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 Post subject: more active intraday transactions
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:01 am 

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Mon strong stock index bottomed out a strong rise of the petrochemical Hutch frequency of wind blowing ,supra shoes, the good news is expected to introduce ,jordan shoes, market sentiment has obvious signs of a stronger ,louboutin, more active intraday transactions ,burberry soldes, investor sentiment has changed ,hogan sito ufficiale, is expected to a greater chance of short-term stock index bottomed out , we recommend investors to seize the disk the opportunity . stock index
continuous fall below a critical juncture , a more cautious investment market ,burberry, the shrinking of the volume of the main evacuation is not resolute and reluctant to sell the situation is quite common ,, but the bottom of the market characteristics are more obvious , and stabilized rebound at any time may happen, now the key is that the market to do more than the atmosphere it is not enough ,burberry soldes, a strong rebound in the short-term view may be relatively small ,supra, is expected to be moderate to enlarge the trend , from the market performance ,hogan, the heavyweight is expected to lead the stock index upside , it is recommended investors focus on the movement of the weight of blue-chip operation , short-term concern blue-chip second-tier blue chip , especially victimizes a serious underestimation of shares . ( Jiangnan Securities) 相关的主题文章:


then the stock to fall


Three Gorges ship lock has enabled the temporary navigation equipment to be gates , thus shortening the distance and time of the ship into the gate . New equipment into operation will enhance the efficiency of the Three Gorges ship lock ship gate holes .

 Post subject: On the cultivation of the Secretary
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:40 pm 

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Abstract: Information Age have high requirements for the quality of the Secretary of good manners to a large extent determine the success or failure of the Secretary of. The nature and characteristics of the secretarial work, observation and research, analyze the behavior of the Secretary of the Secretary, as a supporting role indispensable accomplishment ingredients. Specify the goals and direction of the Secretary to develop good cultivation, to explore ways and means to improve the cultivation of Secretary, affirmed the important role of the Secretary of accomplishment in the secretarial work. ? The

Keywords: temperament; character; psychological; grace; can??

A Secretary of accomplishment in the daily work of the Secretary of the role? Good

(1) The cultivation of the secretary in dealing with interpersonal relationships in a duck to water. Interpersonal communication is an important element of the secretarial work, cultivated secretary adept at dealing with people, knows the score, respect for others, polite, get each other's recognition and goodwill, to get each other's cooperation, conducive to the smooth completion of the communication issues. ?

(2) good manners can effectively improve work efficiency. Secretary with a good accomplishment, attitude towards work is always serious, cautious, in strict accordance with the leadership intent to act timely completion of the tasks assigned by the leadership, the appropriate forum for the leadership plans and strategies, to effectively ensure the quality of their work, improve work efficiency. ?

(3) the Secretary of the good manners to help the accurate role. Secretary is leading the staff, we have very good secretary will be able to rightly grasp their own role. Secretary of decision-making power, non-authoritative, and not attempt to advocate, can not be over-performance deviation from the position in the role from the property, any adverse impact to the work. ?

Two, the Secretary to develop the way of a good accomplishment?

2.1 temperament accomplishment?

Modern psychology is generally believed that temperament is the purpose and content of non-compliance activities for the transfer of a typical , the dynamic characteristics of a stable mental activity. For example, the emotional strength of the size of willpower, pay attention to the difficulty of the transfer, the tendency of the mental activity,louboutin, such as performance. According to psychological theory, the secretary can be divided into four temperament types: sanguine Secretary, the Secretary of the phlegmatic, choleric Secretary, the Secretary of the melancholic temperament. The Secretary of the characteristics of a variety of temperament were mixed: sanguine Secretary mentally alert, sociable, a set of self-maintenance organization's image, but lively, a bit frivolous, superficial communication, ability to work but is not practical, pay attention to easy to transfer easily between jobs, often disturbed in the boring office secretary; the phlegmatic Secretary of practical work hard, taciturn, do not like to talk, do not love somewhere to show their talent, suitable for office work, when the leadership aides, but the work novelty, lack of vitality; Secretary of the choleric, frank and, but impulsive, easy to accept the views of others, deal with the problem of bold, pungent, acting impatient, emotional, good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, often leading quarrel with colleagues; melancholic Secretary of meticulous observation,
still remember that year, Yibin riverside you a pair of fascinating eyes; remember, that year, and I live together, your shy face.,Hogan Sito Ufficiale, strong feelings, but dilatory, withdrawn, suspicious, lack of confidence in the work of the Office of the Secretary of the often self-inflicted psychological pressure. The the?

Temperament on steady state,louboutin pas cher, showing how to interact with one another outpouring of joy and sadness, how to learn and work, and even how to rest, how to walk, are coated with a unique personal qualities color. The saying goes, However, the temperament plasticity, is not static, there will still be acquired living environment for the nurture of the slow changes in a certain degree. Each temperament, their own strengths, but each is short, the Secretary shall ability to grasp the characteristics of their own temperament, and gradually adapt to the requirements of the office work, carried out in order to facilitate secretarial work. ? 2.2

mental cultivation?

To do secretarial work, secretarial staff of the mental quality is essential. First,louboutin, we must pay attention to the cultivation of character. Secretary at the same time focus on temperament cultivation, we must not forget the casting of all aspects of their personality. Focus on the following aspects of the character of accomplishment for the Secretary of temperament. (1) tenacity. Modern secretariat complex environment of the office, and more difficult, the temptation must have a strong willpower to be competent secretary positions. Furthermore, given that the Secretary may participate in various meetings, drafting or custody of confidential documents, they are in leadership aides of leadership decision-making, leadership whereabouts are most familiar with, some people will inevitably place from the Secretary of the mouth fishing gossip, therefore, the Secretary must be a strong willpower to resist all kinds of temptations, can not say definitely do not reveal the slightest. In addition, the Secretary of the work should always be permeated with the tenacity, they are not doing things by halves, drop out, hardly satisfied. (2) emotional stability. Secretary for the whole day leadership to deal with cumbersome affairs unit, work endless, exhausted Shangqie to let them go. Moreover, the Secretary to meet the higher level requirements, must take into account and co-workers get along as well as the masses of the petition, they can not take into account two things difficult. All of these easily lead to the Secretary of the emotional ups and downs. Secretary can not (3) tolerant mind. Secretary of the complement of the leading image can even be said to be the avatar of the leadership, it is the responsibility tolerant mind for the leading share those troubles. For example, the work by the customer of the gas, can not be on the spot temper, so that the leaders embarrassment. In another example, with colleagues to compete without envy, should not be everywhere, The need for coordination, the Secretary for the next content, right on the to endure; capacity Triangle, forbearance is able to compression. The?

Secondly, secretary to overcome psychological barriers. Good psychological quality secretarial staff have the basic living conditions. (1) the Secretary of inferiority. Low self-esteem is a common psychological barrier of the secretarial staff. As the Secretariat in a subordinate position, dominated by the higher authorities, in sharp contrast with the leadership kept their promises; plus secretarial work hard, complicated, mixed, fine, still often been criticized for blame; Secretary also often due to limited wage bag shy, all of this, it is easy to make some secretary to the breeding of inferior mentality, work, depression, lack of enthusiasm. To this end, the Secretary shall do recognize the occupational characteristics of the secretary is not humble, play the role of being dominated, only social division of labor, status of equality in real terms. With this awareness, the Secretary in order to fundamentally eradicate inferior psychological, and to lay the psychological foundation to improve temperament cultivation. (2) The secretary of arrogant psychology. This is relative to the inferiority secretary. The Secretary relies on the However, this mentality is behind the leadership of the secret was revealed, come to naught. Therefore, the secretary to the moment of self-vigilance, to prevent the breeding of this psychological and spread to completely abandon the errors of Professional Psychology. (3) The Secretary of blind obedience to the psychological. Secretary by the leadership to dominate work in a passive state, so over time, to develop the wind on the vulgar habits, endorsed by the leadership blindly complied with, to make their intention to move closer towards each other's intentions, there is no assertive. Need to understand that this secretary, the secretary or the leadership of the General Staff,abercrombie and fitch, if necessary, decision support, too rigid secretary is no constructive comments to abandon this blind obedience to the psychological, the courage to boldly suggested that, to work creatively. ?

2.3 moral character?

One, in addition to have a good psychological basis, the secretary must also focus on the good moral character. First righteousness. Maintain healthy practices, both good and evil, sharp struggle between moral concepts and evil, beauty and ugliness, antagonistic. The Secretary is the leading services to respect the leadership, only suggestions to the leadership, delusions do not change the leadership of intent. However, obedience is not equal to blind obedience, have principles to assist and service leadership. The leadership of an error, on appropriate occasions, frankly dare to admonish, to illustrate his point, leading Supplements trap. Such as the corruption of modern leadership Huoqixiaoqiang in the Secretary of the leadership of abuse of power, the secretary cover up, even working hand in glove; the masses through the back door, also aimed at this crossing of the Secretary. At this time, the secretary must withstand the awe-inspiring righteousness all the unhealthy tendencies in the post of secretary. In addition,casque dr dre, the secretary is always around the leadership, the leadership front, the evaluation of a person's words and deeds will affect the rise and fall of its position, even the future and destiny, therefore, the Secretary of the mouth must be careful, not because someone prejudice & ldquo The; Gongbaosichou. How, then, the cultivation of righteousness? The Secretary shall be painted anti-corrosion, constant vigilance, not greedy for not seeking Cautiousness esotericism. ?

Is simple. Secretary of the nature of the work requires the Secretary of an accomplishment. Practice shows that frivolous communication, rhetoric, Secretary of accomplishment taboo. Secretary of tedious work, the need of a secretary is calm and stable, the sense of a serious and responsible in order to complete the task brilliantly. In addition, secretarial services for the leadership, is also serving the people of public servants, therefore, the Secretary of the object on the one hand leading the other hand, the masses,
still remember that year, Yibin riverside you a pair of fascinating eyes; remember, that year, and I live together, your shy face., in respect for leadership at the same time, we must also respect the masses. Can not reside in Secretary of to Bingzhe simple moral character on the right to establish good relationships with people. ?

Is willing to be unsung heroes. The nature of secretarial work and also decided to Secretary of unknown status, can only ever act as a Secretary of writing various documents, but the signature inscribed leadership; brood vivid speech, but the stage was leading; carefully planned a wonderful party, but never the name of the Secretary of the recognition of the red book. Means that the Secretary of the results are often based on the leadership or collective emerged, they can only dedication. This requires the Secretary to have willingly become the unsung heroes of the spirit, at the same time, we should calmly engaged in secretarial work, it is necessary to control their performance and want to weaken the rights of desire, does not compete with the leadership of the limelight, offside, fraud. ?


 Post subject: with all its influence and political power
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:01 pm 

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They actually pulled it off. The protectors of drug company profits have managed to engineer a ban on vitamins across the European Union. The European Food Supplements Directive goes live August 1, and it will instantly criminalize retailers who dare to sell products like vitamin C in "illegal" doses.
The reversal of sanity is now complete. Prescription drugs that kill people remain not only legal, but highly promoted,burberry soldes, while vitamins that heal people and prevent disease are being criminalized. Little old ladies who own natural health food stores, who dare to sell you vitamin C,casque beats, or manganese, or various trace minerals, are now apparently a threat to society. They will be arrested on the spot and incarcerated as criminals.
Meanwhile, the corrupt CEOs of billion dollar drug firms who knowingly peddle prescription drugs that harm millions and kill over a hundred thousand people each year are given the green light to continue operations. Their goal? To continue the chemical assault on the population for as long as it takes to squeeze out another billion dollars in profit. And with vitamins out of the way, keeping the population in a state of perpetual disease will be that much easier.
Outlawing vitamins is not a minor issue. It is a violation of the fundamental laws of nature. To take away a person's right to nutritionally support his or her own body is to condemn that person to a lifetime of pain and disease. It is a blatant crime against humanity.
Now, more than ever, it is obvious that the people need to take grassroots action to overthrow this dark system of organized medicine that has conspired to keep us all in a state of chronic disease. This drug-based system of medicine, with all its influence and political power, is a significant threat to the safety of people everywhere. It is a destructive network of corporations, bureaucrats, and doctors that will only lead us to a collapse of health. It will leave us bankrupt, diseased, and unable to access the very nutrients nature has provided our ancestors for countless generations.
To outlaw vitamins is to criminalize nature. If vitamin C is to be outlawed today, then will oranges be outlawed next year? What about orange extract? Orange juice?
If plants grown in organic soils contain trace minerals that are on the EU ban list, will those vegetables also be outlawed?
That's where all this is headed: the outright banning of anything from nature. One day, you could be thrown in prison for growing broccoli in your own garden. Or if you harvest dandelion root and store it in your pantry, you could be arrested and charged with "possession of outlawed substances with the intent to distribute." You'll be thrown to the dogs like a crack dealer,michael kors outlet, only your crime was picking dandelions out of your yard. Dandelions are medicinal herbs, you know.
Think this could never happen? Think again: a generation ago, who would have thought vitamins could be outlawed? The ultimate goal of today's global medicine machine -- which is, of course,jordan shoes, the force behind all this -- is to separate mankind from nature. That's why sunlight (which prevents cancer) remains discredited. That's why doctors are still not taught the healing power of blueberries, or almonds, or avocados. And that's why your vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements are now being stripped away. It's all an effort to isolate you from the free cures for disease provided by Mother Nature, thereby forcing you to submit to patent medications (prescription drugs).
If there were ever a time to rise up and stage a health freedom revolt, this is it. This is a cause worthy of a fight, because you're fighting for the protection of the very laws of nature. Basic human biochemistry demands that we intake certain nutrients in order to live. Human bodies simply do not manufacture vitamin C, and thus we must ingest it. Banning this vitamin is akin to outlawing fresh air, clean water or natural sunlight.
Actions you can take right nowWith the passage of this European Food Supplements Directive, it is time for the defenders of health freedom in this world to confront this monster of organized medicine and reveal its true nature to the world. There are a couple of things you can do right now.
First off,louboutin pas cher, if you haven't already donated to the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), please do so now. Click here to donate now. This is the group that's fighting the legal battle over the Food Supplements Directive. They are the last great defenders of your health freedoms, and they genuinely need your financial support. If you want to keep vitamins legal -- even in the United States -- I urge you to get out your credit card and make a sizable donation to the ANH.
Secondly,doudoune moncler, we need more than just legal tactics. We need guerilla publicity tactics. The way this works is simple: get an audio or video recording of something that shows the utter stupidity of the ban on vitamins, and get it into my hands. I'll pay you a pretty penny for the footage, plus I'll get it posted to a million or more natural health readers around the world.
What kind of video footage can you shoot that will make this point? There are endless ideas. Buy a secret spy cam and install it in your vitamin shop ( has one for sale that looks like a desk clock), then wait for the vitamin police to raid your shop. That will make for some nice footage. You can also buy an iRiver MP3 device with a built-in recorder. Put it on record, slip it into a pocket, and you've got ten hours of stealth audio recording.
Or get yourself arrested, on video, for politely selling a bottle of vitamin C to a friend. Hold a press conference and announce that you're going to get yourself arrested for daring to sell vitamin C. And then visibly squeeze a lemon into the bottle right before selling it. See if you get arrested. If so,casque dr dre, you'll be famous,michael kors, and you'll make a very important point. (If this ban were in the U.S., I would gladly get myself arrested doing precisely this kind of thing.)
You could also walk into a police station with a bag full of vitamin bottles, and "turn yourself in" for possessing contraband. If you manage to get it all on video (without the video being confiscated), you'll blow this thing wide open.
If you own a vitamin manufacturing company, just keep making your "illegal" vitamins and wait for the inevitable armed raid. As your spy cams record armed law enforcement personnel raiding your vitamin factory,louboutin, you'll be making history while providing precisely the kind of images that will stir public opinion to the point of overturning this unjust law.
Some laws demand to be brokenAm I advocating breaking the law? Absolutely. When an idea this unjust manages to become law, it is not only our right to break the law, it is our responsibility to do so. There are some rights that are God-given. There are some rights that belong to mankind and need no legal standing. Your right to access vital nutrients your body needs to live -- for which your DNA is literally programmed to use -- is precisely such a right. It stands alongside your right to breathe the air, enjoy rainwater from the sky, or feel the warmth of healing sunlight on your skin. It is a right you were born with,burberry, as a creature of nature, and one that no law can take from you.
Friends, it's time to get radical. We've got to fight this thing with a guerilla mindset. The legal channel is just one channel, but as you know, the courts are rigged. The judges are corrupt. We'll never win this fight if we fight it on their terms. To beat this grave injustice, we have to go Skywalker on this evil empire. We have to think beyond the legal game and use our technology and global networking to shed light on the truth.
So, please, somebody get me something worth posting. It can be documents, video footage or audio recordings. Let's expose this injustice for what it is, and let's share it with the world. I give you my word that I'll spend whatever it takes on publicity and bandwidth to share this with millions.
Even the Death Star has a weaknessYou see, the Food Supplements Directive has a great weakness: this law is so utterly ridiculous that the very act of enforcing it will be its downfall. They simply cannot enforce this law without embarrassing themselves by doing stupid things, like raiding a vitamin company like it was a cocaine bust.
The only way they can get away with this is if all the vitamin companies in Europe roll over and comply. If you voluntarily comply with the ruling, you are giving it power and legitimacy. But if you peacefully resist -- and document your resistance -- this Food Supplements Directive will never stand.
It is time to resist. It is time to stop rolling over and accepting this health oppression. It is time to defend the laws of nature and preserve your health freedoms from this day forward. Grab your light saber, your spy cams, and your stealth audio recorders. Get yourself arrested, raided or shut down by the European Vitamin Police. You'll make a difference, and you'll make history.




If these puppies become parents, their offspring will be wild dogs with no experience with people," a government official is quoted as saying to ST. "We want to catch these puppies before they grow up."

 Post subject: into conventional or organic fields.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:00 pm 

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(NaturalNews) According to a recent Associated Press investigation,louboutin, agri-giant Monsanto regularly employs business practices that not only aim to eliminate all competition,michael kors outlet, but essentially position the company as the sole proprietor of all things related to food. While old news to many in the natural health community, the mainstream press is beginning to recognize the world domination tactics being employed by Monsanto that are slowly destroying the integrity of the global food supply.
Monsanto's genetic modification program has reached 95 percent of domestic soybean crops and 80 percent of domestic corn crops. It has plans in the works to insert its patented genes into wheat crops as well,louboutin pas cher, given U.S. farmers agree to use them this time around. These percentages are likely even higher when considering the natural and unintended spread of pollen and seeds from these genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) into conventional or organic fields.
According to Neil Harl,jordan shoes, an agricultural economist from Iowa State University, Monsanto now has patented control over 90 percent of seeds and seed genetics, a chilling notion that has far-reaching consequences. Since the company regularly buys up independent seed companies,supra, its competition is dwindling and the prices for its patented seeds continue to rise.
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and at least two state attorneys general are probing Monsanto's contracts and agreements that many are alleging violate antitrust laws. Everything from exerting unreasonable control on farmers who purchase its seeds to flat out lying about their benefits is under investigation.
Once a farmer agrees to use even a single Monsanto gene or seed he is essentially locked into a contract with Monsanto that is very difficult to get out of logistically. Once the seed traits have proliferated a crop,casque dr dre, removing it in order to revert back to a conventional seed is extremely difficult and expensive,michael kors, leaving many farmers helpless to escape Monsanto's control over them.
Monsanto's contracts also contain provisions that mandate the destruction of all seeds containing its genes if and when a seed company changes ownership, making it easy for Monsanto to buy up seed companies cheaply and eliminate all competitor participation in the bidding process.
Many seed growers and crop farmers feel cornered by Monsanto as it solidifies its control over the entire seed and crop industry. Most have no other option but to continue using Monsanto products or else face ruin. Unless the DOJ steps in and clamps down on Monsanto's quest for total control,doudoune moncler, the world's food supply may eventually be controlled by a single biotechnology corporation.
Food giant's power tactics - Salon
AN AP INVESTIGATION: Monsanto seed business role revealed -
Monsanto uses patent law to control most of U.S. corn,casque beats, soy seed market -
About the authorEthan Huff is a freelance writer and health enthusiast who loves exploring the vast world of natural foods and health,burberry, digging deep to get to the truth. He runs an online health publication of his own at



mirrored those of the biotech behemoth

and hypertension

The current study, also a meta-analysis, examined studies on postmenopausal women and men over the age of 50 in which the participants had been given oral vitamin D supplements, either with or without calcium supplementation.

 Post subject:   编者按
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:44 pm 

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  哈尔滨啤酒作为世界杯赞助商百威旗下的子品牌,成为今年最受关注的啤酒厂家。虽然唐骏讥笑其为“一个没机会走向国际的中国品牌却重金打国际广告”。但其实在啤酒行业,赞助体育赛事可以说是啤酒企业最普遍、最广泛的一种营销手段,如青岛啤酒在2006年就赞助了“都灵冬奥会”,燕京啤酒(000729,股吧)则赞助了“2006世界杯”,abercrombie france


[1] [2] [3]

  据了解,在世界杯越演欲烈之时,啤酒的销量更是直线攀升,球迷啤酒销量大增也在一定程度上刺激了啤酒厂商的销量。据资料显示,louboutin,在2006年世界杯期间,abercrombie,青岛啤酒(600600,股吧)的销量就曾经大涨30%,burberry soldes


世界杯助啤酒销量激增 外资并购催生巨头割据局面

  国泰君安食品行业分析师胡春霞认为,casque beats,收购重庆啤酒股权符合嘉士伯在中国西部地区布局的策略。嘉士伯在中国的布局主要集中在西部地区,franklin et marshall,包括大理啤酒、昆明华狮啤酒、云南大理啤酒、拉萨啤酒、新疆乌苏啤酒及宁夏啤酒等,是西部地区最大的外资啤酒企业。


  一直以来,啤酒终端市场竞争之惨烈,franklin marshall,在整个快消品行业堪称罕见。啤酒行业从无序竞争到合并重组,逐渐走向规模化的竞争之路,竞争的态势也愈演愈烈,世界杯的开赛更是为这场啤酒之战添了一把火。

  记者在北京的后海、南锣鼓巷看到,很多酒吧已经挂出世界杯的图片、参赛队伍的国旗和各种世界杯纪念物等,而各个酒吧为了使球迷们更好的看球,louboutin pas cher,纷纷安装了各种大屏幕的电视和投影。一位酒吧老板告诉记者,每天他们会根据比赛场次的不同,为不同国家的球迷准备专场。“看球讲究个以球会友,jordan shoes,再喝上几瓶啤酒,所以销量自然比往常高的多。”上述酒吧老板称,“前两天阿根廷对韩国的比赛,阿根廷也是今年热门夺冠球队,他们的球迷很多,我这里场面很火爆。”




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 Post subject: 222.129.95 .* Time
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2318 -------- 40.05
Author : 222.129.95 .* Time :2008 -10-08 16:30:07 [ support ] [ I can not say I am against ] [ ] [ reply to topics ] [ Top cancel ] [ ,,],louboutin pas cher,[相关的主题文章:

we all want the lowest price safe to eat into the long line, what is considered the lowest price? 30? 25? 20? be afraid to get down to 10 you can not.

 Post subject: I said in the Chinese Communist leaders
PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:39 am 

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Core Tip] aircraft to bid farewell to Mao and Jiang in Chongqing, the official residence of forest garden walk, he wanted to, he doing in this matter, and then he wrote in his diary for a while, he said , Mao Zedong cynical and Mianlicangzhen, and difficult to deal with. Chiang wrote, I was convinced that the hair can not be done, he would not be spared from my palm. Like these are Jiang's inner world through the diary that we can find the secret. when

Chongqing Negotiations Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong data the Figure
this article excerpt from Yang Tianshi Chiang Kai-shek's Diary is a diary from 1915, has been credited to 1972, total recorded for 57 years. I asked some friends, I said to the leaders of countries in the world who left a 57-year diary? Roosevelt in the United States, the United Kingdom, Churchill, Stalin in the Soviet Union, France's Charles de Gaulle, no one diary. I talked to some friends, I said in the Chinese Communist leaders, who left behind a 57-year diary? Mao, Liu, Zhou Zhu diary. I know, the Chinese Communist leaders, only two of a diary left behind, one is Yang Shangkun, a Wang Dongxing, but unfortunately, their diaries are less than 57 years, shorter than the time. So,air jordan, like Chiang Kai-shek's such a character, he was able to leave a 57-year diary, this is a great thing.
we study history, you often see the public speeches of politicians, his However, our greatest difficulty is that the inner world of the politicians do not understand. Mean that he was doing public speaking, his heart wants what we do not know. At the same time,jordan shoes, politicians in public activities, as well as many horizontal operation, behind the scenes activities. These historians, the public can not see. Chiang Kai-shek's diaries benefit is that he help us solve the two confused, one to help us understand the inner world of Chiang Kai-shek, the secret of his heart. In addition, to help us understand the many insider in the political arena,louboutin pas cher, many of the mysteries.
I casually give an example, the 1945 victory of the war, Chiang Kai-shek to Mao fight went three telegraph, invited Mao to Chongqing to jointly discuss national affairs. Mao Zedong, Chiang Kai-shek to consider how to reception Mao Zedong, he began to decide the words principle of That is, we want to sincerely treat Mao Zedong, and Chiang estimated that the hair will have a very high demand, so he said The struggle to achieve the Three People's Principles; secondly,abercrombie, the recognition of Chiang Kai-shek in the country's leading position. See Chiang Kai-shek was, these two very comfortable, very pleased, but Mao also proposed a number of other conditions, Chiang Kai-shek was very angry, feel the hair is too high, think hair is the Lions Mouth, immediately change the reception policy, change to another four words,burberry, we can not think of, detention, trial, wanted
Jiang,burberry soldes, hair clasp in Chongqing, then, that Americans may not agree, because it was the Americans to ensure the security of Mao, Mao to Chongqing. Jiang want, but Americans do not agree to say, Jiang also estimated that the Soviet Union might not agree, why? Because originally,, Mao did not want to go to Chongqing,louboutin pas cher, Stalin continuous to play a few telegram to Mao, that you must go. Hair deducted, Jiang estimated that there are two possible, the first Soviet (Red Army) was occupied northeast China, the Soviet Union refused to withdraw troops, a possible Soviet Red Army occupied Xinjiang, hit the northwest of China. Jiang would like my hair buckle down,abercrombie and fitch, even if the Soviet Union to take these two moves, it does not matter worth it.
After much deliberation, Jiang is still not practical, the last Jiang in turn determines the reception policy of the new words, more unexpected, The victory of the war,louboutin, the Nationalist government, the KMT active personnel to the war each issued a Sino-Japanese War Victory Medal awards. Chiang Kai-shek decided to Mao Zedong granted a War Victory Medal. Second, the gift to send to send aircraft, sent Zhang Zhizhong as the representative, polite hair back to Yan'an. Is hair that dozens of days in Chongqing, Chiang decided to have two 180-degree change. This change is that no one knows, I think, including Kai-shek, including may not know. From Chiang's diary can be seen.
aircraft to bid farewell to Mao and Jiang in Chongqing, the official residence of forest garden walk, he thought, this thing is doing well, and then he wrote in his diary for a while, he said, Mao Zedong cynical, Mianlicangzhen difficult to deal with. Chiang wrote, I was convinced that the hair can not be done, he would not be spared from my palm. Like these are Jiang's inner world through the diary that we can find the secret.
(Editor: Song Weijie)

injection experts said that the body already hyaluronic acid, especially in the dermal layer of the most abundant, but increase with age, hyaluronic acid is a gradual loss of skin prone to dryness, cosmetics will add synthetic or botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid can have a very good moisturizing effect.

 Post subject: so that you can permanently stay with me
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The world is big, I can encounter in the network is really not easy , God arranged , my destiny ! Forces will firmly pull together somewhere ,casque dr dre, life , and when happy , when sad , we should be calm in the face , I'll show you everything will be OK ,louboutin, two people can really not easy to have your company , I am content . You, every day had a very full, very happy ! Every day, repeating yesterday's happy, so happy ! Always feel that time flies , really want to freeze in this regard , let me stop in the moment , never in operation , so that you can permanently stay with me , time flies,supra shoes, I have long been accustomed your existence! Every day, repeating yesterday reluctantly said a good night , in fact, I think you can accompany me for a while ! Love you, I always think of you ,jordan shoes, even a few minutes to temporarily parting is a tortured , always want you all the time on my side , even if nothing is quietly accompanied me, I feel very at ease ! Mind what happened,casque beats, and I said , although I can not do anything , at least , I can accompany you to think of a way or sharing ! Anyway, I will always be your strength ! Sometimes you feel bad , I can sympathize with , and not to ignore me , not allowed to not answer my calls ,abercrombie and fitch, and not to let me not find you every time you feel bad when every move I am worried , I understand your bad temper , inclusive, your little wayward ! I cherish you every day , do not care about you give me what , only care about you can accompany me until the end ! I am always planning the road after us , and how to get there , how to accompany ,supra! I am the happiest when you stay by my side ! Even a simple expression to embrace ,abercrombie, I feel warm and nice to have you , you are my only ,michael kors outlet, that you should not leave , no matter after how I will accompany your side ,louboutin, we agreed : never betray ! Like


time entanglement unwittingly ignored .

even though I was not his favorite .

The movie Now, my 2011 is about to quietly through the years of this mottled spots split in the patch is about to become a loess land, I seem to vaguely see a bunch of crooked deep and shallow footprints ...

 Post subject: Reporter Fang Liping
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Yesterday,air jordan chaussure, the General Administration of Customs announced in November, China's imports and exports totaled $ 189.89 billion, down 9 percent; Among this, exports 114.99 billion U.S. dollars, down 2.2 percent for 2001 in June for the first time negative growth; imported $ 74.9 billion, down 17.9 percent negative growth for the first time since February 2005.
November PPI growth significantly, down 4.6 percentage points from last month. Industrial Bank chief economist Lu political commissar, raw materials and processing industry prices drop down to the main factors of the November PPI display companies are vigorously digest the inventory.

Moody's analyst Sherman, Chan said the one hand, the risk of recession as the world's manufacturing distribution center is on the rise, foreign investors' interest in the Chinese market is weakening. On the other hand, the RMB devaluation, foreign investors more hesitant to enter the Chinese. Sherman is expected that FDI will continue to decline until the mid-2009. (Reporter Fang Liping, Chen Hailing gold Ji)

far more than the decline in exports as imports decline, resulting in up to 40.09 billion trade surplus in November again a record high. Since August, China's trade surplus for four consecutive months a new high.

of FDI, the significant downturn in 36.52%
National Bureau of Statistics announced on Wednesday, November industrial producer prices (PPI) rose 2%, 31 month low since record in April in 2006. The monthly PPI increase for the significant downturn in double digits in July and August this year. The PPI rose 7.6% in November.

Forecast: FDI may be continue to fall

Morgan Stanley chief economist Wang believes that the supply side, the international commodity price bubble burst in making Chinese imports of raw materials prices have fallen dramatically. From the demand side, the slowdown in export growth will continue as the global recession will further exacerbate the overproduction. Wang believes that China deflation in the first half of next year,supra, and may evolve into persistent deflation in the second half. But he said that deflation is not always a bad thing, if it is from the positive supply shocks, the
Orient Securities analyst Yu-Ming Feng, the New Deal of the export tax rebate from December to start enterprises in order to rebate compression November exports,christian louboutn, it could be one of the reasons. But he also said that the government export promotion policies have been small, not large by adjusting the exchange rate to protect its export possibilities.

forecast: December PPI may be a negative growth of

, however, said Qi Jingmei,abercrombie, senior economist of the State Information Center, China deflation remains to be seen.

yesterday,air jordan, the Commerce Department reported that the month of November, China's actual use of foreign investment of 5.322 billion U.S. dollars. down $ 1.4 billion, is the overall fall since June of this year reached $ 9.6 billion high stage 5. Substantially over the same period last year over the same period, this month decreased by $ 2.36 billion, down 36.52 percent, falling to the November 2006 $ 5.69 billion, roughly the same level.

macroeconomic analyst at China Merchants Securities Hu Lubin,michael kors, November PPI is much lower than expected, indicating that poor demand for industrial products. There are two main reasons: one is nearly 15% appreciation of the RMB exchange rate since September, the impact of export growth; the other hand is estimated that a substantial decline in real estate investment, it is possible in recent months has dropped to single digits.

JP Morgan predicted that the PPI in 2009 to -3%. Fortune Trust analyst Nie Wen is expected to fuel tax after the reform, the PPI growth rate of -3% to 5%.
Lu said that the PPI rate of decline hit the fastest since 1997, showing that The risk of deflation is rapidly approaching, the fastest to December, the PPI may enter negative growth interval.

policy: a new round of interest rate cuts is about to start

States Securities chief analyst Liu Kan, the possibility of a rate cut before the end of December by the Chinese government.

For the future trend,franklin marshall, the JP Morgan China marketing director Li Jing that China's export industry only under the premise of the global economic recovery will be stabilized. Recovery of import growth is dependent on several points: First, the real estate sector investment pick up, which will boost demand for raw materials; recovery in external demand, which will enable the manufacturing industry to increase purchasing raw materials.
political commissar
Industrial Bank of FDI (foreign direct investment) subject to multiple factors: First, the current deterioration of the operating difficulties and profitability prospects, the incremental FDI inflows slowed down. Second, due to the uncertain prospects for appreciation of the renminbi, the interest income also dropped significantly arbitrage hot money began to subside. Third, the dollar appreciation since August, obviously, may have an impact on FDI data. Expected future single month FDI may come down gradually to 35% to $ 4,000,000,000.
trade surplus for the fourth consecutive monthly record high CITIC Securities chief analyst Zhu Jian-Fang, import and export decline than expected, mainly due to the slowdown in domestic demand as well as international crude oil and mineral prices dropped significantly.
Industrial Bank chief economist Lu, political commissar of the view that the trade surplus continues to expand, means that the problem is more serious,michael kors outlet, because a lot of processing enterprises out two, the rapid decline in imports means that exports followed by rapid decline. The next 1 to 2 years, China's ability to continue to maintain the high surplus in fact, is highly questionable.
reasons: enterprises to digest inventory
ensure exports still need to intensify
Southwest Securities analyst, said Wang Jianhui, if imports continued substantial decline in the degree of economic slowdown may be higher than expected.
November exports in seven years, fell for the first time

high surplus of converting to maintain

Lu political commissar of the expected as early as this weekend, the central bank may re-announced 27 to 54 basis points cut,jordan shoes, cut the statutory deposit reserve ratio by 50 to 100 basis points. At the same time, as soon as possible to pay close attention to the expansionary fiscal policy in place and implementation of construction projects and the export tax rebate.

1 November this year,abercrombie and fitch, the actual use of foreign capital amount of $ 86.418 billion, an increase of 26.29%
State Information Center, senior economist Qi Jingmei also said that the follow-up may continue to increase the tax rebate policy support to encourage exports.

since the outbreak of large-scale anti-government demonstrations in Yemen in January 2011 , the Yemeni central government control over the northern region weakened, Hu Serb armed groups took the opportunity to expand its influence in the northern provinces .

 Post subject: lack of professional ethics.
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,christian louboutin

the slack of these dogs every day about starting to play the Golden Flower, Landlords

dog heroes indeed have the ability to captured a lot of stealing food,louboutin, many of them are crush.

sometimes gardens dog difficult to start.

people are afraid of the famous pig is afraid of strong, stealing food fame change the appearance.

always immersed in the fun of stealing food. . .

Costly, hired a skilled dog heroes.

Through unremitting efforts, I entered the country to steal food expert ranks,abercrombie and fitch, banners for the card.

dishes Friends of excited, have said.

government has introduced a steal food law, effective protection of stealing food of their legal rights.

before, I like having an affair. Each incident was a rude awakening!

why waste a bullet,hogan! With shovel shovel does not get.

Later, see a lot of celebrities from the newspaper to the Internet to steal food.

them embezzlement, lack of professional ethics.
annoying is that my food was stolen.

I believe that such a famous saying:

Not only that, but also collective paid leave.

reporters every day interview, stealing food deeds often on newspapers.

message mass 10, 10 pass 100, everyone can not come to my farm to steal food.

state leaders to speak on the first steal food mobilization meeting:

opposed to only steal food self-defeating.

I like the possessed, plus many strangers QQ number.

news that former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to death for stealing vegetables.

following is a small part of the record of stealing food.

To reduce the losses, I suddenly on the farm raised several dogs.
day, I actually stole the food of the boss. The consequences can be imagined. . .
no experience, little harvest, worked to death.

Over time, steal food steal a fault with it.
even so, I steal food crush,casque beats, and put forward the slogan of

me feel at ease to steal food. Rest at home to steal, steal the work in the company.
to steal food, they have to grow vegetables.

poor whole washed the dishes I planted.
the beginning is very hard to steal food.

not work, just busy stealing food at home.


the majority

So, I get rid of bad habits, but also fell in love with

steal food like war, often excluding latent in others farms.
attached steal food song

Since then, stealing food to change my life, changed my life.

now farm fruit thinning thrive, every time a bumper crop.



happy love to accompany you not you think enough

but rarely do the finishing live.

but frequent in cottage activities. Police assault trial of the robbery gang members for the arrest of several April, and finally learned, Wang Yuyang's girlfriend also cottage living, Wang Yuyang very likely hiding at his girlfriend.

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