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 Post subject: can hold politicians and bureaucrats
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:06 pm 

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It is reported that this Congressional investigation committee will debut at the beginning of the Congress in October,air jordan, will be publicly summoned former Prime Minister Naoto Kan and other dignitaries. In the survey,ralph lauren, will be open to the internal data of the Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Economy,jordan shoes, Trade and Industry atomic force security homes and savings directly related to the body of the nuclear accident.

Editor: Xiaolin share: Tencent, Sohu microblogging Sina microblogging,supra, microblogging Netease micro-Bo everyone net QQ space
September 30,louboutin pas cher, 2009, Japan passed the Fukushima nuclear accident congressional investigation Act. Independent of government,polo ralph lauren, non-partisan investigation committee in Congress. This is the first time in the history of Japan composed by the folk people Congress internal erected a survey institutions.

Some analysts said the opposition parties move is intended to take the opportunity to pursue the responsibility of the Democratic Party in the nuclear accident. For Japan, will usher in a nuclear accident occurred six months after a survey of the most powerful.
since the Fukushima nuclear accident occurred on March 11, the Japanese government took the lead in the establishment of the accident investigation and inspection certificate Committee since May establishment of a University professor Hata Village Ocean Taro to take the lead in the third-party investigative body. However, this still does not quell the voice of the accountability of the Japan nuclear accident, the bills from the three opposition parties (LDP, New Komeito Party, Japan's rise to the strong appeal of the Party). The investigative bodies in the six months after the survey report submitted for consideration by the House and Senate Speaker.
the investigation committee will be composed of 10 experts of the nuclear issue, the agreement of parent bodies is composed of 20 members of Congress. The investigative body, can directly summon former Prime Minister Naoto Kan,christian louboutin, Tokyo Electric Power president wins Minamata lasting,supra shoes, and the Fukushima nuclear power plant owners Ji Tian Changlang as a witness and evidence collection. The agreement will be non-partisan nature,burberry, can hold politicians and bureaucrats,louboutin, the personal responsibility of the Tokyo Electric Power cadres.
It is reported that the investigation of the investigative body will take a comprehensive and open the form. Hata Village Ocean Taro to take the lead in the third-party investigation agency has been of evidence of 275 witnesses, but are not public in the form of on the grounds that only closed before they can ensure that the investigation carried out more smoothly. This has also been fierce criticism from opposition parties, called the survey only to find out the truth rather than accountability.


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 Post subject: accusing the events planned by competitors
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:21 pm 

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,michael kors, consumers corporate communications maintenance costs to pay? Xinao Gas this embarrassing the Government PR leaks, Internet users accused of focus is that the current high gas prices,franklin marshall, companies even used the huge sums of money to maintain the government officials,casque beats, and whether this cost will eventually be passed on to consumers head on?

January 8th, many of the media began to report the matter involved in this matter, Shandong Liaocheng Xinao Gas Company Limited, the new Austrian Gas Group, the local government of Shandong Liaocheng event a positive response.

two, doubling the probability of crisis exposed hair. Once exposed hair crisis,mercurial vapor, and the formation of a black hole effect in the local time - any similar event may be exaggerating, this confirms the enterprise in one respect there is no fault and sin. In the next three months or even six months, the new Austrian gas will be more careful, or any negligence may lead to a new round of shelling, the old and new crises will be aggregated.
leak incident, the new Austrian gas emergency crisis management, first, held an emergency press conference on January 8, to clarify the new Austrian not done this program,michael kors outlet, accusing the events planned by competitors, said it had an alarm, and warned that other media do not blindly reported, or they will be held accountable.

with any of the previous corporate crisis exposed hair,abercrombie france, behind the enterprise crisis triggered not only multi-interests of the game, but also embodied the emotional confrontation, and the pressure of public opinion, consumers accused of multiple values ​​conflict. After the exposure of this public relations of the new Austrian gas maintenance program, users of the anger was quickly ignited and enraged the major sites and forums, many accused the voice sinks to form the second largest point:
a government public relations case of unprecedented resistance. Although the maintenance part of your heart to know my belly to understand the unspoken rules of government relations in China, but once the unspoken rules become exposed, the intense public attention will make the interests of the parties under pressure, can be expected in the next period Liaocheng government agencies The officials are trying to keep a distance with the new Austrian gas,burberry soldes, to prove his innocence of the body, which will allow the Government of the Austrian Gas relationship building will encounter unprecedented resistance.

delete posts processing is carried out urgently to the network media's negative reports. Sina,mercurial, Sohu, Netease news portal reports have largely been removed.

damage to corporate image. Moment in the national anti-corruption policies were constantly pushing, bribery and official corruption also have to face heavy punishment. The bribery behind the lack of social responsibility is a violation of public order, Xinao Gas clarification and explanation of the event, in line with the logic of crisis management, but out of the public to accept the reasonable and little ability to distinguish at a glance all know the helpless excuse, so regardless of the incident and how to justify corporate image damage is inevitable.
[1] [2]

more than two points are related to damage to the public interest, although the incident is only the time development of the opinion the accused was so turbulent.
new Austrian government relations maintenance program exposure, lead to more speculation and criticism outside the operation of the new Austrian gas companies, netizens called on the Commission for Discipline Inspection to conduct a thorough investigation Xinao Gas government officials whether any corruption exists behaviors.
word about the event more insider information disclosure are a news conference announced that the matter is the opponent planning.

network leaked the crisis of the black hole
Xinao Gas whether it involved a more corporate bribery incident? Official corruption and trickery the right behavior of the Chinese people the most hated in the eyes of the media and the public, companies interested in bribery is one of the causes contributing to official corruption - although in China, pay attention to The well known

article, entitled Shandong Liaocheng bribery of a gas company official budget form The budget table entitled In this budget table is the the Liaocheng party secretary Song from afar. The budget table shows that the remote maintenance people of Song Li Shilin,burberry, the position was general manager of Liaocheng Xinao Gas Company Limited.
from the negative impact of the crisis type and crisis, the disclosure of government relations for the new Austrian gas is serious. Although the new Austrian gas emergency crisis PR, but the crises brought about by the negative consequences far more than just the short term can disappear. From long-term point of view, the government PR leaks of the new Austrian gas will cause negative impact on several aspects:

January 7,abercrombie, 2009, a netizen in his blog entitled cost of funds at a glance. 相关的主题文章:

next day Sunzong of money out of the account

but not see River Song .

not wake up

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 Post subject: still in love
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:10 pm 

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In the agency,supra, Beijing, December 10 / billiards women's team players last night to the grounds of physical discomfort, exit to compete with Pan Xiaoting eight goals, four game. Previously,abercrombie, she was in competition with South Korea's Kim Jia Ying, midway abstain from 1 to 7 loss to rivals, followed by a greater burst lose because the night before and teammate Tian Pengfei (Ding Junhui partner for the Asian Games snooker male dual and team championship) because of emotional dispute,ralph lauren, and refer to each other on several occasions to compare the rogue means even beating themselves. This is no different to the original calm billiards arena to bring an uproar.
after losing Zhou Mengmeng initiative went to the mixed zone interview of the reporter to interview. Tian Pengfei were harassed and beaten the night before to her, she said. Zhoumeng Meng said,
the Zhou Mengmeng Description: This is what happened in Chung-in from 0:00 to 1:00 yesterday, I did not sleep all night, the body is injured, not in the game, so today's semi-finals soon lost.
According to informed sources, Zhoumeng Meng and Tian Pengfei does have a relationship, still in love, but has recently been some small contradictions. Remarks after the game by Zhou Mengmeng some emotions out of control.
Now Zhou Mengmeng father said he was very worried about her daughter, and hope that the center of the ball allows Zhoumeng Meng quickly returned to Beijing or Shanghai, Zhou said that will certainly be prosecuted Tian Pengfei, According to Zhou,abercrombie france, the parent analysis,pauls mith, Meng Meng,abercrombie and fitch, jealous,casque beats, so not cool to hit Meng Meng.
Tian Pengfei's father Dalian, a businessman, after the incident he has been trying to contact her son,air jordan, but can not be contacted. Tian Pengfei Zhou Mengmeng of things,casque dr dre, Tian parent said things can not make statements before to no avail, but I believe his son would not do such things, childhood is very sensible and mature than most children their age should,polo ralph lauren, therefore, I am convinced that Feifei will never do such a thing.
Subsequently, the Chinese sports delegation Cui Dalin, deputy head confirm the existence of the event, but did not beat so serious. He said that the Chinese sports delegation attaches great importance to the current matter is still under investigation.

in the World Cup only a month's time


reporter learned from the hotel

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