers in China, India,louboutin pas cher, Indonesia,franklin marshall, Singapore,abercrombie, Malaysia and other countries,air jordan, said Ferdinando Guerra,abercrombie, an associate economist at LACEDC.


]广州一被拆迁户向楼下泼汽油被拘 房屋遭强拆


that time, I was a brick of the revolution, and where they need to go out into where to move. Loyal to the revolution, faithful to the spirit of the party, the screw should always shine on me.

 Post subject: had a four-year-old child care in his arms
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yesterday afternoon, 2 o'clock, the reporter came to the crossroads in the West District Heavy Street and South 12th Road,louboutin pas cher, weekends noon time traffic is also very large. In the transformation of the signal light,burberry, traffic lights show green signal light travel time of the junction north-south direction (South 12th Road) for 68 seconds, while the east-west direction (Heavy Street) just 10 seconds. Heavy Street with no greenbelt road width of 32.5 meters. In other words,louboutin, crossing the road in the green time, pedestrian one second running speed of 3.25 m to ensure that ran across the road.
yesterday on a weekend,air jordan, the reporter did not see the groups of street children, but one with children over the road, the young mother go the two green light went to the zebra crossing the middle, had a four-year-old child care in his arms, wait until the next green light to pick up the child rushed to the zebra crossing opposite. An older sister carrying a bath baskets, said: on the initial green light to start running,jordan shoes, went to two-thirds at the red light, plus left turn vehicles, had returned to the zebra crossing the middle. The second green light, reporters to sprint ahead of the turning traffic before the start, rushed to a safe place.

crossroads 300 meters west of the first primary of the workers' village, 300 meters of intersection east side of the sun kindergarten,burberry soldes, nearby residents said, after school time,casque dr dre, children are rushing to sprint speed to cross the road,moncler, running to a half standing traffic the middle to make life difficult for the common, the kids run too fast fall in the middle of the road every day to see.

two-way 11-lane green time. This intersection is known as call to open vehicles such as the green light.

microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today
standing on the crossroads live several force workers said that the crosswalk near the green, in more than 20 seconds, this intersection is so wide and only 10 seconds certainly not enough.
yesterday, the reporter will be the public's views are reflected to the traffic police department. Time for only 10 seconds of the signal,doudoune moncler, the traffic police are also surprised, whether there is a failure. Reporter Kang Xin month
Yesterday afternoon,casque beats, the Tiexi Heavy Street and South 12th Road traffic post, east-west green light only 10 seconds, line people has long experience, ran to take advantage of the red car when, standing in the middle of the road front and facing the call call to open vehicles such as the green light. The press WU Huai-yu photo
only 10 seconds 相关的主题文章:




father suddenly and his friends had a falling out together, noisy, ferocious he looked the man went to the yard, came to him, his hand holding a rice bowl knocked to the ground broken into pieces. The table was then kicked to the ground, and then it is not far from the mother's potted.

 Post subject: service standards and service commitments
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Articles: 2011-03-31 (Reporter Wang Zhaowei intern Zhang Min) World Park will be opening soon, in order to enhance the operation level and service quality of commercial service in Xi'an, Xi'an Bureau of Commerce will be held April 19 start commercial service
advocate that the restaurants do not serve wild animal dishes
to meet the International Horticultural Exposition will be held in Xi'an will improve and enhance the characteristics of the commercial characteristics of neighborhoods to shopping, dining,mercurial, and leisure services, and expand the influence of the old Chinese independent brands; large-scale integrated superstore, supermarket and community convenience store chain operator, will develop a unified image of publicity and marketing program of activities to ensure that the community consumption needs of urban residents and tourists; the restaurant industry will seize the International Horticultural Expo during the conference meals, and exhibition dining , group room needs a good job of catering services for the World Park, and to promote smoke-free restaurants and green consumer advocacy restaurants do not use disposable chopsticks, do not serve wild animal dishes,abercrombie and fitch, display and launch of the representative of the Shoppes,abercrombie, dishes, chefs. large shopping malls
set up a barrier-free road circuit diagram
order to improve the commercial store appearance Street overall level of capacity, Xi'an,mercurial vapor, will regulate the mall channel, directional signs, rest seats, bathrooms and other commercial facilities, toilets and other public facilities hygiene standards; efforts in promotion of energy-saving products, large-scale retail commercial facilities in more than 5000 square meters,louboutin, more than 2000 square meters large food service facilities, as well as the chain is necessary to strengthen service establishments, energy-saving technological transformation; shopping malls, hotels and other commercial facilities, entrances, channel,mercurial vapor, elevators, stairs, bathroom, desk, cashier,louboutin pas cher, etc. to achieve accessibility,louboutin pas cher, car park sign of barrier-free facilities, major shopping centers should be set up barrier-free road route map. the
business services staff with bilingual abilities
Xi'an Bureau of Commerce, various industry associations to improve the service, smooth channels for complaints and to encourage and promote all the companies announced services, service standards and service commitments; comprehensively improve the business the quality of the service sector employees,mercurial, the large retail stores, hotels and restaurants to focus on improving the ability of employees dual language (Putonghua and English), the major commercial retail, catering services and hairdressing,franklin marshall, photography, dyeing, leasing and other life services industry enterprise help desk staff and Purchasing Guide to be able to use bilingual and sign language to serve customers with the ability of the 100 oral foreign language reception terms.相关的主题文章:

Asian Cup, Shaanxi Ba River team in the Super Stadium set off a wave of violent northwest wind, Ba team without a defeat in the last seven games , resulting in rank by leaps and bounds, has risen to 11 of the league. In fact,

 Post subject: to honor her in-laws
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Zhiqiang married, his wife concerned about her husband, to honor her in-laws, housework is almost impeccable,louboutin, the only nervous during sex, shivering, several times he wanted to forcible intercourse with her , although not denied,casque beats, yet to wait until her nakedness, she was sweating, screaming with almost fainted. Looking at the elusive wife,ralph lauren, he was very uncomfortable, but no way, so that now two people are afraid of the arrival of the night.

In fact, married women due to sexual intercourse and tension, fear, anxiety is a common phenomenon. Except for a few before adulthood by Women in terms of physical, psychological, sexual, there are some differences with men, not only of sexual arousal later, the sex life of the shy sense of weight than men. Wedding night, and suddenly a man at his side, will be subjected to new and painful experience for his sake, her FIRST will naturally be a little timid and hesitant in the mood of an uneasy and hope-filled. The men of the wedding night is often rational passion drown, so take a surprise close, so that the sharp increase in anxiety and fear of the bride, the eager one want to refuse to Such as disregard of the bride and the pain inside, forced intercourse, is bound to hurt her psychological, not only can not be harmonious married life,franklin marshall, and even thus creating a psychological barrier,louboutin, insurmountable marriage barriers.

So, the wedding night, the groom to understand the psychological characteristics of bride and understand the feelings of the bride, heads to control their own enthusiasm and love to win the complete trust of the bride, to resolve their restless. When cleared, the guests, the first not to rush to bed, can talk to accompany the bride and ease the fatigue of intense physical and mental,burberry, or temporarily left the bridal chamber, so the bride can take off her clothes, a mental preparation. Bedtime after lying on her wedding next, gently caressing her gentle and his hand touched her face, hands and shoulders, making her feel that her husband touch her body is a blessing. No objectionable in her body quietly come near to the groom side of action,mercurial vapor, side with the narrative of amorous words to her, tell her you love her and the two combine will never separate. These practices can help the bride to overcome shyness and fear, the release of the restless. Finally the groom can step by step to the body and bride closely near to make her feel the warmth of the groom. Her libido gradually near to such excitement. These gentle movements, the sweet language and intimate kissing, more and more intense,casque beats, and soon you can feel the bride and groom's love and step-by-step approximation, since the reaction to continue touching, kissing, hugging and conversation for a while until the The bride also has a strong sexual desire can be formally intercourse. Physical combination of both sides to achieve sexual arousal is a unique combination of body and soul, will enable both sides to enjoy the kind of unspeakable joy and sweet. Wait until coitus has been satisfactorily completed, then the bride all the shyness and fear will naturally disappear completely retained in my mind the only love of her husband's heart and due to wife obligations feeling. At this point, we laid a good foundation for the happiness of family life.

if the groom touched her secret parts, she still felt a little fear, refused to groom or the groom pushed, the groom must not be bent, and the suspension of progress, but can continue to try to kiss or hug can the refusal of the bride slowly overcome, if the groom feel that the bride refused to be true,polo ralph lauren, and sometimes difficult to overcome, should cease until to the late start all over again,louboutin pas cher, do not be too hasty. As the panic fear, excessive shyness or sexual psychological damage of the past, some bride within a few days after getting married, refused coitus is common, as long as the bridegroom to the continuous application of the above ways to stimulate her libido, and finally she will eventually be conquered , and warm desire and requirements after all, in conjunction with the groom combine, so that the synchronization of the desire of the mind and body.

In short, reason, patience, skill, the wife of

and selenium

a man posing as a woman

the vegetables and the best time to finish

government doesn't believe in climate change. The Argentine government practices what we call 'negation.' For one reason or another it follows those theories or political ideas that say that nothing has been proven convincingly enough for them to change their behavior, to change their policies. So their energy policy is simply more of the same."

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