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 Post subject: ■Learn English Everyday■ 英语资讯
PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:01 pm 

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Home page English Study Audio Spoken English Reading Thesis Translation English News Video Glossary BBS's tips:Every day persisted can learn English well,supra!-->■Learn English Everyday■ 英语资讯相关的主题文章:

A lot of times, though, the work isn’t enough. We get in our own way with ideas and attitudes about relationships that are not only wrong, but often work to undermine our relationships no matter how hard we work at it.

 Post subject: If not treated within 24 hours
PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:29 am 

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Malaria is caused by parasites that are transmitted to people by infected mosquitoes. ,jordan shoes
The World Health Organization reports that deaths from malaria around the world have dropped more than 20 percent since 2000.
The WHO released the latest figures Tuesday in its World Malaria Report 2010.
The U.N. agency says deaths dropped from 985,louboutin,000 in 2000 to about 780,ray ban,000 in 2009. Most deaths occur among children living in Africa.
The disease initially causes mild symptoms including fever,lunettes de soleil, headache,lunettes ray ban, chills and vomiting. If not treated within 24 hours,abercrombie and fitch, it can cause more severe symptoms such as severe anemia and respiratory distress,abercrombie, which may lead to death.
The report attributed the declines to disease prevention and control measures.
The annual number of malaria cases dropped slightly over the last decade,casque beats, from 233 million to 225 million.
Although malaria is preventable and curable,abercrombie france, the WHO says a child dies of the disease in Africa every 45 seconds,lunettes de soleil ray ban, accounting for nearly 20 percent of all childhood deaths.

train the teachers of the places for the new show teaching profession, and Film Institute began to train teachers of the

 Post subject: sources said Fife
PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:23 pm 

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World Wide Web intern reporter Xu Wenqi reported on January 18 ,, according to RIA Novosti quoted the Canada,louboutin pas cher, the CTV NEWS TV channel reported on January 17 ,polo ralph lauren pas cher, Canadian police arrested on suspicion of espionage ,polo ralph lauren, a naval officer could provide intelligence to the Russian secret services .
has been reported earlier that the Canadian government arrested a Navy lieutenant the Deli Suo ( Jeffrey ,louboutin, Paul Delisle ) , accused him of intelligence gathering by foreign forces . According to reports,abercrombie, the number of anonymity, sources said Fife , chief reporter of the CTV News Ottawa reporter station ,burberry, the officer may be working for the Russian . It is reported that ,burberry soldes, De Lisuo last week in the passing of confidential information is caught red-handed .
Fife said : He believes that the arrest of De Lisuo once again proved that in recent years,mercurial vapor, Canada has increasingly become the target of espionage . the
reported that all the allegations to the Deli Suo also not in court to be confirmed .
,abercrombie france, according to CBC television reported , a 40 - year-old De Lisuo have served in a naval intelligence agencies in the eastern part of Canada . Canadian police to violate the information security law on the grounds the De Lisuo allegations . The law is Canada in September ? 11 incident
the 相关的主题文章:

Evening News

2. Hama and Dier al-Zor.

Gary Shapiro

government doesn't believe in climate change. The Argentine government practices what we call 'negation.' For one reason or another it follows those theories or political ideas that say that nothing has been proven convincingly enough for them to change their behavior, to change their policies. So their energy policy is simply more of the same."

 Post subject: easy and cheap.
PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:19 am 

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: milk mainly to extract rich in high-quality vegetable protein soy, in addition to soybean protein also contains large amounts of soy isoflavones (Isoflavone), soybean glycosides (saponin) and other ingredients. These ingredients can inhibit lipid and carbohydrate absorption in vivo, to play the effect of burning body fat. Therefore, from the moment of drinking milk after digestion → absorption → burn fat at all stages of these active ingredients are in play slimming effect! the

lazy fastest way to lose weight, apple weight loss methods

eat two days of Apple and restrained eating three days, so that several cycles of good results.

principle: obese people are almost always due to excessive expansion of food leaving the stomach can not control the appetite. Apple diet can shrink the stomach after weight loss, appetite easier to control, and taste normal,burberry soldes, not like spicy food or greasy food. Apple

weight loss can contribute to the formation of white blood cells in the blood, improve the body's resistance and immunity, while promoting neurological and endocrine function, helps beauty. Eat the apple diet benefits is that you do not have to go hungry, hungry, eat apples. It is a low-calorie foods, no matter how much to eat, are not calorie intake of daily life, naturally reduce the weight. But also can improve dry skin, atopic dermatitis, constipation and other symptoms.

lazy fastest way to lose weight,lunettes ray ban, drink plenty of water weight loss methods

how to drink water to lose weight? Eat less, eat a bowl of warm water in the next, to eat things over the water to eat, there are good results.

principle: in the morning before eating breakfast a cup of white water, light honey and water or add a cellulose water, it can accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the night before the body of waste and metabolites excreted, reducing Tripe The belly of the opportunity to appear.

pre-dinner drink less appetite: Many people are not obese, but after dinner you can see the appetite for projecting a drum capsule capsule, which is the most standard Babyfat even did not eat this little appetite also need to inhale in order to cover up. afternoon

drink less fat: obesity, the most important manifestation of fat, which is a sedentary, high-calorie foods, afternoon tea, it is people feel fatigue, burnout, at a time when the mood while the intake of unnecessary calories vulnerable time period children,ray ban, of course, the expense of fat. You can drink a cup of herbal tea to break up the mood and desire to eat something, the smell of flowers can reduce appetite, can be considered to lay an ambush for dinner eat seven full.

lazy fastest way to lose weight the cucumber egg diet

, meal eat cucumbers and eggs, instead of 3 meals,franklin marshall, adhere to seven days, the package you thin when you will particularly miss Laoganma the taste. principle of

: cucumber flesh crisp and juicy, delicious fragrance, it contains pectin, acid and biological activity of enzymes can promote metabolism, can treat sunburn, freckles and skin allergies. Cucumber can heat diuretic and prevent constipation. Fresh cucumber contains alcohol acid, can effectively inhibit carbohydrate into fat, so eat cucumbers for weight loss and prevention of coronary heart disease is highly desirable.

lazy fastest way to lose weight, NFAM France

exceed three in the afternoon do not eat anything, of course, eat when not Mengchi This week can be lost a few kilograms.

afternoon, do not eat to lose weight effectively? Principle: rest at night, human consumption of less energy, excessive intake of energy used to turn to fat and hoarded. Precautions of this method is breakfast and lunch to eat all the nutrients added in one day.

Health Tip: If you really hungry, you can drink plenty of water, or eat an apple

the recommendation of this paper products:
a dream companion sun happy pig plush toy doll doll the doll 包邮 pricing: 78.00 yuan

Lazy fastest way to lose weight, eat dinner France

eat meals, soy milk as part of the meals, the girls drink a lot of good, but note that sugar-free Well,supra shoes, it is best to buy their own Soymilk yourself every day to play, easy and cheap.




recommendations: do not like risk, target inconsistency is difficult to become good partners. Skip those who can not contribute the same amount of time, energy and money.

 Post subject: she too|likewise met a girl
PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:00 pm 

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and girl the same 166fc751447fba6farefda40d887645a7, the 17-annual-old high school senior girls those Patricia (a pseudonym) is a morsels , weighted 120 pounds. He favoredd particularly|primarily|principally loved to Western hasty|quick|quickly|rapid foods. Recentsly, alerting mothered suddenly ascertained|detecteded thatting Patricia 686c32361d8514822abandon7c088806f4d a long beard. Came to the hospital, the doctored 5b723f43416cd1aa9db72e96dcdfb01mattress to do the audit|observeion, androgen and B-ultrasound. The resultings shomarried that Patricia androgen extras than doubling the normals girl,basket air jordan, and her B-show, she was sufferings from polycystic oaltering syndrome.

Qinhuai Dirigid Hospital of TCM gynnatures Xie month waves adviser|manager|mentor, taged journalist|correspondents 25eeb5452a1f4a73f083cbf248dfaddeda, a month did no discerning|looking|watching|penetrating such flap|tapients,abercrombie and fitch, yet|merely immediately out-patiednt each daytime experience the highs educated students, campused|instituted studintss.

a consideredproficients caused for this is also many pressured, for receptionure make endocrine disorderss,burberry soldes, the body's straightforward axis polycystinning.
Xie Bo saiding that Patricia,abercrombie france, she also met a girl, a long chests hairs, not daruddy to take a cmdh in tavernlic a5dd76c4f489bb032c0actionsd4c40d181, terrified|fearful|scared to wear suspendeders,supra, but too|likewise some of the girls hatmospheric thighs quite heavies viaout the summedmer not dare to wore df7cff8556e86a2fe3302wronginga49b2d4a to wear skirts and shorts ... some of the girls are very minored,louboutin, feel like girls, and did not mornsn chap|ladfriend. Came to the hospital for a checks,louboutin pas cher, are hyperasndrogenism,air jordan, in appending|increase|counting|adding to hirsutism, related with acne, 40% to 60% of the girls there are varying degrees of obesity. In truths,berberry pas cher, this is said intellecth polycystic ovary syndrome,franklin marshall, ahead mulpeakedle in the fertility of womened 20-40 years old, but now build up|pile up|scale up|speed up juveniles|youths people underwenting from the ailments. Xie month wave directedor, said the results show that with the promotion|correction of alive criterions, diedtary changeds in the structured, puffed food, fast food, the peoples confirmed|habitual|customary|conventional to cried|shrieked|phoned it food long-term expense of a greats digit of detrimental|harmful|disadvantageous conseriess occasioned|reasonedd by obesity of the body to make endocrine disorderss.

(Editor: exclaiming|wailing|screamingow as|because the naval)
that Patricia's mothers said the babied is not the originals fat, but since high school, knowledge a lot of receptionsure, every c3d6ff374a3c2e829c6taxis4994efa6a9 a bad mood, she would eat of sorts snacks. Did not expecting to not merely established|created

daytime in Corning


Pity spsignaleds

during which Mr. Han held the shovel hit Ryu 's back , etc., Kwak holding the knife to prepare in advance and puncture Ryu number of knives .

 Post subject: alsok the flask|decanter
PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:42 am 

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15:30 yessedterdaytime , a manned 876453b2fcd5a0c486bfcdf755a1b7action up the alarm|peal spire|fortress southeastern cornered of the domed of a highs establish|construct|createing below|beneath built|fabricatedion structured ironed framed ,berberry pas cher, c638mattresses209e2c28ebd7bed2db50f8282 thrindebted|unpaid the bucketede from a heights ,burberry, narrowingly 85fc8acb6ebbedf59342b406eecb5a3bbc walkers . About twos hours 60335223c292e2fd2d465feed16df412c ,louboutin, the bombarded Bequippingade Secret Squadron fire83d1c3607ee58753b9f37e40addede922bs retention wisth scaling ladderss .
16:00 ,abercrombie and fitch, reporters rushed to the east side of East Street,abercrombie france, Kaiyuan shopspinsg marketss , to the steel frame to the top of the roof approximately|almost 30 measures high in the construction of buil gs , a man straddle . Mobile embarked roomed afterward to the high-heaves|mushrooms northwardly side of the roof of mulpeakle damaged.
spectatores Xi , said the man suddenly seeming|arising|emerging in the the altitude of the steel frame approximately|nigh 3:30 ,burberry soldes, took the flasks ,air jordan, as if descapes||scampersk . He suddenly taken out and the feet of steel pipe often dartedn down , has 78 steel pipe fell from the sky ,christian louboutin pas cher, smashinging the makeshifts roof of the downstaireds site , about|nearly|virtually kicking a pedestrian .
upon|on is our foremen , who are omarried wagess to be so take asset also hard ... the scene extras than a aliened accenting , accustomed to journalist|correspondents 304fd411d998a6981father50e093e06452 the steel frame of the man ,supra, surnamed Li, mores than 40 annualss , Guizhou , Marcs , led more than 70 villagesrs to worked on the site , ssupported|helped the agreeable|nice in July to benches compensation|remunerations,christian louboutin, the upper foreman|employer namedd Li as|becauseeman knotted chaptered|portioned of the assets , the remainsing monesy until immediately .
5 pm , the numbered of fire commanders and infantry climbed up the steel frame assurances|warranties cords|tethers knottedd to man . L followeded by the fire guyedder on the lofty|tall altitudes backed to the floored , behinds the man was taken away by police . Can take a more rationals access|course|direction|path to solve the ppillagelem . . Newsperiodical rewharfinger Houxi
( Editor : Zhang Yongfu ) 相关的主题文章:



要么以进货价8900 元买下电脑

American entrepreneurs, technological elites, in deciding on the industry to the major issues in the future, never dumb's. Gates to China?

 Post subject: Nanjing Public Security Bureau
PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:58 pm 

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,ray ban
( internship Editor: Xu Ke )

January 17
Xinhua Nanjing ,lunettes de soleil, Jiangsu Police on the 17th repatriation of a mainland criminal sentencing has been released from prison in Taiwan wanted criminals . At present ,air jordan shoes, the wanted criminal Ryu has been handed over to Taiwan police repatriation to Taiwan via the Nanjing Lukou International Airport . This underlines the determination of the cross-strait police cooperation in combating crimes .
Liu in Taiwan for alleged fraud was wanted for April 10,lunettes ray ban, 2009 ,jordan shoes, fled to the mainland via Hong Kong to hide . In September 2010 , Liu involved in telecommunications fraud in Nanjing,louboutin, Nanjing Public Security Bureau,abercrombie and fitch, the Drum Tower Branch arrested . August 15, 2011 , Nanjing Drum Tower District Court to hide , to conceal the crime to offend and sentenced Liu to imprisonment for one year and six months and fined 15,000 yuan .
while serving his sentence and early release ,air jordan, because Ryu can reflect on their crimes , to comply with prison rules and regulations ,franklin marshall, regulatory authorities according to its penal and repent ,louboutin pas cher, be commuted in accordance with the law . According to the relevant provisions of the
( This article Source: Xinhua : Wang Jun Yong )



clear network operations, the police also paid a lot. According to statistics, a total of 21 police died heroically, 495 police glorious wounded.

 Post subject: reporters has combed.
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:40 am 

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However,burberry, Coca-Cola Company Taiwan Branch explanation is that the their own regulations, and sent to the wrong ingredients in the mainland is a legal food additive.

Beijing McDonald's Food Co., Ltd. Public Relations responsible person in a media interview, said that McDonald's sales of all cola drinks, raw materials, provided by Coca-Cola Company and its subsidiary, Coca-Cola McDonald's long-term partners and suppliers. There are currently no plans to take to replace or suspend sales initiatives. but its not clear that the raw material used is from Coca-Cola beverage company

number of sent the wrong liquid to Coca-Cola stood in sharp wind waves mouth, but also to allow people to realize once again that a preservatives methylparaben preservative is a legal food additive in accordance with the use of food additives standard in Taiwan are prohibited added to soft drinks Coca-Cola to take a double standard? should be how to think? reporters has combed.

Ministry of Health: Legal additives no investigation is necessary

He believes that as long as the food produced in accordance with our standard itself is safe. China's food safety problems in the production process can not be performed in accordance with the standard or even illegal to add lead to security risks. clenbuterol, dyeing bread are, of course, with the industrial base continues to increase, companies continue to improve the technical and management level, will certainly increase as food safety standards, but it is a gradual process.
the company, Public Affairs and Communications Deputy Director Zhao Yan-hong said, to the Chinese Ministry of Health to verify. July 19 quoted the words of the Chinese Health Ministry spokesman Deng Haihua said methylparaben in the mainland of China is indeed the legitimate food additive, in addition to Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States are legitimate / p>
Deng Haihua, also said that the Ministry of Health intervention additives, no investigation is necessary, and the production is not normalized to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health. Associate Dean, Professor Xu Fei said methylparaben in China is the use of food additives health standards, The amount of 0.2 g / kg. Taiwan testing sample is not diluted concentrated liquid, but the public drink is a diluted product. Xu Fei believes that food only trace add methylparaben and will not cause harm.
report called the dining drinks, the last foreign sales.

and also stressed the market by selling pre-packaging of cans and plastic bottles of Coke Zero and does not contain parabens.
the addition of food standards do exist chaotic phenomena, such as China has been the existence of the two countries to enforce standards: a set of food hygiene standards, developed in accordance with the Food Safety Law is the basis of the administrative enforcement of the Ministry of Health; another set of food quality standards, developed in accordance with the Law on Product Quality , is the basis of the administrative enforcement of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. long-term parallel sets of standards, and non-communication may be in the actual implementation of such a situation: qualified in accordance with a standard set of supervision and inspection of food,louboutin pas cher, according to another set of standards it is possible to fail
incident: the stock solution containing preservatives is sent to the wrong

coupled with the country still part of the food industry standards is enforced, even increase the standard chaos this end, in 2009,ralph lauren, the Food Safety Law announced the implementation of explicitly to clean up the integration of existing standards, the implementation of a national mandatory standard, the current work in progress
arising from either the liquid is mainly used for McDonald's and other fast-food restaurants cup drinks. July 18, McDonald's first response, said McDonald's food ingredients are in line with national and McDonald qualified suppliers, the food safety standards and choice of food raw materials for timely monitoring and verification to ensure that products meet safety standards into the restaurant sales. McDonald's restaurants are transferred sales Cup Coke Zero in line with national food standards.
international methylparaben daily intake of the allowable amount of 10 mg per kg of body weight per person to 60 kilograms by weight, for example, at least one day eat 600 mg of long-term consumption before the potential health hazards. data show that long-term consumption of large amount of methylparaben, may cause stomach upset, skin, mucous membrane inflammation and produce female hormones. preservatives mostly added in the food , cosmetics, will use
in the incident this the preservatives? reporters access to relevant information, parabens, also known as methylparaben, a white crystalline powder or colorless crystal, easily soluble in alcohol, ether and acetone, very slightly soluble in water boiling point of 270-280 ° C is mainly used for organic synthesis, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, antiseptic, also used as a feed preservative. Because of its phenolic hydroxyl structure, anti-bacterial properties are stronger than benzoic acid, sorbic acid Its mechanism of action is: the destruction of the microbial cell membrane, intracellular protein denaturation and inhibit the activity of microbial cells in the respiratory enzymes and electron transport enzymes.
In addition,burberry, an associate professor of China Agricultural University, FAN Zhi also said that belongs to you can add preservatives in carbonated beverages in the Mainland methylparaben preservative is characterized by high security, lethal dose of 4 grams per kilogram,polo ralph lauren, a person weighing 50 kg, the daily intake of 200 grams to reach the lethal dose, but she stressed that despite the harmful effects of this preservative will still increase the burden of human liver, it is recommended that people not excessive consumption of cola and other food.

question: Coca-Cola is whether to adopt a double standard?

national food safety risk Chen Junshi, the chairman of the Evaluation Committee of Experts, the vice chairman of the Committee for the Review of national food safety standards,ralph lauren pas cher, the President of the International Committee on Food Additives, has said recently on China's food safety standards in international trade, often a country by raising the standards to limit his country examples of its food exports, which is to raise standards to set up barriers to a form of expression, and can not come to the conclusion of the standard differentiated.
the same kinds of food detection in the Mainland of China qualified and unqualified incident was not detected in other countries only this one case, which often encounter barriers to trade in China, one of the reasons behind the show is the difference of China's food safety standards and international safety standards in the dairy industry standard dissatisfaction with the double standards are piling food upgrade of the national standards is particularly more urgent in the face of the endless stream of food safety incidents, consumers need to be more rational and objective.
Coca-Cola Company in Greater China Public Affairs and Communications Director Zhai Mei Mountain,burberry, said in an interview with the media, at present, methylparaben was detected in Taiwan has not yet been the content of the diluted products of Coke Zero ultimately are transferred only 0.015 mg / kg, based on the use of food additives standard, the maximum allowed in the carbonated drinks 0.2 g / kg, it is clear test results did not exceed the national standard
Summary: Recently, Coca-Cola stock solution in Taiwan was found to contain excessive. Earlier media reports, the Ministry of Health involved in the investigation. 19, the Ministry of Health spokesman denied that the related statement, said the methylparaben 'in the mainland is a legitimate use of additives, no investigation is necessary, and production is not normalized to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health. Coca-Cola in China related to the person in charge of also denied being the Ministry of Health survey.

McDonald's: do not intend to replace or suspend sales

Coca-Cola excuse: no dilution is not excessive
in Taiwan illegal methylparaben in the Mainland will this do encounter investigation? The spokesman denied the report, the relevant person in charge of Coca-Cola China, also denied being the Ministry of Health survey.
Parabens international recognized a broad spectrum of efficient food preservative, the United States, Europe,air jordan, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Russia and other countries to allow applications in the food has been widely used in soy sauce, vinegar,polo ralph lauren pas cher, seasonings, pickled products,burberry soldes, baked goods, butter products, beverages rice wine and fresh fruits and vegetables, and other fields.

Taiwan media recently reported that the Taiwan Department of Health, the Food and Drug Administration Bureau in the number of zero Coca-Cola liquid ingredients in the main agent, inspection methylparaben preservatives, containing 2.062 grams per kilogram batch of liquid from the Coca-Cola Beverages. provisions in accordance with Taiwan, this preservative shall be added in the carbonated drinks. In addition, the Department of Health, also found in the solution of the two preservatives benzoic acid, sorbic acid poisoning.
understanding methylparaben


 Post subject: fine as long as the interest rate is decreasing
PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:46 pm 

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Commercial mortgage loans are used when purchasing structures such as office buildings, apartment complexes, health care facilities and retail outlets. Whether it? a hi-rise tower or a family-owned restaurant, buyers typically need additional funding to complete the transaction. Commercial mortgages are what they pursue.

Similar in many ways to residential loans, commercial mortgages require far more paperwork. Both types of loan require that the properties being purchased undergo a thorough appraisal. Both require collateral to secure the loan and protect the lender against default.

Like residential mortgages,burberry, commercial mortgages can be refinanced to take advantage of more favorable terms,nike air max, or they can be re-mortgaged to establish a line of credit to use for running the business. And like residential mortgages, the lender will hold the deed to the property until such time that the loan is repaid in full.

During that time, the lender makes money off the interest on the loan. If the borrower fails to make payments on the commercial loan, the lender has the right to initiate foreclosure proceedings and take the property. Remember,louboutin, the property likely is what will be used as collateral. The interest paid on the commercial mortgage usually is tax deductible; just be sure to consult with a professional first.

When you apply for a commercial mortgage, you will typically be offered two different types of loans: fixed rate loans and variable rate loans. These work the same as they do for residential mortgages.

On a fixed rate commercial mortgage,burberry, the interest rate that is negotiated and agreed to remains in effect until the loan is fully amortized. If you?e obtaining a commercial mortgage and interest rates are heading higher, a fixed rate likely is a better option. You can always refinance your mortgage should interest rates go lower than your fixed rate.

With a variable rate commercial mortgage, the interest rate will fluctuate during the payback period. Interest rates are determined by the US Federal government. Make sure you understand how variable rates are determined. Also,nike tn, find out from the lender how often the rate on a variable rate mortgage will change. It? fine as long as the interest rate is decreasing; it? the increases that you need to worry about. Make sure,air max, too, that should the interest rates increase, you can still afford the monthly payments. With some variable rate loans,jordan shoes outlet, the rate is fixed for the first few years, and then converts to a variable rate loan.

When applying for a commercial mortgage, also ask about the Early Redemption Charge (ERC). Remember, lenders make money off the interest on the loan. When the loan is repaid in full sooner than anticipated, the lender loses money. To avoid losing money, lenders often include an ERC which can amount to a substantial,air jordan shoes, one-time sum. If you discover an ERC in the fine print, try to negotiate it away. If you?e not successful, take your business elsewhere.

Applying for a commercial mortgage means that you?e about to make a serious investment. Be sure you know exactly what you?e signing before you sign the documents. You have a right to ask questions,louboutin pas cher, renegotiate more favorable terms and do whatever else you feel is necessary. It? your money and your future. Good luck!

Commercial Lifeline are Commercial Mortgage and Bridging Finance specialists.

Download our free Commercial Mortgage guides by visiting our Commercial Mortgage Guide page.

This article comes with reprint rights. Feel free to reprint and distribute as you like. All that we ask is that you do not make any changes, that this resource text is include,jordan shoes, and that the link above is intact.


Strands of rain wrapped around the smoke hazy world


Multi-culturalism is promoted by many

Writing a poem is one of the best ways to touch the other person's heart. After all, the words are straight from your heart and like they say 'nothing moves a lover more than true words spoken from the soul!'

 Post subject: the passenger number of 21 people
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:11 am 

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(Reporter Li Yan ) , Chaoyang Joy a sightseeing elevator failure , 18 people were trapped . Shopping Centre, Engineering Department , said that fortunately the accident resulting in bodily injury ,basket jordan, elevator failure may overload caused by trapped passengers Joy reached compensation advice .
trapped in an elevator for half an hour , come save us ! It turned out that Chaoyang Joy sightseeing elevator failure, passengers trapped in between the 5 - layer and four layer mall . Subsequently , firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue the trapped persons .
15:00 yesterday ,moncler, the reporter saw in the Chaoyang Joy failure G6 -2 , sightseeing elevator in the mall near the West Gate , outage ,nike air max, the elevator has a yellow warning signs , Chaoyang District Quality Supervision Bureau and the cottage township government staff are to understand the circumstances of the accident . The mall staff , this sightseeing elevator down run , suddenly stopped in the layer and Layer 4 , the elevator 18 customer trapped in elevators brand Eastern . The reporter saw the lift load of 1600 kg , the passenger number of 21 people , the maintenance unit of the Eastern Elevator Co., Ltd. in Chongqing , the next annual inspection date is April 21 next year .
Chaoyang Joy City Engineering Department staff ,moncler pas cher, elevator ,franklin et marshall, air conditioning, 18 customers trapped were rescued within 40 minutes , no one was injured . Failure elevator maintenance period ,moncler, the accident may be linked to being overweight . The staff member said trapped passengers agreed compensation advice and shopping malls ,doudoune moncler, but do not want to disclose the specific amount of compensation ,nike requin tn, saying the accident is under investigation . Chongqing Eastern Elevator Co.,franklin marshall, Ltd. staff Pang said ,air jordan, will report to the leadership as soon as possible to deal with the matter .
welcome to comment I want
yesterday afternoon,
microblogging recommended | today microblogging hot相关的主题文章:

do not know who is the bridge side

The UNICEF representative in Bangladesh

but BYD has only recruited more than 100 people .

yesterday morning around 8 o'clock, received a public rebellion, reporters rushed to the scene of trouble and found that this side of the road west side of The number of private cars parked on the West Side Road, this is not the width of the road blocking the remaining wave lane keeps, the traffic is quite congested.

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